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Active Effects: Resonance (+2 Dex, +1 Perception) |


hp 27/27 | AC 15+1/14+1/12 | CMD 15+1 | Fort +5 Ref +6+1 Will +3 (+1 vs illusions) | Evasion | Resist Cold, Electricity & Fire 5 | Per +7+1 (+1 vs traps); Darkvision, Alarm Sense | Init +3+1

About Miranda Greenblossom

Tiefling Unchained Rogue (Eldritch Scoundrel) 3|Occultist 3
NG Small outsider (native, "halfling")
Init +3; Senses Perception +7; Darkvision 60 ft., Alarm Sense


AC 15, touch 14, flat-footed 12 (+1 Armour, +3 Dex, +1 Size)
hp 27 (3 HD; 3d8+7)
Fort +5, Ref +6, Will +3
Resist Cold, Electricity & Fire 5
Mystery Bonus Tally +13 ??


Speed 30 ft.
Melee +6 bite (1d4+1) or
+7 mwk silver dagger (1d3+4 19-20x2)
+5/4 daggers (1d3+4/2 19-20x2)

Ranged +6 dagger (1d3+1 19-20x2) or
+7 mwk composite shortbow (1d4+1 x3)

Special Attacks

Sneak Attack +1d6

Arcane Spells (cl 3, concentration +7)
cantrips DC 14 - Prestidigitation, Read Magic, Detect Magic, Jolt
1st DC 15 - Grease, Grease, Mage Armor, Chill Touch

Psychic Spells (cl 3, concentration +7)
knacks DC 14 - Ghost Sound, Mage Hand, Detect Psychic Significance
1st (4/day) DC 15 - Disguise Self, Pass Without Trace, Object Reading

Implements (pool of 7 points)

Transmutation 3p
Belt, boots, sandals, vest or weapon

Resonance: Physical Enchantment. Passive. +2 enchantment bonus on Str/Dex/Con per 3 mental focus; max +2+2/6 occultist levels

Base: Legacy Weapon. 1p Standard action. +1 enchantment bonus on weapon. 1 minute.

Focus: Sudden Speed. 1p Swift action. +30 land speed. 1 minute

Illusion 2p
Crystal, hat, mask, prism or ring

Resonance: Distortion. Standard action. 5% concealment per mental focus; max 5%+5%/2 occultist levels. Lasts until next attack

Base: Minor Figment. 1p Standard action. Ghost Sound or Minor Image. 1/round per occultist level

Focus: Unseen. 1p Standard action (2p on someone else), 1p swift to reactivate. Invisibility. Range touch/30'.

Divination 2p
Book, crystal ball, goggles, harrow deck, headband, lenses or planchette

Resonance: Third Eye. Passive. +1 insight on Perception per 2p. Max bonus = Occultist level. 3 or more p gives Low-Light Vision

Base: Sudden Insight. 1p Swift Action. +Occultist level/2 insight bonus on one skill, ability or attack roll.

Str 13, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 18, Wis 10, Cha 10
Base Atk +2; CMB +2; CMD 15
Feats: Weapon FinesseB, Two-Weapon Fighting, NemesisB, Craft Wondrous Items
Traits: Spell Hunter (Elemental Touch), Pattern Seeker
Skills 9: Acrobatics (3) +9, Bluff (1) +4, Climb (1) +5, Diplomacy (1) +4, Disable Device (3) +10, Disguise (1) +4, Escape Artist (3) +9, Knowledge (Arcana, Local; 1) +8, Perception (3) +7, Spellcraft (1) +8, Stealth (3) +12, Use Magic Device (1) +5
Background Skills 2: Appraise (3) +10, Craft (Conservator; 3) +10, Knowledge (History; 1) +8, Linguistics, Perform (Oratory; 1B), Sleight of Hand (1) +7
Languages Common, Halfling, Infernal, Gnome, Dwarven, Elven
SQ Fleet of Foot, Fiendish Resistance, Prehensile Tail, Maw, trapfinding +1, finesse training (Daggers), spellcasting, implements (transmutation, illusion, divination), knacks, mental focus (occultist level + int), Magic Item Skill +1, Object Reading, Alarm Sense
Gear worn: Explorer's Outfit /w Nice Boots (Transmutation Implement), Plain Copper Band (Illusion Implement), Daggers x2 [hidden; DC 19 to spot], Thieves Tools, Haramaki, Scroll of Mage Armour, Scroll of Monkey Fish, Small Steel Mirror, 50' Silk Rope, Magnifying Glass (Divination Implement)

Combat mission gear: Mwk Silver Dagger, Mwk Composite Shortbow (+1 str), Pearl of Power I, Daredevil Softpaws, Potions of Cure Light Wounds x2

Gear at home:

Spellbook wrote:

This small tome is written in neat handwriting that seems to rumble on and on about things just tangentially related to the topics at hand. The spells are accompanied by drawings of trinkets and random patterns.

First Circle: Identify, Heightened Awareness, Grease, Feather Fall, Touch of Blindness, Monkey Fish, Snowball, Secluded Grimoire, Chill Touch, Shield, Crafter's Fortune, Mage Armor

Scroll of Mage Armour, Daggers x3, Alchemists Fire

Lead-Lined Box:
Capacity: 20 lbs
Weight: 35 lbs

1 Unholy Symbol of Asmodeus (originally belonging to One-Eye Nemesis)

Game specifics: Miranda is attending the rally To Protest the Government
Her boon is 3 levels of Gestalt
She has +1 rank in Perform (Oratory)

Gold spent:
+240 gp (Starting Gold)

Daggerx5 5 gp
Haramaki (aka armoured waistband) 3gp
Scroll of Mage Armour x2 50gp
Potion of Cure Light Wounds 50gp
Scroll of Monkey Fish 25gp
Thieves Tools 30gp
Lead-lined box: 7gp
+1 pp (Share from Boros)
Small Steel Mirror 10gp
Scroll of Monkey Fish(replacement) 25gp
Silk Rope 50' 10gp
Magnifying Glass
Mission Reward: +2750gp
-1400 Daredevil Softpaws
-1000 Pearl of Power I

Eyecolour: Red
Haircolour: Light brown
Defining trait: Eyes, (tail,) wide mouth filled with sharp teeth
Height: 2'11"
Weight: 30 lbs.
Clothes of choice: Dresses in dark colours, cloaks with hoods. All with as many pockets as possible.

Much to the malign of the more sensitive sorts, Miranda smile and laugh alot showcasing her impressive set of pointy teeth.


Favourite colour: Deep Purple
Favourite food: spicy fish soup
Favourite drink: Anything served in an interesting cup, chilled peach liquor or dark coffee

Miranda inherited most of her emotional traits form her halfling parents and as such she is optimistic to a fault, curious and (mostly) fearless. The racial wanderlust that afflicts her people is something that she didn't inherit, but an equal thirst to learn new stories replace it. She has a deep fascination for baubles and trinkets, collecting them for the tales they tell.

10 minute:

)Halfling Optimism

Miranda is full of positive thoughts. She chooses to see Barzillai as an opportunity - not a misfortune. And it times get tough, better get tough too since there is no use to cry about it.

)Item Reading

Miranda has the peculiar ability to read items and see their history. And given that items are always friendly and willing to share she sometimes value the companionship of an curious oddity over that of other people. Her parents are in the business of restoring and refurbishing antiquities and heirlooms - which Miranda is more then willing to help out with (even if she is sometimes rather inefficient, due to reading her task instead of fixing it!). Her favourite market is The Newt Market due to the variety of things available.


Miranda lives in a small tenant in the Yolubilis Harbor district. She moved to Kintargo with her parents while very young and considers the city her one true home. While her parents have considered moving yet again, Miranda have not entertained the thought. But at the moment her parents are content to stay and ride the upswing of their business due to the Second Proclamation. They have their shop and home only a block away from Miranda.

)Social Status

Born to both the traditionally low-tier races of halflings and tieflings Miranda is yet among the lucky few to have a middle class upbringing. But that sometimes puts her in clash with her peoples as she can't always relate to them - nor the tall folks and their assumptions.


)Halfling Empowerment

This martial law imposed on the city offers a unique chance for the taller folk to experience some nasty repression. Once it is thrown off mayhaps they could be convinced to do the same for the halfling slips?

)Hell's Bells

Those strange strange things. What secrets could they tell if one simply reached out and touched them ...? I bet they had the most strange and wondrous of stories to tell!

)Hocum's Fantasmagorium

Before all this trouble Miranda went trough a great deal of preparation to *uh* discreetly visit Hocum's Fantasmagorium and see if any of the interesting odd things are still there. But the martial law postponed that indefinitely - but maybe there is something there to help the cause... And since it is actually closed, there can be no harm right?


)Craftsmanship Out Of This World

That her parents worked with restoring items back in Egorian - and that they stopped soon after her birth - are both facts well known to Miranda. The tiny detail that they mainly worked on tools of diabolic binding is something they certainly omitted. A child would not appreciate the gravity of the situation and a single misplaced word could turn ugly. Especially in these troubled times ...

)For Whom The Bellflower Tolls

Miranda has tried her best to covertly get in touch with this network. She admires their work and would love to be a part. Sadly she isn't as integrated in the local halfling society as she should be - and despite their general warmth in other endeavours - this is proving to be a significant hurdle for the pointy teethed woman to overcome in this case.


)Ewind and Milinda Greenblossom - Blood

Her parents would prefer if their child didn't go out to cause trouble. After all, they already moved once for her safety and would loathe if Thrune still got her. Miranda on her end wouldn't want them in trouble either and may be hesitant to move overtly at Thrune unless they are safeguarded somehow.

)Arlind Rikher - Honour

A wizard living close to the midnight gate that grew fascinated by Miranda's knack for item reading. In exchange for opportunities to study her ability as well as having items of interest read he taught her the basics of arcane magic. It was an deal that both was more then satisfied with - and the personalities meshed well. Miranda especially enjoyed hearing the tales of Arlinds native home - the River Kingdoms. More then one anarchistic idea sprouted from those stories.

Sadly Arlind swiftly vanished after the arrival of Barzillai; Miranda assumes the mage wisely predicted that his ideology might clash with the new rules of the city. His actual whereabouts is unknown but he did leave an address in Brevoy for Miranda to write to. Maybe he actually managed to skip town entirely?

)Meredi Swiftfoot - Romance?

Meredi was the childhood friend Miranda spent the most time with - barring inanimate items. Unlike her Meredi was calmer and came from a much more traditional household. Nevertheless they mostly played nice. But as they matured their paths in life started to diverge. Miranda walked her way and Meredi found purpose as an acolyte at the temple of Asmodeus. The wedge between them was truly driven in by the arrival of Barzillai; a philosophical debate between friends degenerated into shouting, throwing of objects and somewhat genuine wishes of 'burn in hell'.

Miranda for her part still hopes that the atrocities committed by the new regime will open Meredi's eyes to her point of view. And Meredi in turn wishes Miranda to simply see how much safer and better things are now - baring those rascally rebels of course ...


)First Blade (no not the avatar!)

Early in her life, before neither she or her parents had a good grasp of her powers, Miranda managed to get a hold of an old broken sword. It was a minor heirloom left in her parents care for restoration and the young tiefling had managed to sneak into the workshop. The tales of heroism and bloodshed simultaneously transfixed and terrified Miranda - the fallout with their wide eyed child asking questions such as "mommy what does 'decapitate' mean?" quickly incentivised her parents to look into the strange phenomenon.

)Red and Silver

That were the colours of Meredi's new robe that lay folded over her bed. It was, Miranda had to admit, an all in all pretty thing. Still it meant that Meredi had finally made good on her promise; it meant that her friend had been accepted as an acolyte at the temple. It meant that they were really that far apart. And it was such a silly thing to fixate on; an inanimate piece of cloth. But while the rest of that horrible afternoon was lost in a blur of tears and then spirits the robe always remained clear. And its taunting gloating - 'Meredi is ours now!'

Mirandas parents belonged to a rare subset – free Egorian halflings. Successful conservators they made a living resorting the nobles family artefacts and heirlooms too delicate for the tall folks to handle, yet to precious to entrust with slaves. Considering the popularity of Devil worship and occultism in Cheliax, especially among the wealthier upper class, it was no wonder that a significant portion of the artefacts exhibited some sort of magical taint – the use of obscure or poorly performed rituals were actually a frequently stated reason for the item to need some repair work. They did the best to protect themselves with both warding circles and protective spells, but the near constant exposure to the fell energies left their taint. Nothing obvious, no. The insidious corruption only revealed itself in their first daughter – Miranda.

For blood-red eyes, fully formed razor sharp teeth and a pointy tail were certainly not what one expected healthy halfling babies to have.

The pair was shocked and horrified at what their child was – a Tiefling, a creature tainted by evil itself. Yet they could not blame the young child for its predicament, they knew fully well that the responsibility lay solely with themselves and their line of work. Deciding to not risk exposing their young daughter to any more unhealthy influences the pair promptly packed up their business, sold their home, and moved to Kintargo within weeks of her birth. The city had a well founded reputation for a lack of demonic energies, for a Chelaxian city, but the market for their particularly brand of skills weren’t as highly treasured there. Instead of highborn heirlooms they mostly refurbished old opera props and antique but mostly worthless trinkets. Nevertheless, they never regretted their decision: Miranda grew up quite normal, never succumbing to any thirst for chaos, mayhem and destruction (well, not more than normal for a growing child). She did however exhibit an uncanny connection to trinkets – with a mere touch they would sometimes whisper their secrets to her.

When Miranda came of age she had already developed a healthy curiosity for relics of ages past. When she helped out in her parents shop, it was always the oldest objects that had the best stories. Broken blades told tales of valour and cracked cups spoke of chilling betrayal. And like so, the older parts of Kintago fascinated her. Like so for the strange peddler near the Midnight Gate. Among the exotic and slightly odd stands she met a mage named Arlind whom noticed her gift. Miranda was inoffically apprenticed to the mage and together they both explored her gift and the realm of magic. But the tieflings attention was divided - learning magics may yield great fortunes in the future but the now must still eat. And so she had to split her time between studying and earning her living in other ways. Exiting if not always perfectly legal ways. But if it was *fair* that a rich merchant could own a person - wasn't it also *fair* that Miranda could own the merchants purse? It certainly wasn't more *unfair* at the very least!