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RPG Superstar 2008 Top 32

Azlanti Player characters get +2 to every ability score. What is their average lifespan?

RPG Superstar 2008 Top 32

I understand that the pebbles created by the spell are primarily designed to be used in a sling. However, one of my players wanted to use it thrown by hand. Are the pebbles created considered simple weapons in a sling and improvised weapons (-4 to hit)if thrown by hand? It says "make a normal ranged attack". My player argues that the magic imbued by the spell confers to the user that ability to throw the stone without penalty by hand. I disagree. Thoughts anyone? Official rules call from a Paizo rep?

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Proper Name: Great Kingdom of Calidune
Ruler: King Thomas Falcrest II
Government: The king rules as a monarch with advisors, granted the position through the Grand Joust from among the various baronies’ representatives competing for the position.
Capital: Grand Citadel of Calidune (pop. 58,900)
Baronies: Maga (pop. 4,500), Shaydor (pop. 3,600), Lawson Port (pop. 5,100), Cybrus (pop. 4,300), Omrik (pop. 4,000), Soloveer (pop. 7,300), Pemrose (pop. 6,700), Vostra (pop. 2,100), Bort (pop. 2,500), Braka (pop. 7,500), Licido (pop. 3,500), Sholvar (pop. 11,400), Shrydus (pop. 13,000)
Population: Human 80%, Halfling 10%, Elf 6%, Dwarf 2%, Other 2%
Languages: Common, Halfling
Alignment: NG (primarily, but most others can be found)

History: Calidune’s system of government was founded upon the determination of a few courageous heroes looking to end a tragic war. The Great Dwarf-Elf War, started out as a simple dispute over resources which turned brutally violent over time. History tells of a Dwarven clan within the Ashron Mountains that felled a section the Grand Forest in order to fuel their forges. The group of elves residing within took offense and approached the dwarves with diplomatic intentions. The negotiations failed and the elves were cast out of the area. The dwarves continued to fell several more acres. One of such acre, unbeknownst to the dwarves, contained a sacred grove of trees dedicated to the elven god. The elven retaliation was swift and deadly. As the battles intensified, more elves and dwarves joined the fray and the fighting continued for nearly a hundred years. With the elves leaving their forests and the dwarves coming out of the mountains, massive amounts of troops trudged through human settlements, destroying their resources and their homes, killing many in the process. The humans needed a hero, they got fourteen.
These heroes, led by Thadius Calidune, became the Champions of Calidune as they rose from the corners of the lands bringing an end to the war. Thadius ordered his group to divide into two. One side was to seek a powerful and ancient artifact. The others tasked to sabotage various aspects of the war in an effort to buy time for the artifact’s recovery.
With the artifact recovered, a trap was laid to draw the majority opposing armies together for their final confrontation. During the ensuing battle, the Champion Shrydus, and his famed Lance Riders volunteered to infiltrate the battlefield and activate the artifact. Knowing he wouldn’t return, but seeing a chance to end the war, Shrydus bid his son and the other Champions farewell. The success of his mission was seen as the artifact’s immense power spread from the center of the battlefield nearly 250 miles, violently converting the terrain from mountains and forests to a vast desert, now named the Barren Sands. This ecological shift caused many changes throughout the country. Seeing their armies destroyed at the hands of these powerful humans, the elves and the dwarves retreated deep within their respective homes.
The surviving human population then turned their attention to rebuilding. The Champions of Calidune were honored and rewarded by the population, each with their own barony. To honor Shrydus and his lance riders, Thadius chose to hold a jousting tournament to determine the assignment of the baronies. Those that could joust did. Those who couldn’t chose a representative. Thus, the baronies were divided and the winner, Thadius Calidune was crowned king and resided and ruled over all in the Grand Citadel. The country was then renamed Calidune and reign of peace began.

Description: Surrounded by water, this great country is filled with a proud population, diverse in its resources and determined to not fall prey again to the events of the past. Today the kingdom, ruled by King Thomas Falcrest II, is divided into 13 baronies, each subdivided into smaller provinces. Political disputes are handled in a more civilized fashion, by the joust. Since each barony requires experts in the fine art of the joust, many of its house nobles are sent to the honored Jousting School of Aramus in the Barony of Cybrus. Additionally, the arts of horse breeding and riding have become important traditions in Calidune with the best horses being bred in the Baronies of Licido and Shaydor. The position of Stablemaster has become very prestigious.
It should be noted that Calidune is not without its military forces. The country still needs to defend itself against aggressors both foreign and domestic. There are still many goblinoids and other creatures that plague the nation. Although each barony has its own militia, they are required to send several volunteers to join the Calidune Army and Navy. And, in an agreement with the elves of the Grand Forest, the Barony of Braka is charged with the navy’s fleet construction.
With nearly two million square miles, Calidune has a vast range of geographical features, creating new traditions and varied ways of life. One such example, a 400 mile desert span of the Barren Sands located between the Baronies of Pemrose and Soloveer gave rise to a people known as the Sandmasters. With their knowledge of the terrain and their sand magic, they are the best guides for merchants to hire to cross the harsh environment. Other geographical features include the Shadow and Grand Forests, Windy Woods, Tier and Ashron Mountains, The Span and Ashlands.

DM Secrets: For several years, Valen Thorek has led the Order of the White Hammer, a group of malicious wizards, which is gaining in number. While serving as headmaster of the University of Nostromos, Calidune’s premiere magic academy in the Barony of Maga, he was stripped of his position and banished for crossbreeding intelligent beings with other creatures. Since then, several students have mysteriously disappeared from the school grounds. These were students closely associated with Valen and may have reported his activities to the authorities. It is rumored that these students now serve him in some twisted way. No one knows where the old headmaster is, but many believe he is amassing a crossbred army to exact his revenge.

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Tinnil's Stirring Rod (NOT in Rod Category)

This item appears to be a ordinary glass stirring rod, typicaly found in any alchemy kit. However, when used to stir any liquid found or placed in a small container, its true properties become evident. When placed in a liquid with magical properties, this glass stirring rod changes color indentifying the strongest school of magic contained therein. The person identifying the color must have at least 4 Ranks in either Craft:Alchemy or Knowledge Arcana.

Faint divination; CL 3rd; Craft Wonderous Item, detect magic; Price 900 gp; Weight 1 lb.