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Ramanujan wrote:
NanoStar wrote:

My problem with crafting ---snip---


An adventurer should never be able to out craft a same level dedicated NPC.

I can’t remember which youtube it was, but I recall Paizo staff discussing that PF2 NPC design allows them to have NPC bakers who are effectively level 1 in combat, but level 8 in baking competitions.

Thats a reasonable answer.. and maybe works for mundane items.. however still has a problem for me with magical Items.. Anything made by a wizard or other spellcaster.. Although perhaps there is a subculture of mage casters who never really go out cant cast on the fly but spend All their time and feats learning to make stuff not be an adventuring mage a runecrafter.

kinda like a Magus in Ars Magica..mostly spending years in a lab researching and making stuff.

My problem with crafting is that basic cost to make requires materials equal to list price... for players as standard they will sell at half price..

If that's the cost of crafting.. i cant see it being economic for anyone..

Why would smith bother setting up in business.. has to pay for smithy, somewhere to live support family pay city or town taxes, (often not profit based) then spend time making zero profit over material cost.

Just looks like all the crafters in Golarion are going bust quickly.

In fact its not a question of where players make stuff out of reach of towns. Its why ANYONE would make anything for someone else.

Or do you think spending sufficient extra time would bring the cost down enough for a profit.. doesn't seem it from analysis above.

I am a GM this breaks my "suspension of disbelief" It just shouts WRONG.. nearly as bad as "red matter"