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I think all people need is a bit of syrup to make them feel better. How about it?

June Cleaver wrote:
Sebastian's Ugly Stepsister wrote:
June Cleaver wrote:

*walks in with a heaping plate of waffles*

You know what these need?

Aw s~*~! I warned you, Mrs. Butterworth's!

So how does this work? Do we unscrew her head?

Ack! Leave my head alone. I can open up and give you some syrup if you would like. But not too much. I hate it when you can see right through me.

Now how about some thick and rich syrup? If you like I can call my sisters Lite Mrs. Butterworth's and Sugar Free Mrs. Butterworth's. But I wouldn't suggest it. They don't get around as much as I do.

Oh...did you all know I have my own website now? I finally entered the 21st century.

<titters, happy that people are willing to eat her despite being 41 years old>

Can I come in? I brought pancakes.


That really gets my syrup flowing.

<attempts to take a seat but quickly remembers bottles can't sit>