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I am in need of some advice for creating a gestalt barbarian/cleric for an upcoming game. The concept behind the character is a religious fanatic who throws herself into the fray, relying on her god to protect her while she deals out steely judgement. Modus operandi would be the buff before combat, then use channel energy/heals afterwards.

I chose this combo because I wanted rage powers like invulnerable rager and I also wanted access to the full list of cleric spells. Battle oracle was an option, and still may be, but I don't need lots of spells per day with this character concept, as the cleric class is there to support the barbarian. If someone can convince me otherwise, I could go back to oracle of battle.

We are using 20 point buy, human character, 5th level. Some non-standard equipment buys, so I'm not too concerned about that right now, but if you know of a cheap "must-have" piece of gear under 2000, let me know.

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I worked this up today after seeing a discussion on G+ about the merits/flaws of rolling 1d20, 2d10 or 3d6 as a mechanic for D20 systems. The sheets compare attack success probabilities against level appropriate ACs among the three mechanics.

Some definitions:
Fighter BAB - straight BAB
Cleric BAB - straight BAB
Wizard BAB - straight BAB
High Attack - "High" monster attack bonus from the Pathfinder PRD
Low Attack - "Low" monster attack bonus from the Pathfinder PRD
Target AC - Level-appropriate monster AC by CR from the Pathfinder PRD

Attack Probabilities

BTW, I am not a statistician, so take it easy on me if I made any mistakes.

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I came across this blog listing from a friend-of-a-friend and I urge folks to read through them. If everyone gave these a read, it could really improve the quality of gaming at your table.

How to Be a Better Player at Truly Rural

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I'm going to create a set of items for a player in my Kingmaker campaign that will be unique to his character, a big axe and suit of hide armor (he's playing a barbarian). The idea is to make these items bonded to him or his bloodline (ancestral artifacts handed down through generations) and they increase in power with his hit dice. If someone else puts on the armor or tries to wield the weapon, they become cursed, can't be removed, and the wearer is under a gaes effect to return them to the character's homeland. We're doing this for a few reasons:

First, he dies frequently, and every time he brings in a new character, the party gets a new set of loot to divvy up which throws off the power curve a bit.

Second, he dies frequently, so I'm hoping that I can give him some good loot to survive some of the nastiness that comes along with the random encounter tables (no 15 min days in my world!)

All of that being said, I want to make these items incorporate the bonuses normally associated with the "Big Six." Does anyone have some guidelines on when and how large those bonuses should be given out? For example, I want to have the weapon scale from +1 to +6/+7 (after special effects) but at what HD should those increases occur?

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Hey all, my group is starting book three now and I'm looking for ways to simplify/streamline the exploration process. It seems to be a dull spot for my players, they would much rather go to a spot on a map and investigate than fill in blank hexes. Any suggestions for simplifying this?

I was thinking about giving the option to hire explorers with BP. Has anyone done anything similar? Right now, I'm thinking of giving them the map with just the hex type information on it and letting them chose where to go. Hidden sites will still be hidden until they discover them.

If this has been mentioned in a pervious thread, please linkify.

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We're restarting a homebrew campaign and I will be bringing in a new character at level 10. I've always wanted to try out a sorcerer, so I rolled up a level 10 Starsoul Sorcerer (human).

Character creation guidelines say that we get 1/2 WBL to buy initial equipment, but can only buy one magic item. My stats were pretty abysmal (if I had used point-buy, I would have come out with 17 points), so my Charisma is maxxed at 19. I want to get something that will be help my charisma score, but want it to me a little cooler than just a straight Charisma boost. Possibly a multi-use item that boost CHA and gives a save bonus or defense bonus? I was also looking at picking up some sort of utility-spell staff to free up my spells-known slots.

Any suggestions?

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Our group started a SWD20 game and we may need some minis for space combat. Anyone know of a good source for low-cost and varied spaceship minis small enough to fit on a standard battlemat?

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I'm debating going to one of these (PentaCon in Ft. Wayne, IN early November, RockCon in Rockford, IL in mid November). Will there be any PFS at either? It isn't a deal-breaker one way or the other, just weighing my options.

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I'm making a witch for Pathfinder Society play and am looking for some ideas on traits/feats. I would like to be Osirian, modelling the character off of an ancient Egyptian priest. Very mysterious. I'll probably be taking the Deception patron and I'll have a jackal (fox) familiar.

Any thoughts?

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The thread says it all. I might be able to drive down for some good PFS action.

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Ok, here is how I statted it out, going for a 'conquistadore' theme. The design intention was to make him sort of like a switch hitter, charging in with the lance, then firing the musket on the same target, then withdrawing on horseback to reload and charge back in. TWF didn't make sense with two pistols, the grit feats just seemed like crap, so I didn't take them.
Gunslinger 5th lvl
Str: 12
Dex: 18
Con: 13
Int: 10
Wis: 14
Cha: 8

Init: +4 (+6 with Gunslinger Initiative)
For: +4 Ref: +9 Wil: +9 (includes +1 Cloak of Resistance)
AC: 20
HP: 40

Point Blank Shot
Mounted Combat
Weapon Focus: Musket
Mounted Archery

Class Features:
Firearms (musket)
Grit (2)
Gun Training (+4 to attack and damage)

Quick Clear, Leap for Cover, Deadeye
Pistol Whip, Gunslinger Init

Breastplate +1
Musket +1
Potion of Blur
MW Lance
Smokestick x3
Thunderstone x2
Heavy Warhorse, Military saddle, Adv gear
Potion of Magic Weapon

Musket: +14, dam 1d12+5 (BAB+5, Dex+4, Mag+1, Gun Train+4)
Pistol Whip: +12, dam 1d8+5 (BAB+5, Str+1, Gun Train+4, Pistol Whip+2)
Lance charge: +9, dam 2b8+4 (BAB+5, Str+1, Charge+2, MW+1)

[I geared him up like a heroic NPC, which prob. should have been higher]
Encounter: Random encounter in Kingmaker AP against my usual group. Terrain was lightly wooded area, with some good lines of sight with trees and brush to hide around. The group was all of third level, a cleric, a fighter, a monk and a sorceror/fighter. They were well rested and reasonably equipped for their level.
1)Started off 120' from party, ready to charge. The GS loses initiative to the cleric, and is held by a Hold Person spell. The party maneuvers to get into range
2)GS fails secondary Hold Person save. The sorc lands 5 damage with a Magic Missile, the party continues to advance through the undergrowth in flanking positions.
3) GS made the Will save to break the Hold Person spell. Still mounted, he withdraws to get in better position.
4) GS and party maneuver around, the GS gets a charge lined up against the monk.
5) The GS charges in against the Monk, the attack roll fails. The fighter and monk wisely attack the horse for 18 damage.
6) GS drops lance, draws musket (avoids AoO) and shoots at Monk. Rolled a 2, misses, jams. The sorc drops the horse are in melee range and take down the horse. GS makes ride check and lands softly. The GS takes 12 damage from the fighter and monk.
7) GS uses pistol whip for one grit to hit the monk, misses. Monk hits the GS for 6 points.
8) GS Pistol whips for the last time, hits the monk for 8 pts of damage. Fighter and Monk continue to assault the GS, he is hit by the fighter for 4 pts.
9) GS drops musket (out of grit), draws a mundane LS, swings and misses. The party cannot land a blow, either, Sorc casts true strike
10) GS swings with LS, misses and tries to move away (AoOs fail). Monk lands a hit for 4 pts, the sorc lands the killing blow with a charge and his dragon blood line claws.
Al-in-all, I was very disappointed with the class, he had staying power, but was pretty ineffectual. If I brought in a level 5 fighter or ranger, I would have been mopping the floor with my players. Some of that may have been from poor feat choices or tactics, but the damage output was horrible, plus rolling a 2 and misfiring in melee sucked HARD. The class in general is feat starved. I really wanted dodge and rapid reload, but couldn't make it work. The class needs to provide feats as automatic class features to make it work better (see the ranger). Here are more specific comments:

Class Abilities:
-Firearms class feature is really the only reason to take the class. Get the firearms at level 1, take the rest in rogue for sneak attack damage.
-Gun Training, what does this stack with? Does it apply to melee attacks with the weapon as well (i included it in my pistol whips)

-Targeting Deed, could this be changed to a feat? I'm sure many x-bow users would like this as well. X-bows are every bit as accurate as these guns.
-Blast lock, really? Why is it so much harder for the GS to hit the lock when any melee user could do it much easier. Not worht the use of a VERY limited grit pool.
-Scoot Object, seems like a great way to intentionally miss objects and destroy them.
-Stunning Shot and Deadly shot, the effects of these are not dependent on the amount of damage dealt, so please leave in the critical damage. These are level 19 deeds that cost grit, as-is they are worhtless.
-Leap for Cover, does it require grit to use? How many? Seems neat, but not good for close range weapons.
-Pistol Whip, it says "surprise attack," it seems like it was intended to catch the opponent flat-footed. Using a point of grit for a flat-footed attack would be great.

-Rapid Reload, change the specialization to either firearms or x-bows to reduce the feat tax. Specifically applying to a type of firearm or x-bow is too niche.
-Ricochet Shot, cool idea, but gun ranges make it limited in use.
Gun Rules:

These just don't work. There are too many negatives to make them work. Also, the class is feat starved and does not make up for those negatives enough to make the class playable. The base damage per gun is simply 'On Par' with other weapons.

-High cost of guns [class reduces somewhat, but you have to buy NEW guns (3300 GP for pistols, 3800 GP for muskets) because the starting firearms are not MW]
-High cost of ammo [class reduces somewhat, but once you run out of your 50 shots, you are throwing away 11 gold per shot]
-Low ranges [class does not help with this at all]
-Hard to use [class gives you proficiency, but guns were historically easy to use with little training, so the rules cause a problem that the class has to compensate for]
-High Misfire chance [class only partially helps to relieve this, but the fixes consume a resource and take up a lot of time]
-Slow Reload Time [class does not help at all, you have to buy Rapid Reload, and it only works on one type of gun]
-Lack of iterative attacks [Class does not help, the only way around is with quick draw and LOTS of guns hanging around your neck]
-Difficulty in adding damage modifiers [class only helps a little bit with Gun Training, but you can't take weapon specialization chain, power attack or many of the other goodies that 'real' fighters get]

-Hits Touch AC at close range [this is great, but you gotta get in pretty close to hit]
-That's it, no other pros for guns in my opinion.

I hope this input helps to make this class better because I want it to work.

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I'm playing a cleric in a homebrew campaign setting. After many months of overland travel in hostile lands, the party is now in a place where we can trade in loot and get custom-made magic items.

After getting some armor upgrades and the usual suspects (RoP +1, Amulet of Nat armor +1, Hewards handy havesack, etc.) I have about 10,000 GP to use on items. I am level 6, a cleric with the fire and glory domains, 20 WIS and 16 CHA, have good AC, but my HP and saves are a little weak. I wear heavy armor so my mobility suffers on the battlefield (I mostly cast ranged spells and buffs, rarely get into melee).

What are your suggestions? I like stuff with flavor, rather than going for a cloak of resistance +3, but a cloak of resistance +2 with some other effect would be cool.

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I've been thinking about trying this game out. I'm no GW fanboi, but I always liked the dark, gritty setting (I also love Alistair Reynolds fiction for the same reason).

Has anyone played this or any of the FF WH40K RPGs?

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Ok, for my upcoming wedding, we want to build a giant d20 (at least 2.5' in diameter) to hang over the dance floor, like a disco-ball. The tough part is finding some easy way of doing so. Wooden dowel rods are nice and light, but getting all the angle right will be tricky. Anyone know any products or kits out there that might help? Has anyone else ever done this?

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Here's the deal. I'm at a crossroads regarding a new build for our groups game. We're coming in at 3rd level, want to play a half-elf, multiclass rogue/ranger (1/2). As the game progresses I will be taking more levels in rogue than ranger to get additional sneak attack damage and more skills. Stats were rolled and I assigned them as follows:

Str: 15
Dex: 19
Con: 13
Int: 16
Wis: 14
Cha: 11

I'm going with the archery style ranger. My dilemma comes as a result of which melee weapons to go with. Do I go Two Weapon Fighting with Weapon finesse, or do I just go with a two-handed weapon? Or, should I focus more on ranged attacks?

I'm tempted to try out a TWF rogue but I am concerned about the amount of feats I'll need to put into the chain. I don't want to be a one-trick pony. There are two fighters in the group already, so I should have plenty of melee support and be able to set up flanks.

Any suggestions? I'm not looking for a DPR argument, but damage output will be a concern.

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As the subject implies, we could use some Pathfinder organized play events. Please see the announcement below:

One day after the annual Big Bill's Birthday Bash at the Griffon Bookstore (www.griffon-bookstore.com) in downtown South Bend, Friendly Fire will be hosting a mini games day on Saturday, February 27th. We are now taking event submissions at the Friendly Fire Google group: http://groups.google.com/group/fire-for-effect (Note, you will have to register for the discussion group, please mention this event in the welcome message so we don't delete you as a spammer!)

Please fill out the following information and post in the thread labeled "Event submission for Friendly Fire Games Day, 2/27/10"

Event Name:
Event Description:
Event Type: (board game, RPG, Historical miniature game, Non-
historical miniature game, etc.)
Game System: (Pathfinder RPG, Battletech Total Warfare, Jim Clark's
WWII Miniature rules, etc.)
Number of Players: (min-max)
Experience Level: (novice, intermediate, expert)
Amount of space needed: (two large tables, one medium table, 4'x4'
table, etc.)
Preferred time slot: (10-1, 2-6, 7-11)

Please have all events submitted by Saturday, February 6th.

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A few of us got hooked on Pathfinder this weekend at PentaCon. Are there any regular games going on near South Bend?