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You get the general idea - mass market vs. specialized. (Another debate involved re-publishing old short stories, especially by a single author. One panellist said flatly that no-one reads them. I pointed out the umpteen Wellman reprints, including the deluxe leather-bound editions. He said those were for the collector market - and collectors were crazy people in a world of their own. So I pointed out all the mass-market titles. He threw up his hands...)

Finally arrived last Thursday (April 8), and yes... it looks really good. Just started the intro. (PS Went to Ad Astra in Toronto on the weekend. The cover of "Who Fears" became exhibit A in a debate about the way covers are used to sell books. The last collection out used a close-up on a guitar. It could be about anything - even a music book. Clearly, a mass-market audience was intended. This one from Pazio is narrow-market = mock 1930-s Pulp cover with a screaming skeleton front & center.

Still waiting for mine. I ordered it last November & (Canada) says it's going to ship before April 8... after all the people in this blog are finished it, sounds like.

Hi. (Happy 2010 - sorry for the holdup). The publisher of the last collection (vs. the distributor) was Nightshade Books. It was part of the Selected Stories of Manley Wade Wellman series. I forget which volume - since I last checked, the title's apparently become unavaliable on Amazon! (Creeping Paranoi!) There's several volumes of his other Southern supernatural tales still avaliable from that publisher. However, yours looks awesome, with kind of cover you break out on the subway to impress people. ( Incidentally,more wierdness - how come there's four reviews of this book on Amazon, dating back to 1998?)

And since I wrote the last post (6 hrs. ago) it's turned to March 10. If it wasn't such a hassle, I'd want my money back. What gives?

Oi! Devil - where in H*ll's my copy of this epic? I first tried to get a copy of this book (via Diamond Comic distributors) two summers ago. I was assured 2 weeks delivery. 2 weeks went by and I got a call that there was another week delay. No one called back. Afer a week I checked my sales agent (Chapter bookstore Toronto). Apparently the publisher had run out of copies & wasn't going to print more until demand was right - and they had forgotten to tell me. One birthday gift ruined...
This year, pre-order ads for the new version came out on Amazon Canada last fall for a Decmber 9 release. I immediately pre-ordered for Christmas. Dec. 9 became Dec. 14. Now they say it's due out in January. One Christmas gift ruined.
I've loved these stories since I first read them in High School. Admit it - this is all a conspiracy to destoy my faith in technology, right?