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Artofregicide wrote:
I've got a document that changes the ashpeak encounter to be an extraplanar affair if you're interested.

I am very interested, and i already found two threads from you about this subject.

this one about moving it to Hyrrfellhame and
this one about the generally replacing encounters

If you have a structured document i would appreciate it, otherwise i will first read the threads.

Erpa wrote:
You should just check the other threads here about replacing encounters. It's really well done!

Will do.

I was a bit lazy and only found this thread via a google search i should have expected to find more if i directly search the forum, silly me.

Joey Virtue wrote:

Yeah I have some plans on changing up some of the encounters, I’m just beginning encounter prep for this book.

I readjust all encounters for a greater challenge and for 4 to 6 players.

hey, im currently running Giantslayer (i too have a group of 5 players) and i was wondering what you changed about Anvil of Fire. Im currently in the beginning of Ice Tomb of the Giant Queen and i already read that book 5 is just a bunch of uninteresting encounters/mega dungeon with fire giants instead of frost giants.

Since i knew about the problem i already changed a few thing.

1. i changed the encounter with Naximarra to be in book 3 Forge of the Giant god. My plan is, that there is a secret passage into the mountain within Skirgaard and that this Mountain actually is Ashpeak.
2. Since i mashed book 4 and 5 together i want to skip many of the encounter in book 5.

So what did you changed up?
Any suggestions what to skip?