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Full Name

Morgrym Stonestepper




Warpriest 2 (Arsenault Chaplain)

Normal Stuff:
(HP20/20),(AC 16/15, T 10, FF 16/15(W/WO Shield) +4 vs Giant Subtype),(Saves F6,R0,W6 +4 vs Spell,SLA, +2 vs Poison),(CMB 3, CMD 13),Init 0, Perception 5 +2 vs Stonework



daily Use:
,(Blessings (War Mind) 4/4), (Fervour 4/4 (heals d6)



Special Abilities

Darkvision 60'






Dwarven, Common, Tien

Strength 14
Dexterity 10
Constitution 16
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 16
Charisma 9

About Morgrym Stonestepper


Height 4'2"
Weight 190
Hair Red
Eyes Blue


BAB 1 CMB 3 CMD 13
Space 5 Reach 5
Speed 20 ft

2 Handed Melee
Dwarven War Axe +3 (d10+3 x3)(S)

1 Handed melee
Dwarven War Axe +3 (d10+2 x3)(S)
Dwarven Maulaxe +3 (d6+2 x3) (S/B)
Cold Iron Boarding Axe +3 (D6+2 x3) (S/P)
Dagger +3 (1d4+2/19-20/x2)

Composite Longbow (Compound) +2 (1d8/20/x3)


With/Without Shield
AC 16/15, touch 10, flat-footed 16/15
hp 20/20
Fort 5 Reflex 0 Will 5


Steel Soul
Weapon Focus (Longbow) (Class Feature)

Racial Traits:

Slow and Steady: You have a base speed of 20 feet, but your speed is never modified by armor or encumbrance.

Defensive Training: Dwarves get a +4 dodge bonus to AC against monsters of the giant subtype.

Greed: Dwarves receive a +2 racial bonus on Appraise skill checks made to determine the price of nonmagical goods that contain precious metals or gemstones.

Hatred: Dwarves receive a +1 bonus on attack rolls against humanoid creatures of the orc and goblinoid subtypes due to special training against these hated foes.

Hardy: You receive a +2 racial bonus on saving throws against poison, spells, and spell-like abilities.

Stability: Dwarves receive a +4 racial bonus to their Combat Maneuver Defense when resisting a bull rush or trip attempt while standing on the ground.

Stonecunning: Dwarves receive a +2 bonus on Perception checks to potentially notice unusual stonework, such as traps and hidden doors located in stone walls or floors. They receive a check to notice such features whenever they pass within 10 feet of them, whether or not they are actively looking.

Weapon Familiarity: You are proficient with battleaxes, heavy picks, and warhammers, and treat any weapon with the word “dwarven” in its name as a martial weapon.

Jump Modifier (Core 88): You gain a -4 to jump checks.

Campaign Traits:

Glory of Old (DoG 11): You receive a +1 trait bonus on saving throws against spells, spell-like abilities, and poison.

Warsmith (DoG 10): You gain a +1 trait bonus to damage rolls against creatures and objects made primarily of clay, crystal, earth, metal, or stone. Knowledge (engineering) is a class skill* for you.

class features:

Armor and Shield Proficiency: You are proficient in Light, Medium and Heavy Armor. You are proficient with shields (excluding tower shields)

Weapon Proficiency: You are proficient with all Simple and Martial Weapons.

Aura (Ex) (ACG 60): You have a particularly powerful aura corresponding to your deity's alignment.

Focus Weapon (Ex) (ACG 60): You gain Weapon Focus as a bonus feat.


Skill list With / Without Shield

Acrobatics -6/-6
Appraise 2/2
Bluff -1/-1
Climb -4/-4
Diplomacy -1 /-1
Disguise -1/-1
Escape Artist -6/-6
Fly -6/-6
Heal 8/8
Intimidate -1 /-1
Knowledge Religion 7/7
Perception 5/5
Ride -6/-6
Sense Motive 3/3
Spellcraft 7/7
Stealth -6/-6
Survival 3/3
Swim -4/-4
Use Magic Device 1/1

Weapons, Armour, and Adventuring Equipment:

Scale Mail
Quickdraw shield, light steel,

Longbow, composite (+0)
20 x Blunt Arrows, 60 x Arrows
Dwarven Waraxe
Cold Iron Boarding Axe
Dwarven Maulaxe

Equipment and Locations:

Adventurers Sash – Containing:
Small Steel Mirror
Scroll Case
Grappling Arrows x 2
Healers Kit
Surgeons Tools
Silver Holy Symbol with Compartment and Flask
String or twine (50 ft.)

Belt Pouch (Attached to Sash)– Containing:
4 x Tindertwig,
2 x Candle,
2 x Chalk Pieces,
2 x Charcoal,
Flint and Steel.
Incense (10 pieces)

Masterwork Backpack – Containing:
2 x Blanket
Scroll Box,
Scroll case,
Soap (bar),
Tent, small (Medium Creature),
2 x Weapon blanch, cold iron,
2 x Weapon blanch, silver,
Coffee Pot,
Fishing Kit,
Ink (1oz vial),
Kit Cooking (AA),
Kit, Gear Maintenance,
Kit, Grooming,
Lantern, bullseye,

Iron Pot – Inside Backpack – Containing:
Mess kit,
7 x Rations, trail (per day),

1 x Sack (Medium Creature) – Inside Pack – Containing:
2 x Rope, silk (50 ft),
8 x Piton,
2 x Torch,
Grappling Hook,

1 x Sack (Medium Creature) – Inside Pack – Empty

Waterskin – Attached to outside of Pack – Containing:
5 x Oil (1-Pint flask),

Additional Gear:
Spell component pouch x 2,
Canteen x 2,
Explorer's outfit,


Holy Water x 2 - Inside Holy Symbol
Cure Light Wounds(d8+1) x 2

Wonderous Items:



GP 115
SP 8
Gems / Jewels

Spells Prepared:

0 Level
Detect Magic
Read Magic
Purify Food and Drink

1 Level
Divine Favour (+1 luck hit and damage)
Divine Favour (+1 luck hit and damage)
Shield of Faith (+2 Deflect to AC)


Morgrym Stonestepper was born of a merchant family in the 5 kings mountains. The young Dark haired, blue eyed dwarf, grew up with several friends and family members in an extended family. Shortly after he entered basic schooling, his parents departed with a merchant caravan, and were never seen from again.

At the age of 20 after leaving the basic school, he found a calling in the church, where they tested his aptitude for the various tasks that a member of Torag’s church was expected to undertake at any time.
It was during this aptitude testing that they found out he had an affinity for the martial side of the church, and less so for the preaching side.

To make use of this aptitude, from the age of 25 to 30, they kept him in Highhelm at the main church of Torag as a temple guard. This was a peaceful time for him. At the age of 30, he was ordered by the head of the church in Highhelm to proceed to the churches property in Kalsgard in the Linnorm Kingdoms, where he was to take up the job of temple guard.

From the age of 31 to 35, he learned to call Kalsgard home, and fit in with the dwarven population there. From the age of 35 to 40, when there were caravans that proceeded to the south, they asked for and started to receive divine support in the form of a cleric and a retinue of guards. He was part of the retinue of guards.

At the age of 41, he asked, and received permission to leave the caravan at Sandpoint and start exploring the world beyond the dwarven cities.