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Do you think when our watch is over, the others will still remember us?

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Book of Juderonomy wrote:
Also, new subscriber question: are orders marked pending up until they ship?


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Missing my book of the dead pdf but it states it shipped. Saw a lot of people posting so I’ll join the bunch! Super excited to read this thing!

Pathfinder PF Special Edition Subscriber

I know authorizations are slated to start on the 12th and my subscription is linked to my old card. I am unable to update it from that card myself and have submitted an email to have it updated but I'm concerned it won't be done before things start to go into full motion. Hoping on here helps move things along! Thank you for everything you guys do for us here in the community and for putting out books worth being excited about!

Pathfinder PF Special Edition Subscriber

Will the Advanced Player's Guide be available for order on the special edition subscription? I've been hoping to start with that product but it still isn't an option, but the normal one is with the regular core subscription.

I wanted to make sure I didn't miss out on starting my sub with a book I don't own (I currently have purchased all over SE's and want to keep the beautiful crimson and gold trend going!). Any advice or answers are greatly appreciated!