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graystone wrote:
You can take up to 3 Ability Flaws in the ancestry phase, meaning 3 8's. -1 for stats, 0 for untrained levels and a d20 equals a -1 to 19 rolled. 10 to -1 is a crit fail.

You actually max out at two 8s due to the final phase granting four +2s. One of them inevitably has to go in one of your three 8s, making it a 10.

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Additionally, Champion is not the only multiclass to grant Armor Proficiency. Rogue grants Light Armor Proficiency, which is quite relevant for, say, a Wizard.

David knott 242 wrote:
Oh -- There is the iconic investigator, who has an unquestionably Mwangi appearance even though he is also described as Garundi. But it could be a while before 2nd edition brings him back.

Quinn is ethnically Mwangi. I don't believe he's been described as Garundi anywhere.

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thejeff wrote:
Fumbles_suck wrote:

@thejeff: The quote section is coming too long to work so I will respond without them. Hopefully that won't make things too laborsome to understand that I am referring to.

Unless I am misremembering in the playtest at least all races even ones with penalty to a stat had the same maxium of 18. That may change with the final version but I doubt it. (or may have changed even during the playtest.)

But I don't think the races with a penalty can even get to 18

10-2 (ancestry penalty) +2 (free) +2 (background) +2(class) = 14.

If you roll, I guess you could hit 18: roll an 18 for str -2 (ancestry penalty) +2 (background) = 18

Still my main point is simply capping abilities doesn't reflect ancestry differences as well as penalties do, because the whole curve shifts downwards, not just the very top end.

You're skipping the final step of four +2s distributed freely, people with a penalty can thus hit 16 (though not 18). Just for the record.

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Cat-thulhu wrote:
The problem is still the cost. The examples, a level 1 and 4 snare, cost 2gp and 50gp in a game that uses a SILVER PIECE economy.

Actually, the 50 gp one is level 8, not level 4, which makes quite a difference.

Tarik Blackhands wrote:
That doesn't change my point. Sub it out with an actual regional language if you want, the premise stands. I just want to ask the damn guard captain where the kobold nest is, I don't want to waste valuable playing time finding some nitwit who speaks both Ulfen and whatever the hell my character does.

If it changed your point, my identity would be somewhat different. I'm just being me (ie: pedantic corrections for the sake of technical accuracy).

Tarik Blackhands wrote:
I especially don't want to go through the routine in major nations because no one speaks Chellish or whatever.

There is no Chelish language. Chelish people speak Taldane (ie: Common).

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gustavo iglesias wrote:
Yes, falling 2000 feet and surviving is something that only happens in marvel movies.

This isn't strictly true. People have survived falling out of airplanes without a parachute before. They were severely injured and it's not common, but it's happened.

Doktor Weasel wrote:
Mathmuse wrote:

The RotR party once killed a dragon attacking Sandpoint, and the local merchants offered to butcher and sell the body for exotic parts and split the profit 50-50 with the party with no effort on the party's side.
A tangent, but this is something my group has been chuckling over for a while now. Eating sentient races is considered evil. Wearing their skin is at least taboo and icky if not outright evil. And carving them up for parts is just plain wrong. Unless it's a dragon, then it's not just ok, special rules for it have been part of the game since the beginning. I think Gygax and crew just didn't really think of the moral implications of eating something smarter than most of the PCs, or turning their hide into armor. Red-dragon hide is very fashionable. But you wear /one/ pair of elf-leather boots and people have a fit.

Actually, eating sentient creatures isn't Evil. Not by the rules. Look at Lizard Men, they eat people who they kill and are Neutral. It's every bit as icky as wearing their skin, but it isn't evil.

Now, using magic to gain power from it is Evil, and murdering someone to eat them is super Evil, but eating a dead body? Not usually an Evil act.

Sundakan wrote:

You meet an enemy that has high Reflex, you cast a Will or Fort based spell. Same with the other saves.

Only one class in the game, and no monster types get all Good saves.

While the basic point is completely correct, this is not technically accurate. Dragons get all good saves. Larger dragons have very low Dex scores making Reflex their effective low save, but their Base Saves all follow the 'High Save' progression.

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Generic Villain wrote:
Milo v3 wrote:
The Archive wrote:

Save that a mythic lich has mythic ranks instead of tiers, and thus doesn't gain that ability.
There is no reason a lich who becomes mythic has to take the mythic lich template rather than mythic tiers, in fact the text implies the lich chooses.
You're correct. For example: Arazni is a lich wizard with archmage tiers, while Tar-Baphon is a lich wizard with the mythic lich template.

Actually, Arazni is a Marshal.

The point otherwise stands, though.

Zhangar wrote:
It's similar with Queen Ileosa - she's only 6th level (and NE) by default, but if the CotCT AP happens then she becomes LE and significantly higher level.

Actually, in the original at least (I obviously can't speak to the new hardcover), she's still NE to the end. She just gains a lot of levels.

She makes bargains with Devils, but she's not actually loyal to them or anything, just opportunistic and ambitious.

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Nutcase Entertainment wrote:
Convincing to drink a first mug, then a second, then a third... aww, come on, one last one... aww come on, (another) last one... < repeat until the drinker snap out of it or roll under the table. Diplomacy is doing it in a friendly manner, bluff could be lying about how strong the drink is, intimidate might only be needed at the start, or all the way, and none of those are magical. a possessor probably has ranks in at least one of them.

Actually, you can't do this mechanically with Bluff. Bluff can only convince them that the drink is weaker than it actually is, not cause them to take any particular course of action in regards to it.

Also, Diplomacy is not mind control and cannot force someone to do things against their will or that they believe are wrong. So that strategy is of limited use. Ditto Intimidate now that I think on it.

Synthesist still works fine, actually. Only those Archetypes that change the Base Form of the eidolon are not compatible with Unchained Summoner. Synthesist makes many changes, but not that change specifically.

Ellioti wrote:
Good lvl 1 Potions: cure light wounds, protection from evil, shield

Shield is actually a Personal range spell and can thus not be made into a potion. Just to be clear.

Leandro Garvel wrote:
DM of the Rings is another similar webcomic (but a Lord of the Rings RPG campaign rather than Star Wars) which is just as good, and made by the same people.

Actually, no. They're both good, but while DM of the Rings inspired Darths and Droids they are not made by the same people.

therealthom wrote:

I usually, but not always, take the skill point over hp.

I don't use the advanced race guide, so racial favored class bonuses aren't available to me.

For the record, many of these bonuses are available in the APG, as well as many other books (the ACG and OA both contain them for all the corebook PC races on the new classes therein, for example).

That certainly doesn't mean you have to use them, but they aren't restricted to that particular book by any means.

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137ben wrote:
Kobold Cleaver wrote:
A "conscience/guilt curse", like what is used on Angel in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, would actually be kind of neat to have.
If that happens, I REALLY hope they ignore the specific detail of what was required to end Angel's curse. Not everything in fiction needs to revolve around sex!

[pedantic note]Actually, his curse was undone by any moment of perfect happiness. That being sex was basically coincidental.[/pedantic note]