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Molos was born to a noblewoman of house Sutova, his heritage did not manifest until puberty and then he was cast out onto the streets... Not before his mother has sliced his leg tendon with a knife however, leaving Molos with a noticable limp.

Molos's mastery of the arcane came from a deep seated need to survive, he learned from the cast off books of apprentices and in time he came to master the art of enslaving others minds...

Now Molos thanks to this very talent marches off from Brevoy to stake his own claim...


Molos is a painfully thin tiefling, his face has an leven elegance tainted by his blood and he has a pair of hsmall horns...

He stands 5.5 feet tall and wears a threadbare green robe over his thin frame, a rough staff of wood is clutched in his hands...


Molos's poor Charisma is evident, his infernal heritage taints all his dealings. Yet Molos is remarkably brutal and understands how to make others fear him, so long as others fear you they will not strike out against you...

Molos favors direct control over the mind, an enslaved mind is one that cannot rebel nor plot against his after all. Molos is also cunning, he understands that the best way to destroy an enemy is to exploit any attachments, weaknesses and so forth that the man has. Why threaten to kill a man when you can make his own lover desire to kill him?

All in all Molos's evil does not stem from a need to conquer, it stems from a need to control his enviroment...