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mach1.9pants wrote:
Kraal55 wrote:

Will this be part of the adventure card subscription? or will the subscription end when Rise of the Ruelords does? I am subscribed currently for the cards, but wouldn't want to pay the, no doubt,huge shipping on this over to me in New Zealand.

Yeah me too, it'll have to be stop sub, buy on Amazon, re-up sub after. Hopefully we can start with the add-on set.

My understanding is that the adventure decks are included in the subscription, not the boxed base set. You'll notice that the upcoming products listed with the subscription go from RotRL 6 to S&S 2; there is no mention of the base set.

Shouldn't be any need to cancel the sub temporarily. Just keep it rolling and order the S&S base set from wherever you can get it cheapest (or with the lowest shipping).