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In Herolab, Litany of Defense doubles enhancement bonuses to armor AND NATURAL ARMOR. Is this correct?


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What's the format for indention?

When you use a wand of scorching ray and someone is next to you, does it provoke an attack of opportunity?

Can an empowered mirror image spell create more than 8 images?

I am curious to know if people would be interested in playing an AP that started at 4th level and carried the party all the way to 20th level? Personally, I'd be quite willing to trade playing levels 1-3 in exchange for playing 18-20 at the end of an AP.

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Thanks for the feedback! I hope to use your insight to improve next year's entry.

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I'd like to see any feed back for the gloves of theurgy.

Many thanks!

If you cast a Still magic missle while holding a metamagic rod in each hand, can you use both metamagic rods on the spell?

For the purpose of overcoming DR, what damage type does the spell boneshatter deal?

Does True Seeing reveal someone concealed by Dust of Disappearance?


1) Is it reasonable to allow a skeleton or zombie to apply a magic oil, which it is currently carrying in hand, on its master upon command?

2) What about the same question for an unseen servant?

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