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Halfling Rogue 4/Sorcerer3 (efreeti bloodline) | HP 7/37 AC 22 | T 17 | FF 17 | CMB +4 | CMD 20 | FORT +3 | REF +11 | WILL +4 | INIT +5 | Perception +11(+12 with traps) | Stealth +19 | Bluff +11 | Sense Motive +3 | Diplomacy +8 | Spellcraft +8


active effects:








Common, ignan, halfling

Strength 10
Dexterity 21
Constitution 10
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 8
Charisma 16

About Mysty

Mysty female halfling


Mysty, female halfling Rogue4/ sorcerer (efreeti)2
Str 10 +0
Dex 21 +5
Con 10 +0
Int 13 +1
Wis 8 -1
Cha 16 +3


BAB +4
CMB +4, +6 w trip
Rapier+1 +12 1d4+6 18-20/*2
Dagger+2 +12 1d3+2 19-20/*2
Rapier/dagger +10/+10 1d4+6, 1d3+2
Lt crossbow +11 1d8 19-20/*2
fire ray +10 (ranged touch) 1d6+1
(sneak attack 2d6, expertise -2 attack/+2 AC)


Initiative +5
HP 31
AC 22 (armor +5, dex +5, +1 size, +1 dodge)
touch 17
flat footed 22
CMD 20, 22 vs trip
fort +3
ref +11
will +4
Move 20'


Weapon finese (b)
Weapon focus rapier
two weapon fighting
combat expertise
two weapon feint
eschew materials
Improved trip


Arson crime trait: +2 damage on critical with a fire attack
volitile condiut: 1/day as a free action, boost damage on fire spell by +1d4


Common (taldane)


+2 know religion 1+1
+5 know planes 1+1+3
+17 acrobatics 7+5+3+2
+6 climb 1+3+2
+11 perception 7-1+3+2 (+1 vs traps)
+15 disable device 7+5+3 (+1 vs traps)
+11 bluff 5+3+3
+10 use magic device 4+3+3
+19 stealth 7+5+3+4
+10 sleight of hand 2+5+3
+8 diplomacy 2+3+3
+5 appraise 1+1+3
+3 sense motive 1-1+3
+5 know local 1+1+3
+5 know arcana 1+1+3
+8 spellcraft 4+1+3
+5 swim 1+1+3
+1 survival 2-1
+6 craft alchemy 2+1+3
+6 craft traps 2+1+3
+11 escape artist 3+5+3
+9 disguise 3+3+3

Special qualities:

fire resistance 10
Rogue talent: Weapon training
Rogue talent: Combat Trick
rapier finese: add dex to damage with rapier instead of str
2d6 sneak attack
debilitating blow
Danger sense +1
Uncanny dodge
elemental ray (fire) 1d6+1 6 times per day
Halfling fearlessness +2 vs fear
Halfling luck +1 all saves
Halfling sight +2 perception


Level 0
detect magic
read magic
disrupt undead

level 1 (6/day)
burning hands
magic weapon
enlarge person
touch of combustion


wand of fireballs 4
Mithril chain shirt + 1
MW thieves tools
+1 rapier
+2 dagger
MW dagger, cold iron
MW lt crossbow
MW backpack
water proof, hooded lantern
2*pints of lamp oil
Belt pouch 1
Component pouch
Hide from animals potion
Protection from arrows potion
5 days rations 2.5
waterskin 1
whetstone 0.02
flint and steel 1
5 sun rod 10
bedroll 1sp
blanket 5sp
Dagger (3) 6
antitoxin x 4
travelers outfit*2 1(one free outfit)
Violet Venom poison x 2
Wolfsbane poison x 2
Small centipede poison x 3
Blue Whinnis x 3
Belladonna x 2
explorers outfit
Courtiers outfit
Alchemist fire x 2
cure light wounds x 5
1758 gp 2sp 2cp


Mysty had been on the streets her entire adult life.The lot of halflings was a lessor one in Talingarde. They were seen as a happy, child people, with no voice in the rule of the nation. Most halflings are happy with that. Sometimes though, a halfling will rebel. Case in point is Mysty Heartglow.
Mysty ran away from her conformist family and took up the life of a criminal. During her life on the streets she had learned a thing or to, how to sneak. pick locks and steal.. One other thing she learnt was to listen to her instincts, but unfortunately sometimes the potential reward overrode that.. She was given a job to steal a golden cup from the cathedral, with an offer of good reward AND cash up front. Her instincts said be careful, but her heart said gimme. Especially if she could acquire other loot on the way. The plan was good, and a good fire would cause a distraction while she slipped in, swiped the cup and whatever else she could, and then spend, spend, spend. .

But the plan didn't allow for another Thieves gang group to have the same idea. Disorganisation, she hated it. It still might have been salvaged if it wasn't for those meddling kids. Seeing the other group the kids screamed to high heaven, and then there were guards, priests, glowing light ball things, the other thieves and a friking PALADIN. Even then, she might have just walked out, after all she was an innocent bystander. Then the cathedral caught on fire! Oops the distraction, heh,heh well she had to have some fun. Racing through falling embers and smoke, Mysty decided to go for the cup, as the thieves gang fought priests and guards, with that Paladin chopping his way through them. Then as per the plan, she used the fire and conflict to cover her escape. Then a few stabbed guards, and a busy body priest sliced and she was off. But she was spotted, those idiot kids again, and suddenly she was being chased by what seemed like every guard and religious person in Talingarde.

I mean really. She is just a thief. It's not like she did anything really wrong. Now she had knights and inquisitors and bounty hunters and probably flaming angels of Mitra chasing her. The only way to cover her retreat was to throw the damn cup as a distraction. Time to get out of here. She got back to her room in time to grab her gear, .She left through the hatch in the floor to the sewers just as the door was smashed in. She heard the WHOOMPH of the alchemist fire trap she had set. Try track her now, Mitran scum. But that damn Paladin was waiting for her in the sewer, with a group of priests and Inquisitors. One spell later and she was paralyzed.
During the trial she was condemned as a habitual criminal and an arsonist. She wasn't even allowed a lawyer, just a damn priest who pleaded guilty on her behalf and begged for mercy. Apparently lawyers are all servants of the devil. And according to the trial so was she. She was sentenced to death, by burning. But the sentence was commuted, showing mercy to a child race under the benevolent protection of the kingdom. Typical patronistic guff. Mysty was about to go off at the smarmy, smug bastards running the court when a voice said "wait". Startled she kept her peace.
So she was shown "mercy". She was sentenced to the salt mines. As she left she said to her defender, smiling "thank for your help father. I hope I may repay and this court the kindness you have shown." The priest paled and left quickly.
She was quickly shipped to the salt mines, shackled and in a cage with others fated for a short, mean life. When they arrived they were assembled for the warden, a grizzled retired inquisitor. He told them "It has been determined that you are no longer fit to associate with decent people. So you are to work here until you die, when you will be buried in unconsecrated ground. Mitra have mercy on you." With that her new life began.
Within a week she had seen people dying with a horrible hacking cough, with sores and failing health, their skin cracked and bleeding. She lay awake, thinking. "I'm going to die here." Then that voice returned to her mind. "So ready to give up, little flame?"
Mysty turned to look. "Who's there? Am I going crazy?"
The voice laughed. "No. you're not crazy. I need you for a task. Say yes and I'll help you."
"What's the task?" Mysty asked, suddenly cautious.
"Oh, you'll like it. but I'm not going to tell you right now. You have to pass a test. Escape. That's all."
"Oh and why don't I steal the crown jewels while I'm at it" Mysty retorted sarcastically.
"Well, I'll help you. I am going to give you two things. Firstly, you need a spark."
A spark appeared in the air, lighting the room. All of the other prisoners there, stayed sleeping. "Don't worry, no one will interfere. I made certain of that." The spark circled her head, then plunged into her chest. Mysty convulsed in pain, as every nerve in her body seemed on fire.
"Soon be over. No pain,no gain I always say. You see you have an interesting ancestry. You see somewhere in your family line, a creature called an efreeti made its addition to your bloodline. I'm waking that up."
Seconds past like hours. But when they past Mysty felt good. Better than she had in a while. Her cracked skin was healed, and she felt like she just had a good meal. Inside she had a warm glow, like fire. She liked fire.
"There you go. Now your second piece of help."
In Mysty's hand was a lockpick.
"if you escape, I'll give you directions. The rest is up to you."
In under a minute Mysty had undone her shackles and was silently moving through the room. The locked door was no obstacle to her skill. On the other side she saw a guard, asleep on duty. She crept up, and was inspired to extend her finger. A small flame light there. Mysty stared at it in wonder, then she looked at the guard. A smile grew on her face. her finger moved to the back of the sleeping guard and with an act of will, he was sent to his god.
As his headless body fell to the ground, she grabbed the bottle of spirits on the table, a piece of paper and a dagger from his belt. Rolling the paper she shoved into the bottle and walked out side into the camp. She slipped through te camp, avoiding guards and came to the outer wall. It was well guarded.
"I need a distraction" . Looking around she saw the stable, and right next to it was the dog kennel. "Well those need to go anyway, so they aren't pursuing me effectively." instinctively she incanted a few words and a spark lit the paper in the bottle. then she threw it into the stable's hay loft. Then she moved away picking her spot to cross the wall. A loud whoomp announced the fire and cries of alarm echoed across the camp. The screams of horses and howls of hounds rang through the night. Distraction achieved.
Mysty climbed over the wall, the usually alert guards watching the fire. Once on the other side she slipped into the night, like a ghost.
As she moved the voice said "Well done. Now I will explain your task."
As the voice did so, Mysty's face was wreathed in a grin. Now she has the chance to get power and revenge. By the time she was finished no one would think of halflings as a child race. All who wronged her will burn. And she will be one of the rulers of Talingarde.
Deep in the depths of hell a peal of laughter rang out.


Mysty wants wealth, and revenge against all her in her mind wronged her. And she wants to burn them as part of that revenge. She was accused of being a servant of Asmodeus in her heart, so she decided (on given the opportunity) to do so. He is not merciful, but he does seem fair. She loves planning and organization, and gets upset when chaotic elements wreak her plans. Oh, and fire. She likes fire. Call it her bloodline.