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|HP: 177/177 | AC: 29 | F: +23+, R: +22+, W: +19 | Nature +16, Perc +18 [20 for init], Med +22, Acro +23, Stealth +23[25 for init]


| Speed 30ft | KB +21, 3d6(+5), 60ft. | HeP: 1/1 | Active conditions:



About Natalya 'the Firebird'

Impulses & Actions, Class DC 30:

{A} KB +21, 3d6 [+2 damage in melee]
{AA} KB +21, 3d6+5 [+2 damage in melee]

{A} Channel Elements – activate kinetic aura (5-20ft emanation). Also get a {A} KB or stance.

{A} Stance: Thermal Nimbus – Cold/Fire, Allies and I gain resist = lvl, any character in aura takes damage from element = ½ lvl.

{AA} Flying Flame – 30ft line drawn as I choose. Enemies take 6d6 fire/cold, basic ref vs. class DC.
{AA} Four Winds - Target up to four willing creatures within 30 feet of you. Each of those creatures can Stride up to its Speed. If it has a fly Speed, it can instead Fly up to its fly Speed.
{AA} Lightning Dash - Propel yourself forward in a 40-foot line. You can move through creatures during this movement, doesn't trigger reactions that are triggered by movement. Each creature you move through takes 4d12 electricity damage, basic Reflex save vs. class DC.
Return to your normal form in the final square. If in the air, fall unless you have a fly Speed.
{AA} Clear As Air - Become invisible until the end of your next turn. Can Sustain. If you use a hostile action, become concealed instead of invisible. If you activate your kinetic aura, the impulse conceals its elements, though any special effects of your aura might give away your location.
This impulse weakens if you use it too frequently. Using it again within 10 minutes makes you concealed instead of invisible.
{AA} Cyclonic Ascent - Gain a fly Speed equal to your land Speed or 30 feet, whichever is greater, for 10 minutes. Can move upward without treating it as difficult terrain. Can remain in the air at the end of your turn if used an air impulse during that turn, even if you didn't use a Fly action that turn.

{AAA} Solar Detonation – Detonation fills a 20-foot burst within 60 feet of you. Each creature in the area takes 6d6 fire damage, plus 2d6 vitality damage if it has void healing, and can become dazzled or blinded depending on the result of its Reflex save. The light from Solar Detonation is sunlight for creatures with a particular vulnerability to sunlight. Each creature that attempts a save becomes temporarily immune to being dazzled or blinded by Solar Detonation for 10 minutes, but not the impulse's other effects.
Unaffected//half damage and dazzled until start of my next turn// full damage and blinded until start of my next turn// double damage and is blinded for 1 minute.

{R} Air Cushion - Slow up to five target's fall to 120 feet per round. Ends when targets reach the ground, and targets take no damage from the fall. The cushion expires if the creature doesn't reach the ground within 1 minute, but any distance doesn't count for any damage the creature would take from the fall. You can't use Air Cushion again while you have one in effect.
{R} Deflect Arrows - You gain a +4 circumstance bonus to AC against the triggering attack. If the attack misses, you have deflected it. You cannot use this feat to deflect unusually massive ranged projectiles.

Female Human-Sylph Kineticist 11
CG Medium Humanoid (Human, Sylph)

Senses: Perception +18 (E, +3 Wis). Low-light Vision, Darkvision.

Initiative: +20 (Perception)/+23 (Stealth)

AC 29 (T, +3 Dex, +3 item)
HP 177/177 (8 + 11*[8+5+1] + 5*3)
Resist Air, Cold, Electricity, Fire: 11.

Fort +23+ (M, +5 Con)
Ref +22+ (E, +4 Dex)
Will +19 (E, +3 Wis)

{A} Kinetic Blast +21, 3d6. 60ft. Fire/Cold/Elec/Slash. [+2 damage in melee]
{AA} Kinetic Blast +21, 3d6+5. 60ft. Fire/Cold/Elec/Slash. [+2 damage in melee]

Spd 30 ft
Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.

Focus Points: 2/2
Wholeness of Body (Lvl 6)
Ki Rush (Lvl 6)

Invisbility (Lvl 2)
Gust of Wind (Lvl 2)

Str +4 [ancestry, lvl 1/5/10]
Dex +4 [background, lvl 1/5/10]
Con +5 [ancestry, background, class, lvls 1/5/10]
Int +0
Wis +3 [lvl 1/5/10]
Cha +0


Elemental Eyes, Swift, Djinn Magic

Air Cushion, Flying Flame, Four Winds, Versatile Blasts, Thermal Nimbus, Lightning Dash, Clear As Air, Cyclonic Ascent, Solar Detonation, Aura Shaping

Monk Dedication, Monk Resiliency, Ki Rush, Wholeness of Body, Deflect Arrows

Toughness, Battle Medicine, Stitch Flesh, Slippery Prey (easier to Escape), Swift Sneak (full speed sneaking), Kip Up (stand from prone as free action).

Incredible Initiative, Canny Acumen (Perception), Diehard.

Athletics +23 (M, +4 Dex, +2 item)
Medicine +22 (M, +3 Wis, +2 item)
Nature +16 (T, +3 Wis)
Stealth +23 (M, +4 Dex, +2 item)

Common, +1.

1687 gold 0 silver 0 copper
Gate Attenuator (60gp)
Greater Healer's Gloves (700gp) [4d6+15 healing]
+1 Resilient Studded Leather (503gp)
Thunderblast Slippers (650gp)
Greater Clandestine Cloak (900gp) [{AA} 5th level Non-detection for 8hrs]

Shielded Fortune: You’ve always been tougher than your peers. At some point in your past, you had a particularly close call with death—be it from a near-fatal accident, a fight gone horribly wrong, a close call with illness, or something similar, yet you quickly recovered. You may or may not believe you’re more fated to face unexpected hardship in your life, but regardless, you know you can take what destiny has to dish out.
This background is associated with the suit of Shields
Fated Not To Die {Free}. 1/day. Trigger: you are dying.
Effect: Draw a Harrow card and automatically lose the dying condition. Remain unconscious at 0HP. If card drawn was a Shield, gain d6+lvl HP and wake up.

Sylph: You are descended from air elementals or were born under the element's influence. You gain the sylph trait, in addition to the traits from your ancestry. You also gain low-light vision or darkvision if your ancestry already has low-light vision. You can choose from sylph feats and feats from your ancestry whenever you gain an ancestry feat.

Dual Gate: Air/Fire.
Gate Junction - Air Resistance: Resist lvl vs. Air and Electricity. Become Immune at 17th level.
Gate Junction - Fire Resistance: Resist lvl vs. Cold and Fire. Become Immune at 17th level.
Reflow Elements: Reselect an impulse once per day.

Isabel inherited her mother’s blonde hair and narrow features and stood at an unimpressive five-and-a-bit feet tall. Since her encounter with the Orb however she has gained a couple of inches in height, as well as her hair lightening several shades and an almost palpable aura of competence and confidence. She still isn’t classically beautiful to an objective observer but her newfound confidence and charisma accentuate her looks enough to make her both attractive and impressive to people who like that sort of thing.

Formerly something of a wallflower, Isabel has blossomed in Magnimar with the independence and purpose provided by the Pathfinder Society. Independently wealthy thanks to a regular allowance from her family she throws herself into research and reading in the lodge’s libraries and numerous private collections around town that she has charmed her way into – all in preparation for her first REAL mission.

Increasingly confident in herself and her abilities Isabel nonetheless remains somewhat credulous and has taken to carrying around all sorts of odds and ends – pinches of moonstone and powdered silver, fragments of symbols both holy and unholy and other similar items – ‘just in case’. She’s always tended to overprepare for things that make her nervous and while the new and improved Isabel would never admit to nerves she is certainly prepared to the nines.

When Ravounel seceded from Cheliax a number of nobles from Kintargo left the new nation and returned to the bosom of the Infernal Empire. Among these was Lord Halthan Rhelian, a bastard of House Jhaltero who married very well when he and Emilia Sarini were wed. House Sarini, being Thrune loyalists, decamped from Kintargo entirely and Lord Rhelian and his entire family went with them.

Thus Isabel, the couples oldest child, came out during the social season in Ergorian – a life to which she found herself almost chronically unsuited. Although vivacious and pretty enough she had a degree of shyness which was a significant disadvantage in ritualistic and cut-throat Chelish high society. She would have had a truly horrid season if not for meeting a kindred spirit – Lady Charlotte Plumth. The two became fast friends, both accepting of each other’s oddities, and the day that Lottie left Ergorian for Lastwall was a genuinely sad one for Isabel.

Isabel writing to Charlotte:
Dear Lottie,

I hope you're doing well and you've arrived in Lastwall without any trouble. I can't decide if I'm more envious of you going on a real adventure or that you got to miss the rest of the Season. Duke Malwan is still making a nuisance of himself and being far too forward at every ball. I've turned him down six times now but he just won't take no for an answer. Do you have any suggestions? I remember you dealt with the Mayor of Greywood wonderfully at the last Hellfire ball, I think even the Infernal Consort was amused.

That's the most exciting thing that's happened since you left. There's still the usual round of polite parties, chaperones taking tea and young peacocks swanning around trying to put on mating displays. Cecelia Aulamaxa has concluded a betrothal but there wasn't even a hint of a scandal - all very proper and boring. They had a contract devil witness it apparently so I hope her father negotiated well. Anyway, there's only two more weeks and then I'll be heading to Ravounel to stay with my aunt there for a few weeks. I'm under orders to encourage her to see the error of her ways and return to the true family allegiance. I'm not sure what I'll do after that, but if you write to me, send it to me care of Lady Jhaltero in Kintargo.

Stay safe,
Your best friend.


Charlotte to Isabel:
Dear Bel,

I arrived in Lastwall without incident and have spent the last few months learning how to turn interest into practice. I can't say I am good at being a doctor, but I can say with so many injured arriving every day, no one cares if I am good or not. They just care that I am trying. Not a rousing banner to my greatness, but it is nice to be appreciated.

I am tired. There is too much, too often. And we lose too many.

Still, it is better than sitting at 'home' and brooding. Or worse having to go anywhere near the insipid and the inane like Greywood's finest.

I do miss you. Terribly. I may come visit as soon as my training is over. My aunts, the one's with all the cats, have sent correspondence reminding me that I am not alone and will always have a place in their house. A situation I'd not wish on anyone, but since they are in Kintargo, it would mean being able to see you.

Stay sensible
Your best friend,

Isabel to Charlotte:
Dear Lottie,

I hope you're still managing in Lastwall. The work that you're doing is so important and it must be so difficult for you. Stick it out, what you're doing is more valuable than anything I've ever done. I'm proud of you.

That said, I think I can save you from aunts, cats and aunts with cats. I've left Kintargo and headed to Magniamr with Guillem Argyle. Do you remember him? A bit provincial, convinced that Thassilon was inspired by some sort of divine race called the 'Isu'? Well he was in Kintargo looking for funds for an archaeological dig so I staked him in return for a place on the expedition.

We actually found some stuff Lottie! Most of it was bit crap honestly, but I found a particular vault and the body there had some really cool stuff - there was a little crown and kind of golden orb. It was the strangest thing, I picked it up and it... changed me. I could feel the magic flowing through me and I'm so much more... I don't know how to describe it, but I'm much more confident, much happier in myself. I think my appearance might have changed too – Guillem gaped when I came out of the vault and the entire team asked me out for drinks, individually.

Anyway I took my finds to the Pathfinder Lodge in Magnimar and they said it was an 'Orb of Rulership', some sort of Thassilonian artefact that has been written about but never seen before! I let them keep the crown and study the orb and in exchange I'm now officially a pathfinder! The Lodge Commander said 'this kind of luck is better on our side than anyone else's' which I think is a compliment.

Anyway, when you're done, come to Magnimar! I've got a nice place of my own with plenty of space for a friend and I promise it'll be more fun than your aunts and the cats!

See you soon, and stay safe.
Your best friend,