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Is it intenden that, when a character is brought to 0 HP he nearly always loses a turn after getting healed due to Slow, prone, drop weapon ?
In the lost star the confrontation with Drakus ran for the fighter in our group this way:

Round 1: Drakus wins initiative and brings the fighter to dying with a single critical hit, Druid heals fighter, Fighter shakes off slow2 and stands up.
Round 2: Drakus hits fighter , brings him to dying, alchemist heals fighter, fighter shakes off slow, stands up and picks up his weapon.
Round 3: Drakus brings fighter down, fighter gets stabilized and waits until Ranger and druids animal whittle away Drakus HP.

Since it seems to happen quite frequently (*) that a character is brought to 0 HP (at least at first level), i wanted to know whether this kind of lockdown occurs in other groups too and how you handle this situation.

(*) In three of the four of the other fights a character went down in the first two rounds:
slime bought one down in round two (critical hit),
a wounded character (8/16 hp) was hit by three goblins arrows in the catacombs in the first round,
and the first in the single file corridor to the mausoleum got attacked by all six skeletons.

Is it possible to have a familiar close during adventuring without putting it in danger from every area effect that affects its master ?
A first level familiar (4 hp ) is just one critical failed saving throw away from death by massive damage.