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Full Name



Keleshite human female


Wizard/Evoker 1st




4' 10" tall and weighs 140lbs



Special Abilities

+2 to Intelligence, bonus feat, Skilled and Favoured Class: Wizard (+1 skill point)


Lawful Neutral






Kelish, Common (Taldane), Draconic, Dwarven and Osiriani



Strength 12
Dexterity 13
Constitution 13
Intelligence 17
Wisdom 14
Charisma 10

About Morganna

HD: 1d6+1 (7hp)

AC: (None, Dex +1) 11

Saves (Fortitude/Reflex/Will): +1/+1/+4

Initiative (Dex +1): +1

Concentration Checks (Int +3, Caster Level +1, Combat Casting +4): +8

Attacks(+0 BAB, +1 Str or Dex): +1 with melee or ranged
Quarterstaff +2 in melee doing 1d6+1 damage

Racial Abilities:
+2 to ability score of choice (Intelligence in her case)
Bonus Feat (Combat Casting)
Skilled: +1 skill point per level
Favoured Class: Wizard (Taking the bonus for extra skill points)

Class Abilities:
Armour Proficiency: None not even shields unless she takes them as feats.
Weapon Proficiency: Can only use Clubs, Daggers, Crossbows(Light and Heavy) and Quarterstaffs.
Spells: Can prepare and cast spells she has in her spellbook and requires 8 hours of rest before she can relearn any spell she has cast.
Bonus Language: Has Draconic in place of one she could learn normally.
Arcane Bond: Bonded Item in this case her Quarterstaff that is masterwork quality and whilst holding it she can even cast a spell once per day that she hasn't memorised but has written in her spellbook however whilst not held she has to make Concentration checks equal to 20+ spell level of the spell she wants to cast.
Bonus Feat of Scribe Scroll
Evoker Speciality:
*Intense Spells: Does half her wizard level in extra damage when casting Evocation spells that do damage (minimum of +1 damage).
*Force Missiles: can 6/day cast a magic missile like spell that does 1d4+ intense spell damage bonus as a force effect otherwise the same as a magic missile.
Opposition Schools: Enchantment and Necromancy

Appraise (Int)1+3+3=+7
Craft (Int)0+3+0= +3
Knowledge/Arcana (Int) 1+3+3=+7
"/Local (Int) 1+3+3= +7
Linguistics (Int)1+3++3=+7
Perception (Wis) 1+2+0= +3
Profession/Herbalist(Wis) 1+2+3=+6
Spellcraft (Int) 1+3+3=+7
Survival (Wis)0+2+0= +2

Combat Casting: +4 to cast spells defensively or if attacked whilst casting spells or being grappled.
Eschew Material: Can cast any spell without using spell components as long as said components cost less than 1gp.
Scribe Scroll: Can scribe any spell she knows at the cost of the Spell Level x Caster Level x12.5gp and a Spellcraft check vs 5+Caster level of the scroll.

Gifted Adept: One spell she knows she can cast at +1 caster level effect namely Mage Armour.
Rich Parents: Starting money is 900gp.

3 x0th (Save DC: 13): Acid Splash, Mage Hand and Read Magic
5 x1st (Save DC: 14): Burning Hands x2, Colour Spray, Mage Armour x2

Spells Known:
0th level: Acid Splash, Arcane Mark, Dancing Lights, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Flare, Ghost Sound, Light, Mage Hand, Mending, Open/Close, Prestdigitation, Ray of Frost, Read Magic, Resistance.

1st level: Burning Hands, Colour Spray, Identify, Mage Armour, Magic Missile and Shield

Quarterstaff, Dagger, Light Crossbow, 2 Cases with 10 Bolts in each, Spellbook, Spell Component Pouch and Traveller’s Outfit.

Encumberance: 16lbs

Brief Background: Trainee evoker sent abroad by her wealthy parents to study abroad placed in the care of Holgast to emphasise the need for discretion in a would be mage.
Holgast's response was to enforce the need for mundane duties but this hasn't stopped the young Kelishite from her studies which have included making friends in the nearby settlement and her fellow apprentices who arranged for her to undergo the annual trip to the nearby Crypt while they enjoy the festivities in town.

Equipment Not Carried: Backpack, Bedroll, Scroll Case (Holds 14 spell scrolls namely Flaming Sphere, Knock, Comprehend Languages, Detect Secret Doors, Shocking Grasp, Magic Weapon, 6x Mage Armour, 2x Detect Magic and 1x Read Magic), Flint & Steel, Vial of Ink, Ink pen, Hooded Lantern, 3 flasks of Oil, 3 sheets of parchment, Pouch Belt (currently holds 4 gems worth 20gp each, 1 platinum piece, 6 gold pieces, 4 silver pieces and 3 copper pieces), 4 days Trail Rations, 2 Sacks (one (holds 3 potions of Cure light wounds, Potion of Light and a Potion of True Strike), Waterskin and a Whetstone.

Encumberance: 28.7lbs