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Raisse wrote:

For something that takes 2 actions are we going to see a description like:

[[A]][[A]] Skewering Death The dire stirge makes a single strike that targets all targets within a 15 ft. line dealing proboscis damage and causing each target to bleed for 1d8 damage. The dire stirge gains hit points equal to any bleed damage inflicted this way.

Too many brackets! Please simplify the block design to [AA] or something similar {AA} ?

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Kirth Gersen wrote:

I can easily envision a game in which there's a single task resolution system for everything (combat, diplomacy, swimming, whatever) that's quick and easy, and that depends on a very limited number of variables -- and it would probably be a fun game. It would certainly be easier to master.

It's called FATE

Couldn't resist....

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Goth Guru wrote:
Miranda wrote:

One way out of defining one alignment for a god is to allow the worshippers to focus on particular aspects of the god to worship. Thus for a god like Odin, the berserkers and knowledge seekers can worship different aspects with different alignments of the one Odin. Everyone's happy - until they start arguing which is the "one true way". Scisms can be a great source of adventure ideas.

The true believers will claim the 'evil' acts of their diety were actually demons or a trickster god(poor Loki) posing as the diety.

That's what Dogma is for.

We berserkers worship the true Odin, those that call him the "God of Magic" are clearly heretical or deluded, nothing a few smacks round the head won't fix.

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After all they spend all their time punching, surely they must use some hand protection?
Seems odd they have to take a full Simple Weapon proficiency just to get gauntlets when all other fighter types get it free.