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I will echo some of the feelings other have put forth, the guide is not easy to read or understand. There's a lot of new terms that are not clearly defined (but oddly ones like AC, Perception, HP are defined). I tried to make a sorcerer just for an extra challenge. The spell section talks about being a Prepared, Spontaneous, or Innate caster and it's not obvious which one I needed to know about. Sorcerer's also had this line: "Because you’re a sorcerer, you can usually replace Material Casting actions with Somatic Casting actions, so you usually don’t need spell components", but doesn't explain when that happens.

Then there's Spell Points which are used for Powers (which don't use spell slots) but the points aren't used for spells. Can you be any more confusing?

I also found character creation being tougher than I think it should be. I like the ability boosts, but at the end of the day, I want to make someone interesting and PLAY them.