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I must be absolutely blind, but I can't find where it says what action it is to use your blast. Is it a standard, or attack action? If it's a standard, why give the Kineticist a medium BAB?

EDIT: Mark, WONDERFUL job with this class! It captures what I've wanted in the game forever now, and the resource management looks extremely interesting to play!

Alright, that's what I was afraid of. Thanks guys!

I'm running a TWF former member of the Red Mantis. I want to take Bloody Sabres(from Inner Sea Gods) because bleed damage is nice, and the feat really fits flavorwise. My question is two parts: Is it just one bleed for each pair of strikes I land, or is it one bleed for each attack, the way I feel it leans towards where it says "in addition to the normal damage dealt by these attacks"? And second, if I hit the same opponent with two sets of attacks in one turn, the bleed stacks, right?

Andrew Boucher 88 wrote:

Also make weapon finesse a bonus feat. Also finally introduce greater weapon finesse so you can finally reduce MAD burden. Dex to damage can never catch up to STR and power attack.

I think that's why they didn't do it, and made it add level to damage. Because they don't want the class to fall so far behind the fighter/barbarian that it becomes pointless to play a swashbuckler.

So, I don't remember for certain, but I think I remember that you can fire a ranged weapon/do a melee attack at a square instead of at an enemy? How does that work? And besides against Invisible enemies, when is it useful?

would it still heal him, even though you can normally only hurt or heal with channel energy?

So question, one of the NPCs I have in line for the party to encounter in a campaign I'm running is an evil cleric. If I gave him the Tomb Tainted Soul from the 3.5 book Libris Mortis, does his channel negative energy ability, when used to harm living creatures do damage to himself?

219: Break down the mortar holding the brick in the wall that that pesky pickpocket's trying to jump off of.
220: Give the 'oh-so-dignified' Paladin a wedgie.
221: Pull on the dragon's dangly bits. See if it won't help convince him to cooperate.
222: Tie your ally's boots together when running from said dragon.

Crimson Avenger wrote:

One more set of numbers for ya. If Mack had achieved 20th level, and completed the Duelist class, Butt ass naked weilding nothing but a pair of daggers, with no magical augmentation at all, taking the total defense option, and moving as to provoke an AoO, he would have had a 53 AC. Did I mention the naked and no magic part.

A work of art

And a silver penny to the person who figures it out!

His feat list:

mobility +4 vs AoO
far shot
point blank shot
weapon focus (kukri)
Two-weapon fighting
two-weapon defense
Improved 2-weapon fighting
Improved 2-weapon defense
Greater 2-weapon fighting +3,+6 in Total Defense

every ability point increase went to INT, for a total INT of 22, making a +6 modifier.

Now, let's crunch those numbers.
10 (standard everyone gets) + 4 (dex mod) + 6 (greater 2-weapon fighting's total defense bonus) + 5 (invisible blade Unfettered Defense) + 6 (Duelist Canny Defense) + 10(10th level duelist's Elaborate Parry) + 8 (mobility and Enhanced mobility) + 4 (total Defense) = 53

My "Main" Character is Naranth, who began his career as a fighter/warmage, and after a few random events including a Strike Team, a Prismatic Sphere, a Wish spell, a REALLY annoying Dracolich, and accidently causing the death of Kord, became a lesser deity of war.

The first Pathfinder character I played is a Human Swashbuckler (using 3.5's class for them) named Darrian Stormwright. He's an arrogant, charming, gregarious, and mostly foolish ally in a dungeon (What do you mean, I shouldn't have pressed that button?) He's recently begun multi-classing into Wizard and going into the Eldrich Knight Prestige Class. The Wizard was an unexpected development, both for him and for me. But it's started to work quite nicely. He's currently sitting at 6th level, 3rd level in each class.

The second Pathfinder character I'm playing is Aiden Inman, the son of Arty and Katya Inman, and a slave for most of his life. When the orcs invaded the city he was born in (DM hasn't told us it's original name yet) He was taken from his mother and put into the slave arena, where he learned to be a Magus. He's recently escaped, found the rebels, stopped a task force from gaining entry to the Rebel's stronghold, and now has his own Hawk Familiar.