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Rite Publishing wrote:

Yeah this product is three years old so forgive me if this is a little foggy for me.

My intention with attack actions was that they were just attacks (an attack as a standard action, a single attack in a full-attack action, an as an attack of opportunity) it does need an errata version. At the time an attack action was not really clearly defined and it was an error in my mastery of the rules.

I don't know when I will have time to do an errata version (I am slammed right now with weekly, and monthly releases) but one will come eventually.

Are these properties legal for Pathfinder Society play?

Are these properties legal for Pathfinder Society play?

Awesome! Which book or post has this? Will take a look!

haruhiko88 wrote:
There is one archetype already. It gives up spellcasting for spell resistance while bloodraging of 8+bloodrager level. At levels it gains a new spell level increase the SR by one more. At 16 the SR is always on and not only when bloodraging.

Right, but how could I balance replacing the SR benefit with some Martial/Combat feats? How many/often?

Good Morning ALLCON,

Please advise me on a non-spellcasting, martial archetype for the Bloodrager. The bloodline powers & flavor interest me greatly, but I would like martial ability instead of spellcasting levels. My goal is to allow more martial style & flavor, contrasting Bloodlines' savage potential. Please help me balance this?

Ideas kicked around were replacing Spellcaster levels with: 1 / X Level (Fighter) Bonus Feats, (some) Fighter style progression (Two-Handed, Freehand, etc.) as per the Advanced Player's Handbook's class options for Fighter. But how much of one such progression would be equal to the forfeited spellcasting?

The exemplar character I have in mind would be soldierly, steadily fighting to control her Rage through martial discipline. Martial artistry would be her way of focusing her (Draconic) bloodline's destructive tendencies.

If a class(es) has already been done to simulate this, that would be welcome to know too! The concept of playing a usually calm, collected 'good soldier' whose martial self-discipline is to keep that power in check (Ex: Ryu, Street Fighter ALL) could prove fun!