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"I believe that it would allow creatures to share the same space regardless of size. It wouldn't change the space of any of the creatures though, so a large creature would still take up 4 squares, but those squares could have allys in it."

Fully agreed!

"They wouldn't get the flanking bonus, because that comes from the swarming racial trait, not rat stack, so it would be of fairly limited utility."

Agreed that they don't get the flanking bonus. However, I think this actually has a specific use that I run into a lot: when multiple front liners get stuck behind each other in a 5 foot wide corridor (especially when a monster is blocking the path) or can't decide who will open a door first. Plus, now nobody is providing soft cover to opponents.

"Squeezing doesn't have anything at all do to with occupying the same space. You don't 'ignore the rule' it still applies if the area is too small for you, but other creatures being there doesn't have anything to do with that."

That makes sense! Thanks!

If you're a Holy Tactician Paladin, you can share a teamwork feat with allies and they don't need to meet the prerequisites. What if I share the teamwork feat "Rat Stack," [which I qualify for as a ratfolk] which says: "You can occupy the same square with up to two other creatures that also have this feat."

Does this mean I could share this teamwork feat and then three people (regardless of their size/character race) could stack up in one square?

Are the people sharing spaces considered to be squeezing?: In the ratfolk description of swarming, it doesn't actually say anything about negating squeezing penalties -> I think when you're sharing a space (which is normally illegal to do), you ignore the squeezing rules since you're not actually squeezing.

I tried searching through the forums but haven't seen an answer.

Question: Does the feat Boon Companion work with the Hunter Archetype's Plant Companion? Or the Vermin Companion [Verminous Hunter Archetype]?

Boon Companion's pre-req is: Animal companion class feature or familiar class feature.
Plant Master replaces animal companion with "Plant Companion (Ex): A plant master forms a mystic bond with a plant companion. A plant master can begin play with any plant companion (see page 182 and page 26 of the Pathfinder RPG Advanced Race Guide). Except for the companion being a creature of the plant type, this ability otherwise works like the druid’s animal companion."
Now, the Plant Master no longer has the Animal companion class feature, but instead the Plant Companion feature, which "...otherwise works like the druid's animal companion. Verminous Hunter has the same text, except it's called Vermin Companion.

Boon Companion:

Plant Master Archetype: er

Verminous Hunter Archetype: Hunter

Looks like it's actually not just me.

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