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I am glad to see Paizo expanding its business and embracing videogames, a much larger (and competitive) field than pen and paper rpgs. Even if MMOs are not my cup of tea, I wish you success. If you ever publish a Mac client I may even try it out.

Very nice. It seems the components are all high quality -- nothing that reminds me the crappy cards WotC included in their Red Box. If only Paizo could create an Expert expansion including support to the tenth level, perhaps a few more classes and none of the more complicated rules, then I would have a reason to play it myself.

joela wrote:
Question: Is there interest in a published Pathfinder E6 campaign setting?

Perhaps, but I would be more interested in a Pathfinder E6 edition, including only what you need for an E6 campaign with a few customizations in the classes and feats.

Alediran wrote:
FR, no setting has the complexity of the Realms. Like one of the Board members on WotC's FR board said: If you scratch the surface of a setting, you see your leg. If you scratch the surface of FR you find more, if you scratch it, you find more, there is no limit of scratching you can do. And as member of the Elven Netbook proyect I can only agree with him, since the begining of the proyect I've learned lots of things about the elves of Faerun I had no idea, even being the elf fan I'm.

You are completely right. However, this is exactly the reason why I don't like FR much. The Realms are so detailed that I have to study it, taking much more of my time, and spoiling me the fun of creating my own stuff. Also, as so much is described there are more things I dislike than any setting (a statistically result). However, I admit that this is all a question of taste. Your values are as good as mine, despite being the opposite.

Greyhawk is, by far, my favorite, although I prefer to DM in my own homebrewed setting.

You could download the Maztica boxed set released to 2nd edition AD&D that covered an Aztec like culture. I've never read it so I cannot comment on the quality but it is freely available here:

I wonder if Paizo is considering publishing Castle Maure as a printed adventure incorporating all those new levels. Although it's nice to have a new level each year, I would trade it for a new book.

Great layout, way better than I was expecting. I look forward to see the book.