Cutthroat Lawyer

Mrs. Turner, NPC's page

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Mrs. turner looks at her new entourage and nods approvingly. "I wouldn't expect much trouble but we do need to make one small detour on the way that could offer a degree of risk." She states as a matter-of-fact. "I'll make sure you each personally receive an additional 20 platinum for your trouble." She pulls out a small coin purse and calls forth 160 platinum. The coin appear in her hand, "Payable in advance." She sets out 8 stacks of 20 coins.

"We leave at 6:00 am." Then she turns away disinterestedly and heads off to her room.

"I haven't heard of the "creeper curse" either. There are plenty of unknown mysteries in this world. I have no idea how that man was able to speak while nearly headless."

She looks at a guard who pours her a goblet of wine. She takes a sip. "As far as the grudge the Captain bares against my family that's simply comes down to a misunderstanding."

The widow watches her guide take to the strangers. The wolf, Geri, stands near the widow. She motions to one of her other guards who nods and hurries off.

"What danger am I in, what do you know." She speaks towards the newcomers.