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12th Generation Ventrue


Max Blood Pool/Current: 10/10 | Willpower 5/5

About Morag Darrow

Name: Morag Darrow
Chronicle: Forged in Steel
Nature: Director
Demeanor: Conformist
Clan: Ventrue
Weakness: Can only feed from men
Generation: 12th
Sire: Harvey Warthington (Deceased?)
Embrace: 1990
XP: 5 10/13/17
Max Blood Pool/Current: 10/10
Max Trait Rating:
Blood Points per Turn: 1
XP Earned: 5
XP Spent: 0
XP Remaining: 0
Physical: (3)
Strength: ●●
Dexterity: ●●
Stamina: ●●
Social: (5)
Charisma: ●●●
Manipulation: ●●●
Appearance: ●●
Mental: (7)
Perception: ●●●
Intelligence: ●●●●
Wits: ●●●
Talents: (9)
Alertness: ●●
Empathy: ●
Leadership: ●●●
Subterfuge: ●●●
Skills: (5) (+4 Freebies)
Animal Ken:
Crafts: ●●
Etiquette: ●●
Melee: ●● (Swords)
Stealth: ●
Knowledges: (13)
Computer: ●●
Finance: ●
Investigation: ●
Law: ●
Linguistics:●●● (Languages: Scottish Gaelic, Old English, French)
Medieval History: ●●●
Disciplines: (4) (+14 Freebies)
Fortitude: ●●
Dominate: ●● (Mesmerize)
Presence: ●●
Backgrounds: (6) ( +2 Freebie)
Allies: ●
Contacts: ●●
Fame: ●
Generation: ●
Resources: ●●●
Virtues: (7) (+ 2 Freebies)
Self-Control: ●●●
Conscience: ●●●
Courage: ●●●●
Humanity: 7 (+1 Freebie)
Willpower: 5 (+2 Freebies)
Health Levels
_ Bruised
_ Hurt -1
_ Injured -1
_ Wounded -2
_ Mauled -2
_ Crippled -5
_ Incapacitated
Merits & Flaws:

Uppity - 2 point flaw. You are proud of your new status and clan - so proud that you've shot your mouth off to other Kindred and made some enemies. Wiser vampires laugh at you and chalk your rudeness up to youth, but others regard you as arrogant and insulting. These enemies will take action to embarrass or harm you. Furthermore, you are at +2 difficulty on all Social rolls against any vampires you have alienated through your yammering - and you may not know who they are. At Storytellers discretion, you may also be required to make a Willpower roll (difficulty 6) to keep your mouth shut any time the opportunity presents itself for you to brag about your lineage, your clan or your status.

Age: 32
Apparent Age: 30
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue

Morag Darrow is Scottish. Her family is an upper class Scottish family. She grew up in Edinburgh. She earned her PHD at the University of Edinburgh, and moved to the Colonies to take a teaching/research position. She was an up and coming professor in Medieval History at the University of Chicago before she was embraced. Since her embrace she’s been gaining a reputation as an eccentric rare book and manuscript dealer who only works at night. Even fewer people know she’s also a skilled document forger. She prefers to work with historical documents, but Morag knows enough about the local bureaucracies to attempt to forge more modern documents.

Your Sire was a Kindred names Harvey Warthington. A scholar visiting the city and a teaching adjunct at the University of Chicago. Having had him for a class you found him enigmatic. After the end of the semester he seduced you and you went, mostly willingly not realizing he intended to drink your blood and perhaps leave you for dead in of all places Gary Indiana!

Instead of slaying you after a night of stimulating conversation, if not very stimulating sex, he decided that he had to Embrace you and so he did.

He told you that he would need to clear the Embrace with his Sire back in Milwaukee. However, you never heard from him again after he left to make the trip. A few weeks later you were discovered by the Vampire Michael, a gentle soul considering what your new existence forced you to do. He brought you to the Prince, Modius, who welcomed you.

The Prince utilized one of his contacts to set you up with a Haven and an ID at the Indiana University Northwest campus.

Character Notes:
Let's keep your Ally Background open for now as you have one, you just don;t know it yet. For Contacts, let's keep one in Chicago and the other will be in Milwaukee, a Marquette University Professor well versed in the Medieval Period. You have sold and purchased manuscripts and books from him in the past.