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Pull out your bow and plink them with arrows, play battlefield controller with Grease, hit their touch AC at range, and work with the party to lock them down with debuffs.

Which also makes it so you can actually land range touch spells, and at 1st level makes you a crossbow guy once you're out of spells.1st

I think everyone should just fill up the optimization threads with Wizards for a few months until we finally get a caster nerf to match all of the nerfs we get for martials by trying to optimize them to compete with casters.

I don't see why you wouldn't just go with Human Kensai Magus for your first level and either finish that way and pick up deeds with the deed Feats, or else immediately multiclass to Swashbuckler (or Slayer, or Fighter, or whatever) and use that as your vehicle to slide into home with. If it's PFS play there's no problem with multiclassing I think, other than the obvious. So at worst you'd only lose that one level you used to supercharge your core concept, front-loading.

It's the Brother of the Seal 7th level ability.


Hands of Stone (Su)

At 7th level, a Brother of the Seal increases his unarmed strike damage as though he were a creature one size larger.

So when you're wildshaped into a Huge creature your kung fu is Gargantuan-damaged.

You don't need to actually have the skill reqs as a Class Skill. So you can just funnel points into K:Arcana until you've got five ranks and not worry about actually being particularly good at it. I was wrong about the spellcasting interaction last night though, you need three levels of Monk to qualify for Monastic Legacy.

So basically you
Monk 1
Druid 10
Monk 2
BroSeal 7

All of this about fighting with your tusks and claws? Unnecessary in this build, because your Huge Walrus Kung Fu will be mighty as all get out, hitting as Gargantuan in regular, everyday sorts of flurries. This is all about pure mass and size, Walrus-slamming people across the battlefield with Awesome Blow, fully equipped with the best levels of druid buff spells. The test build I did didn't worry with multiple styles, it's all Dragon Style and power attacks.

Pardon me if this question has already been asked - has anyone looked into "dipping" into the Brother of the Seal PrC for 7 levels to grab the Hands of Stone ability? As far as I can tell that's 8 total levels off your spellcasting, for Gargantuan-equivalent Wildshape unarmed combat flurries, right?

I'm not sure you can take the Bladed Scarf + Spelldancer archetypes at the same time. It's not explicit in the SRD, but Canny Defense is in exchange for Armor use and so is Dance of Avoidance.