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As a GM I get their modifiers and roll it for them. This also applies to disable device, sense motive and anything else that I deem would give them metagame knowledge. Things like stealth are fun to roll for them..... They don't know how well they are hidden and that alters their thinking and behaviour.

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Well you've had a year to play with Pathfinder.

Should try a Magus. Traits that reduce Metamagic costs for 1 Spell: Magical Lineage (Magic Trait), Wayang Spellhunter (Regional trait) and Metamagic Master (Regional Trait). You can select a spell for each of these traits but you cannot have the two regional traits together.

Excellent choices are Magic Missile with Toppling Spell. Trip and deal damage. Your caster level + your main casting stat to trip.

Heighten Spell with Shocking grasp . Add this onto your melee attacks through your weapon. If you miss, no problem! You retain the charge!

Rime Spell with Frostbite. A Rimed frostbite with the Enforcer Feat. There is also the optional single level dip into rogue with the thug archetype gives the ability to turn that shaken to frightened as well. So that means with your Rimed Frostbite you can Fatigue, Entangle, and Shaken/Frighten an opponent with a level 1 spell and deal damage at the same time.

1000 GP pearls of power if you have too much fun and need to recharge your level 1 spells.

Your GM will throw his dice at you tracking all the debuffs. If he wants to get picky get the Merciful ability on your weapon to make it deal nonlethal.

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I have everything on my Laptop in PDF form. I used my Ipad to store my character information (DnD Sheets is the app by Jean-Francois Leblanc..... although I'm tempted to get Herolab, DnD does pretty much the same thing except you have to manually add in buffs and bonuses where applicable).

In my Race/Class/Feat section, I include the source of said feat/trait/feature and the page its on. Makes for quick references. Same for the Inventory that isnt in the core rulebook (I add equipment sources in the storage section so it doesnt calculate the weight of your weapons and armors twice for encumbrance)

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Mathwei ap Niall wrote:

Also don't forget that Scent + Blindfight = Never get sneak attacked again (against blindness or invisibility at least)

Not a big deal on a Barbarian but it's an awesome extra on every other class.

The number of times deeper darkness and a nasty rogue-type has been sprung on me makes this an ALWAYS worth it combo.

Dang dark Stalkers, grrr....

Page 68 of the CRB (last sentence of the Sneak Attack section) A rogue cannot sneak attack while striking a creature with concealment. Darkness grants a miss chance due to concealment. Darkness (the spell) states that creatures get a miss chance due to concealment. Deeper Darkness states that you cannot see even with Darkvision. Therefore you cant be sneak attacked in Darkness unless the person doing the sneak attacking has darkvision and cannot sneak attack at all in Deeper Darkness regardless of darkvision.

And yes, I agree, Damn Dark Stalkers lol. They bypass this rule.

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Necro Bump! Should have checked the date =/

Criticals are separate from the rest of the weapon damage calculation and is calculated last and as its OWN multiplier. I've never read anywhere that it has to follow the x2 x3 x4 x5 etc rule. Everything before that part of the damage calculation follows that rule, IE Two doublings is a tripling. If they made crits follow this rule Scythes would be virtually worthless with its x4 Multiplier.

Depending on your GM it can be handled several ways.
1d8 + Str + other static damage enhancements like power attack, enhancement bonus, Smite Evil, feats etc

Triple that for Charging to get
3(1d8 + Damage Enhancements)

Critical that to get 3(3(1d8 + Damage Enhancements))

Another way would be to treat that triple damage as its own dice roll

So instead of 3(1d8 + Damage) you're getting 3d8 + 3(Damage). This method means you're less likely to be boned by a low dice roll.

Then triple that for the crit for 3(3d8 + 3(Damage)) = Total damage dealt

The third and final way Ive seen this resolved is just treat everything like it was an individual dice roll/damage roll. 9d8 + 9(Damage)