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Full Name

Alastair Swire




Rogue 6






early 30's

Special Abilities

Sneak Attack +3d6, Trapfinding, Evasion, Trap Sense +2, Bleeding Attack, Uncanny Dodge


Chaotic Neutral




Planar Trade, Abyssal, Infernal


Ruffian, factotum of the Fated.

Strength 10
Dexterity 18
Constitution 14
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 10
Charisma 14

About Mr. Swire, Esq.

HP: 62 (10, 8, 1d8+2=8, 1d8+2=10, 1d8+3=6, +3 for Favored Class, 6)
AC: 19 (10+4(dex)+5{armor), Flat: 18, Touch: 14
Fort: +4
Ref: +9
Will: +2
Initiative: +8
BAB: +4
CMB: +4
CMD: 18
Melee:+2 Rapier of Wounding +11, 1d6+2, 18-20, 1 point of bleeding damage on a hit
Dagger +8, 1d4, 19-20
Masterwork Silver Dagger, +9, 1d4-1, 19-20
Masterwork Cold Iron Dagger, +9 1d4, 19-20
+1 Unholy Dagger, +9, 1d4+1, counts as evil for DR, +2d6 vs good
Sap +8, 1d6 nonlethal
Ranged: Masterwork Hand Crossbow +9, 1d4, 19-20, 30ft inc.
Dagger +8, 1d4, 19-20, 10ft inc.
Heartseeker, +3 Throwing Dagger +11, 1d4+3, 19-20, 10ft

Feats: Weapon Finesse
Improved Initiative
Combat Expertise
Improved Feint
Weapon Focus(Rapier)*

Acrobatics +13(6 ranks)
Bluff +11(6 ranks)
Climb +6(3 ranks)
Disable Device +11(6 ranks)
Stealth +13(6 ranks)

Perception +9(6 ranks)
Use Magic Device +11(6 ranks)
Knowledge(Local) +11(6 ranks)
Sense Motive +9(6 ranks)
Diplomacy +9 (4 rank)
Intimidate +11(6 ranks)
Slight of Hand +12 (5 ranks)

Equipment: 2700gp
Masterwork Hand Crossbow, -400gp
50 bolts, -5gp
Masterwork Rapier, -320gp
2 Daggers, -4gp
Masterwork Chain Shirt, -250gp
Masterwork Theives Tools, -100gp
2 Tanglefoot Bags, -100 gp
5 Flasks of Acid, -50 gp
2 Flasks of Alchemists Fire, -40gp
2 Potions of Cure Light Wounds, -100gp
Oil of Magic Weapon, -50gp
Oil of Bless Weapon, -50gp
Backpack, -2gp
Beltpouch, -1gp
Bedroll, -1sp
2 Sunrods, -4gp
Masterwork Silver Dagger, -332gp
Masterwork Cold Iron Dagger, -304gp
Traveller's Outfit
10 days Trail Rations, -5gp
Masterwork Thieves Tools, -125gp
50ft Hemp Rope
550gp, 9sp
+1 to Chain Shirt, -1000gp
+1 to Rapier, -2000gp
850gp, 9sp

Loot: 1324gp, 5sp
250gp, 2 Emeralds(100gp each)
+2 Leather Armor
+2 Rapier of Wounding


What does he believe? If you want anything in this world, you need to take it for yourself. If you aren't strong enough to keep it, you don't really deserve to have it. You can't depend on anyone else too much, or they'll have some power over you, and if they have some power over you, they might as well control you entirely

What is the most important thing to this character? Power. Money, knowledge, strength, they're all just kinds of power. I won't stop trying to get more power 'til I have enough to not worry about anything.

Where are they from? The Hive, Sigil

Are they part of a faction? If so, why did they join? Did they pass a test? Fill out an application form? The Fated, they have a similar view of the multiverse, and he wanted allies of some sort.

Where did your character learn their profession? Where did they get their gear? To survive in the Hive, you need to be the kind of person who stabs people in the back and takes their stuff before they do the same to you. The gear he aquired from the method mentioned above, and occasionally what he doesn't sell from a mugging.

Do you have any enemies or rivals? Mr Swire has insuted a few minor gangs from his refusal to join, and there are probably more than a few clueless berks who want revenge on the man who stole all their stuff.

Where does your character call kip? Mr Swire owns a going concern in the Darkwell Court district. This pawn shop has a suite of rooms on the second floor where he keeps kip. He has also got himself a few boltholes in the Hive and a small appartment near the Hall of Records, should he need to do faction business ofr any length of time

What's a typical day in Sigil for him/her? Assuming he doesn't have any larger jobs going on, this is his usual routine: Wake up, commit various minor crimes *pickpocketing in the Marketplace, mug the occasional unlucky Prime, ecetera*, have a few drinks while listening for any interesting info, fall asleep.

Do they consider themselves a mercenary, an adventurer, a champion of a cause or just a working stiff? What do they do as a day job if they aren't out adventuring? If you're on the wrong side of the law, do you work independently or are you part of a gang/cell? Are you likely to take anything that comes along to earn jink or does an opportunity need to have certain hooks to get you in? (Thinly veiled GM motivation question.) "Mr Swire, ruffian, pickpocket and general rogue at your service." He does his work independently of any gang. (He used to have a partner, but he got killed). As far as motivation goes, aquiring a large amount of jink is certainly the fastest way to get more power.

Detail an NPC and their relationship to you. How did you meet? What were your first impressions? How long have you known them? Do you trust this person?

What is one memory that affects you to this day? How has it changed you? (Please answer this one, if possible.) The death of his assosiate, Mr Twem. Before that, he was generally confident in his own abilities. Now, he's more nervous, with a hunger for enough power to prevent his own future untimely death.

At the end of the day, where do you go and what do you do to unwind? He generally goes to a nearby pub and has a few drinks. Occasionally, he gets enough jink to go to a slightly classier place and indulge his more sophisticated tastes..


Mr Swire's appearance could best be described as "untrustworthy". The beady eyes, stubble, and ever-present smirk all conspire to make him look like the thief he is. Of course, the dark grey cloak concealing most of his body and the rapier at his hip don't disagree with such an assesment. Nowadays when he's not working he dresses in fancy garb and tries to climb the ladder of power in the Taker hierarchy.


Born and raised in the Hive, entered the business of freelance thievery with a friend of his (henceforth known as Mr Twem). A mugging went bad, Mr Twem gets killed. Mr Swire goes on in his roguish way.