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It sounds like an amazing AP.

I'm anxious to see what comes next, after we have "concluded" our fight against two of our greatest enemies (the Runelords and the Tyrant) one after the other.

Will the evolution of Pathfinder give us an even greater enemy to fear?

I hope so. It IS someone you folks already know, after all. Mwa ha ha.
I vote for an AP with a mad keketar or entire chorus behind it all, ala Song of Gentle Poison from 'Beyond the Vault of Souls'. ;)

I loved your work on Starfinder. I'm sure this one will be awesome :)

Does the Feat Spell penetration stack with elven magic to give +4 to caster level checks to overcome spell resistance?

As in Pathfinder, unarmed attacks are nonlethal. However, when possessing Improved Unarmed attack, is that still so, or does the increased damaged still considered to be "nonlethal"? It doesn't really say under the feat description.

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Included Classes:

I am surprised there isn't an Apothecary/medic/fixer(double meaning?) class. I understand that with magic in play, there maybe many ways to heal, but I would think a more scientific class would appeal to many. My thoughts would be to make him/her/it based on the Alchemist class. They could be experts in pharmaceuticals and the ability to aid in both health (heal) and death (poison). Life science experts. I don't see this as limited. I see many possible character choices from this concept. Also, a ships medic would be a great role.

Will Starfinder be available at some point using the Hero lab software as Pathfinder currently is?