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Full Name





Spiritual Channeler 5



Special Abilities

Lorebook, Darkvision 60', Low Light vision


Norther, Orcish, Erenlander, Black Tongue (pidgin)


Snarky scout

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Muni's Chronicle

Strength 2
Dexterity 14
Constitution 14
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 28
Charisma 10

About Muni, Keeper of Memories

Action Template


Round #, Initiative #

1 FP (Wisp Detective)

Speed 10, Fly 40 (average)

HP: 60 (3d8+5d4+10+10)



===== Defense =====
AC 16 (+2 dex, +4 size)
Touch AC 16
Flat Footed AC 14

CMD 10 (BaB+6, Str-4, Dex+2, size -4)

Fort +7 (+1 race, +4 class, +2 con)
Ref +7 (+4 race, +1 class, +2 dex)
Will +15 (+2 race, +4 class, +9 wis)



BaB +6/+1 (+3 race, +3 class)
Attack Bonus: +10 (BaB +4 size)

CMB +2 (BaB -4)

Bite +12, 1d4-4



Wise (x2)



Skill Focus: Perception (racial)
Weapon Finesse (racial)
Magecraft (Channeler 1)
Spellcasting: Lesser Conjuration
Spellcasting: Necromancy (Channeler 2)
Spellcasting: Divination (Path 2)
Paragon of Insight (level 3) see through illusions, including invisibility, as if under a true seeing spell, of a maximum spell level equal to your Wisdom score – 20.
Evolved Familiar (Path 3, Skilled, Perception +8)
Spellcasting: Illusion (Channeler 4)
Spellcasting: Greater Conjuration (Channeler 5)
Moral Training (+2 Wisdom, FP Bonus)
Great Fortitude (FP Bonus) Gain Good Fort save progression.
Spell Focus Necromancy (FP Bonus)
Greater Spell Focus Necromancy (FP Bonus)
Empower Spell (FP bonus)



Skill points: 4 per level +1 favored class
25 points total +5 secondary skill points

+28 Perception (5 ranks, 9 wis, 3 class, +8 path, +3 skill focus)
+16 Fly (5 ranks, 2 dex, 3 class, +6 size)
+5 Spellcraft (2 ranks, 3 class)
+5 Diplomacy (2 ranks, 3 class)
+17 Sense Motive (5 ranks, 9 wis, 3 class)
+22 Stealth (5 ranks, 2 dex, 3 class, +12 size)

+8 Knowledge Spirits (the planes) (5 ranks, 3 class)

=====Class Abilities=====



-- Bonus Spell Energy (Ex): The channeler’s maximum
spell energy increases by one point for every level of channeler
he gains.

-- Art of Magic (Ex): The channeler focuses on the art,
science, or philosophy of magic above all else. As such, he
may master spells more quickly than a mere dabbler. Usually,
a character may only know or cast spells of a level equal to or
less than one-half his character level (rounded down). Acharacter
with more channeler levels than levels in other classes
adds +1 to his character level for this purpose (see page 128
for more details).

-- Summon Familiar

-- Bonus Spells



=====Spells Known =====

Schools known- Necromancy, Divination, lesser/greater Conjuration

Spell Energy Points: 14 total ( Wis, + Channeler)

0-level (DC 15): Detect Magic, Open/Close, Resistance, Disrupt Undead, Preserve Flesh, Dancing Lights, Ghost Sound

1st Level (DC 20, 22 if Necromancy): Woeful Speech, Summon Undead 1 (Skeletons), Deathwatch, Doom, Cause Fear, True Strike, Speak w/ animals, Detect Undead, Comprehend Languages, Mage Armor, Summon Monster 1, Summon natures Ally 1, Unseen Servant, Color Spray,

2nd Level (DC 21, 23 if Necromancy): Command Undead, Summon Undead 2, Healing Sting (spell comp.), Fell Forbiddance, Weather, Summon Monster 2, Summon natures Ally 2, Spectral Hand, Blindness/Deafness, Invisibility, Mirror Image

3rd level (DC 22, 24 if Necromancy) : Summon Undead 3, Summon Monster 3, Summon natures Ally 3, Vampiric Touch, Halt Undead, Lesser Animate Dead,




Level Ability

1 Lore Master
2 Bonus feat
3 Living Eidolon
4 Spirit Sight
5 Wisdom increase
6 Living Eidolon
7 Spirit Sight
8 Bonus feat
9 Living Eidolon
10 Wisdom increase
11 Spirit Walk
12 Living Eidolon
13 Spirit Sight
14 Bonus feat
15 Wisdom increase
16 Living Eidolon
17 Summon Ancestral Hero
18 Spirit Sight
19 Bonus feat
20 Wisdom increase

Lore Master: At 1st level, the chronicler gains the lorebook class ability of a hermetic channeler. He doesn’t have to have an actual book.

Bonus feat: Whenever you gain this ability, you must choose a feat among the spellcasting-related feats or you may take Skill Focus feat.

Spirit Sight: You see the world as spirits do. At 4th level you gain Darkvision 60 ft. At 7th level you gain Darkvision 90 ft. At 13th level you can see even in magical darkness. At 18th level you can see invisible creatures.

Living Eidolon: Your body is partly composed from the otherwordly mists from which spirits are made. You can mold it to your will. Whenever you gain this ability, you gain Evolved Familiar feat, except that you apply it to your body.

Spirit Walk (Su): You can become incorporeal and invisible. While in this form, you can move in any direction and pass through solid objects (see page 301 of the Pathfinder RPG Bestiary). You can take no action other than to move while in this form. You remain in this form for a number of rounds equal to your character level, but you can end this effect prematurely as a standard action. You can use this ability once per day at 11th level, and twice per day at 15th level.

Summon Ancestral Hero: Once per day you can summon Ancestral Hero of Dorns. The Hero serves your will 1 round per your character level plus the number of rounds equal to your Wisdom modifier.

Old Stats


Muni, Awakened Raven Familiar

Muni's Chronicle

HP: 23 (3d10-3)

Str 2, Dex 15, Con 8, Int 13, Wis 15, Cha 10

Saves: F: +2, W: +3, R: +5


Darkvision 60' (granted by Awaken)
Low-Light Vision (granted by Awaken)

Perception +13 (+2 Wis, +3 class, +3 ranks, +3 feat)
Fly +5 (+2 Dex, +3 class)
Sense Motive +5 (+2 ranks, +3 Wis)
Stealth +10 (+2 Dex, +3 ranks, +3 class, +2 feat)


Skill Focus: Perception

Cosmopolitan: Stealth (+2 to stealth checks, Stealth is a class skill)
Eidetic Memory (You may recall anything you have seen with photographic clarity, such as details of something you have seen, a book you have read, a conversation you overheard, or a path you have taken. You receive +5 on checks to recall simple information, and +2 on checks to recall complex information. This only allows for recall of information in a language you know, though for written text you can still recall the shapes of the letters and symbols clearly. The DC of recalling something should be DC 5 (almost impossible to forget), DC 10 (easy to remember), DC 15 (more detailed or obscure), DC 20 (very detailed or obscure), DC 25 (extremely detailed or obscure). This feat may not be used on the text of scrolls or spellbooks.)

FP's from chronicle: 4
FP's from roleplay: 1