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2 posts. Alias of captain yesterday.


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NobodysHome wrote:
Drejk wrote:


I want more sleep dammit.

Also, getting up early is more pointless today than usual.

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You'll soon be getting even LESS sleep!

Impus Major is determined to have his necromancer create one of every undead in every Bestiary we own (1-4), and he keeps asking, "Dad, what do I need to create this?"

I finally said, "Hey, know that Drejk guy who posts on the thread? He does a LOT of Bestiary entries. You should ask HIM what HE thinks..."

You're welcome! :-P

You can create anything, all you need is a roll of duct tape, 3 paper clips, 2 AA batteries, an old cellphone, and a South American drug cartel that wants you dead.

I used to be a spy but then I was burned. And when you're burned you've got nothing! No job, no history, just whatever they leave you with. But at least I got a cliche nosy but wise mother, an even more cliche brother, the requisite hot girlfriend with a convenient fetish for explosives and Bruce f*%@ing Campbell, properly supplied with quips and unlimited margaritas.