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Hello! I would like to cancel my Adventure Path Subscription. Thank you!

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Hello! I'd like to have my Roleplaying Game ongoing subscription (but not Adventure Path) cancelled. Thanks in advance!

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I have a session coming up soon where the PCs are about to encounter a dragon. I keep dragons extremely rare, and therefore, try to make encounters with them extremely memorable (read: challenging).

The dragon in question is a Wyrm White Dragon. The party will encounter it in an enclosed space, so Fly-by tactics are out the window. I think it'd be cool to make it a caster, but I'm not sure how viable it is at this level.

Does anyone have any advice for spells and feats?

Here's the party line-up, if it affects things

Half-orc Barbarian
Human Ranged Fighter
Human Zen Archer
Half-Elf Sorcerer (pretty blasty)
Dwarf Cleric
Gnome Summoner (quadraped pouncy-style Eidoleon)

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My players and I are taking a break from our campaign that's been running since late July. I'm leaving the country Sunday, and didn't have time to get everything ready for our weekly game. We'd still like to play, though, and our campaign is pretty serious, so something more light-hearted and easy was desired. Someone suggested I ad-lib an endless dungeon, starting at level one, and see how far the PCs can make it (leveling up along the way). I love the idea.

My questions are these: How should I prepare myself for this? What tables, books, and other things should I have ready? Does anyone have any ideas for the actual structure of the dungeon? It need not be sensible or realistic, just fun.

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I was inspired to do this by another thread in this forum, which had a less numeric approach to this method. I want to see how common certain classes are, so I propose we take a tally of all the classes you have played, or all the classes that have played with you. I'll start:

Barbarian: 5
Bard: 2
Cleric: 4
Druid: 2
Fighter: 5
Monk: 2
Paladin: 2
Ranger: 1
Rogue: 1
Sorcerer: 3
Wizard: 3
Alchemist: 2
Cavalier: 2
Gunslinger: 3
Inquisitor: 0
Magus: 0
Oracle: 2
Summoner: 0
Witch: 0

Clerics, Barbarians, and Fighters are most prevalent in my campaigns. In fact, I think just about every game I have played in has a barbarian. What are your findings?

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Last month I created my first PFS character, a cleric of Erastil named Tarius. Role-playing-wise, I have him all worked out. He's a very hands-on practitioner of his faith, going into the wilds to fight the unnatural and help the innocent, etc.

The problem is, I have decided I want him to be a ranged combatant with a little bit of support. I was thinking of having him taking levels in cleric and ranger (maybe Guide or Falconer?). I love the flavor of the ranger. I know they're not the best classes to multiclass (and I'm not new to Pathfinder; I know it's a system that already doesn't help multiclassers). Does anyone have any advice about the feats, levels in each class, skills, etc. I should consider taking?

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I am planning to run the three First Steps scenarios for the first time, one per week, over the next three weeks. My need for clarification comes here: If the characters have not picked factions yet, how do I report them? Do I just have to wait until the last one to report them all, or is there something I'm completely over-looking (as I'm sure there is)?

Thanks for any help.

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I've run into a bit of a conundrum. The setting my characters play in consists of dense forests, swamps, and other terrain that makes mounted travel difficult. One of my players wants to play as a Cavalier, but wants to switch the Cavalier's Mount ability for a more useful one and flavor appropriate one, namely the Inspire Courage Bard class feature. Is this an equal exchange? I was thinking Inspire Courage was a little more powerful, and could perhaps be remedied by also taking away a bonus feat or the like. What are your thoughts on the matter?