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AP Gains and Expenditures:

15 starting points
Create Legendary Concept (Souls) -5 AP (Repose)
Create Legendary Concept (Afterlife) -5 AP (Repose)
Weave Plane (The Amaranthine, the land of the dead) -5 AP (Repose)
gain 4 ap
gain 4 ap
gain 4 ap
Ability Gained: Crystal Seer (-5 AP) (Vigilance)
Join Pantheon (-1 AP) (The North)
gain 5 ap
Weave Sanctum (-3 AP): The Last Tribunal (Repose)
gain 5 ap
Weave Plane The Peak of Paradise and the Pit of Perdition. (-5 AP) (Repose)
Create Demigod (Artioa, the Black and White Warden) (-5 AP) (Repose)
gain 5 ap
Create Greater Life (The Sidhe): -3 AP (The North)
Form Society (Sidhe): -1 AP (The North)
Bless (Uplift the Sidhe to civilization): -1 AP (The North)
gain 5 ap
Boon (Melehan reincarnates fallen Oreads as new Narzions): -3 AP. (Cycle of Life)
gain 5 ap
Create Legendary Life (Psychopomps): -5 AP (Repose)

Current AP: 15