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Full Name

Mikail the Nimble




Rogue (Unchained)(Kitsune Trickster)/ 6 42/42hp, -2 Con] [AC:21 T:15 FF:16] [Perc +10] [F+3/R+10/W+3] [CMB 6] [CMD 20] [SP 30FT] [INIT +7] |







Special Abilities

Lowlight Vision, Sneak Attack, Change Shape, Fast Shifter, Evasion, Finesse Training, Kitsunes Charm, Guile, and Magic,




Common, Sylvan, Elven, Celestial

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Strength 12
Dexterity 20
Constitution 12
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 12
Charisma 14

About Mikail the Nimble

Studied non-descript and unremarkable in appearance, Mikail is seldom one to be recognized. Boyish in stature and look, when he is noticed he is often mistaken for an urchin. He is quick and quiet and prefers sticking to the shadows until his opportunity presents itself. However, Once he sets his goals in place, he will stop at nothing to complete the task or job.

Learn to feint during attacks for sneak attack dmg!!

PFS, Experience, and Wealth:

PFS #: 95823-2
Faction: Grand Lodge
XP: 17
PP: 10
Fame: 26
Cash: 180 gp, 9 sp, 1 cp

Medium Humanoid (Kitsune/ Shapechanger)
Favored Class: Rogue (Unchained) 6
Init +7; Perception +10 (+4 To hear conversation/ find concealed)

AC 21, touch 15, flat-footed 16 (+5 Armor, +4 Dex, +1 Belt of Incredible Dex, +1 Amulet Nat. Armor)
hp 42
Fort +3, Ref +10, Will +3

Base Atk +4; CMB +6; CMD 20
Speed 30 ft.

Bite: +5|1d4|x2
Cold Iron Dagger: +10|1d4+1|19-20 x2
+1 Keen Rapier: +11|1d6+6|15-20 x2
Light Mace: +10|1d6+1|x2

Cold Iron Dagger: +10|1d4+1|19-20 x2
+1 Composite Shortbow (+1 Str): +11|1d6+2|x3 (+1/+1<30')

Special Attacks
Sneak Attack: +3d6 plus

Debilitating Injury:
At 4th level, whenever a rogue deals sneak attack damage to a foe, she can also debilitate the target of her attack, causing it to take a penalty for 1 round (this is in addition to any penalty caused by a rogue talent or other special ability). The rogue can choose to apply any one of the following penalties when the damage is dealt.
Bewildered: The target becomes bewildered, taking a -2 penalty to AC. The target takes an additional -2 penalty to AC against all attacks made by the rogue. At 10th level and 16th level, the penalty to AC against attacks made by the rogue increases by -2 (to a total maximum of -8).
Disoriented: The target takes a -2 penalty on attack rolls. In addition, the target takes an additional -2 penalty on all attack rolls it makes against the rogue. At 10th level and 16th level, the penalty on attack rolls made against the rogue increases by -2 (to a total maximum of -8).
Hampered: All of the target's speeds are reduced by half (to a minimum of 5 feet). In addition, the target cannot take a 5-foot step.
These penalties do not stack with themselves, but additional attacks that deal sneak attack damage extend the duration by 1 round. A creature cannot suffer from more than one penalty from this ability at a time. If a new penalty is applied, the old penalty immediately ends. Any form of healing applied to a target suffering from one of these penalties also removes the penalty.

Spell-Like Abilities
Charm Person: 4/day DC 15 1 hr/ lvl SR +12
Dancing Lights: 3/day
Daze: At will humanoid 4 hd or less DC 13 Will
Vanish: 3/day at Lvl



Str 12
Dex 18/20 (Belt of incredible Dexterity)
Con 12
Int 14
Wis 12
Cha 14

Feats and Rogue Talents:

Armor Proficiency (light)
Bonus Feat
Magical Tail
Magical Tail
Minor Magic- Daze
Major Magic- Vanish
Magical Aptitude
Point-Blank Shot
Rogue Weapon Proficiencies
Simple Weapon Proficiency- All
Weapon Finesse


I know a guy: +2 Diplomacy, +1 K. Local
Reactionary: +2 Initiative


Acrobatics: +16
Appraise: +2
Bluff: +13
Climb: +10
Diplomacy: +16 (+2 Gather Info)
Disable device: +15
Disguise: +12
Escape Artist: +5
Fly: +5
Heal: +1
Intimidate: +5
K. Dungeoneering: +6
K. Local: +12
Perception: +10 (+4 to hear conversation or find concealed object)
Ride: +5
Sense Motive: +10
Slight of Hand: +16
Stealth: +14
Survival: +1 (+2 to avoid being lost)
Swim: +1
Use Magic Device: +16




Combat Gear
+1 Comp. Shortbow (+1 Str)
+1 Keen Rapier
Alchemist's Fire x2
Arrows x20
Blunt Arrows x20
Cold Iron Dagger
Grappling Hook
Light Mace
Mithral Shirt
Silk Rope
Tanglefoot Bag x2
Weapon Blanch (Silver) x2

Magical Gear
Amulet of Natural Armor +1
Belt of Incredible Dexterity +2
Circlet of Persuasion

Other Gear
Belt Pouch
Explorers Outfit
Flint and Steel
Handy Haversack
Mess kit
Thieves' Tools
Trail Rations x5
Wrist Sheath x2 (worn)

Magical Items and Potions
UMD DC to cast= 20+CL
+1 DC to saves
Potion of Invisibility
Scroll of Create Pit x4
Scroll of Displacement x4
Scroll of Flaming Sphere x4
Scroll of Glitterdust x2
Scroll of Haste x4
Wand of Cure Light Wounds x45
Wand of Magic Missile x48
Cracked Pale Green Prism Ioun Stone: +1 attacks

Special Abilities
Change Shape/ Fast Shifter: As a move action, assume the appearance of a specific human form of same sex. (+10 disguise to pass as human)
Finesse Training
Kitsunes Charm- Charm 3/day as SLA (CL 1), DC 13
Kitsunes Guile- Add intelligence mod to bluff, diplomacy, disguise, and sense motive
Kistune Magic- +1 to DC of any enchantments cast
Uncanny Dodge: Can no longer be flanked/ cannot be caught flatfooted

+2 diplomacy and +1 Knowledge Local when gathering information {Sczarni faction trait}

Thieves Guild: Spend 4pp and recieve +2 Slight of Hand checks, allow Slight of Hand as a day job

Any wayfinder enhancements -1pp for Confirmation on Char with 0xp

As free or immediate act, can contemplate if action would help realize Pathfinder goals. GM response: posive, negative, or negligible or phrase of 5 words or less (boon only available x1)

Friend of Janira: +1 bonus to knowledge checks while in lodge

Gloomspire Explorer: While exploring within the Gloomspires, you receive +2 to Perception checks made to find hidden objects to include Traps, Treasure, and Secret Doors. You may check off this box to receive this boon for the duration of one scenario, no matter the location.

Inside Connection: You are familiar with the Cult of Razmir, and receive +2 to all charisma based skills against a member of the Cult.

Stolen Deeds: You have developed a reputation, and all property purchases within Absalom is -1pp.

Borderland Keep Property vanity: Pay 15 PP. Managing the Keep increases the number of followers allowed by 1. Forego Dayjob to regain 1 spent PP up to current Fame score. Does not increase Fame

Kassen's Blessing: Choice: Add 1d6 to a single d20 roll, or may automatically stabilize if negative HP and dying. Cross boon off if either are used.

Blood Under Absalom Skill check Boon: As immediate action, may reroll a Skill Check before success is determined. You must accept the second roll, even if it is worse. This boon may only be used twice.