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About Nazu the Blade

With a wide straw hat and muted, loose fitting clothing, Nazu draws little attention but for the sword he carries at his side.

Born into the ninja clans of the Kamifushi mountains on the Ikkaku peninsula, Nazu was trained in the secret arts of the Iga-men, infiltrators and spies hired to break sieges against enemy lords. When the new Jade Regent's retainers betrayed Nazu's clan and decimated their members, Nazu became a wandering sellsword using his clan's techniques to earn a living.

While working in the capitol, Nazu came across a pathfinder from the west who told amazing tales of the wider world. Enthralled by the scope of these stories, Nazu decided to put Mingkai behind him and learn about the rest of Golarian. Stealing passage on the pathfinder's boat with only his sword and a few personal items, Nazu endeavored to reach Absolom and the Grand Lodge.

Nazu Imubara
Male human Ninja 1
NG medium humanoid
Init +6; Senses normal, Perception +5

AC 15 (+3 armor, + 2 dex)
CMD 15 (+3 str, +2 dex)
Hp 10 (+1 con, +1 FC)
Fort +1 (0), Refl +4 (2), Will +1 (0)
Defensive Abilities

Speed 30
Katana +4 (1d8+4, 18x2); deadly, MW
Shuriken +2 (1d2+3, x2); monk
CMB +3
Special Attacks
Sneak attack +1d6

Str 16, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 13, Cha 14
Base Atk +0
Acrobatics +6 (1 rank, +2 dex)
Bluff +6 (1 rank, +2 cha)
Climb +7 (1 rank, +3 str)
Disable Device +6 (1 rank, +2 dex)
Disguise +6 (1 rank, +2 cha)
Perception +5 (1 rank, +1 wis)
Sleight of hand +6 (1 rank, +2 dex)
Stealth +6 (1 rank, +2 dex)
Survival +6 (1 rank, +1 wis, +1 trait)
Improved initiative
Traits Militia Veteran, Fencer (+1 damage on AoO)
Languages Common, Tien
Faction: Lantern Lodge
Fame: 4, Prestige: 2
Favored class: ninja (+1 hp)
Poison Use (Ex)

katana, masterwork
studded leather armor
shuriken (10) (+8 sleight of hand)
disguise kit
monk's outfit
rope, silk
grappling hook
thieves' tools
bull's eye lantern
flasks of oil (2)
ink pen
ink vial
paper sheets (10)
weapon cord
wand of cure light wounds (50 charges)
potions of cure light wounds (3)
alchemist fires (2)
smoke pellets (2)
848.5 gp