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I posted a homebrew class i made previous so here's another one! GunFu Master, a hybrid class between Monk and Gunslinger. Constructive criticism is welcome!

Well if current classes are any suggestion, the Kineticist can easily be built to resemble a jedi.

Thanks for the critique of my item. I was just wondering if any of the judges could expand on the idea of SAK. I thought with the Marbles of Useful Distraction, that since it was limited to 4 spells all meant for the same task that it wouldn't classify as such.

I look forward to critiques. Hoping it'll help me with next year.

Marbles of Useful Distraction
Aura moderate conjuration, illusion, and evocation; CL 5th Slot --;
Price 27,500 gp; Weight 1 lb.
These Marbles are usually found in a pouch or small box. Each Marble is filled with a multicolor swirling pattern. When looked upon at correct angle the swirling lines form a question mark. These marbles activate when thrown, either by hand or by sling. The marbles give no bonuses to combat, but when they land they activate one of the 5 following abilities of your choosing.

-Four magical lanterns start to slowly drift around with a base speed of 5 feet for 1 minute. This functions as per the dancing lights spell.
-A soft clamor followed by angry murmuring can be heard from the marbles location. This functions as per the ghost sounds spell and lasts 5 rounds
-A gentle fog starts to spread from the marble. This functions as per obscuring mist spell and lasts for 5 minutes.
-An aggressive fiendish dire rat appears. The fiendish dire rat disappears after 5 rounds.
-The marble resonates with your voice, allowing you to speak through it. This functions as per the ventriloquism spell and lasts for 5 minutes.

A newly crafted batch of Marbles of Useful Distraction consist of 50 marbles. Once a marble’s ability ends the glass marble cracks, rendering it worthless.

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, summon monster I, obscuring mist, ventriloquism, dancing lights, ghost sounds; Cost 13,750 gp