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Here's the text for what a Witchwarper loses at 4th level if it has an applicable archetype:

"You don't gain another daily use of the Infinite Worlds class feature, nor do you gain its additional 4th level effect."

What does this mean? Infinite Worlds doesn't seem to be a per-day feature, as far as I can tell you can use it as long as you have spell slots remaining. Also, what does it mean by "additional 4th level effect?"


I signed up for the Adventure Path subscription, but no matter how many times I selected to start with Age of Ashes, the store kept changing my selection to Midwives of Death during checkout. Could you please make sure my order starts with Hellknight Hill instead?

Thank you!

Could you please cancel my subscription to the PACG? It's been great, but I can't keep up with all the releases that will be coming up.


I'm sure this has been asked before, but...

The Ring of Regeneration lets you recharge a card at the start of your turn. How does this sequence with cards (scenarios, locations, persistent barriers) that cause you to discard at the start of your turn? Is there a set order that they occur in, do you get to pick the order, or do they happen simultaneous. In other words, can the Ring of Regeneration recharge other cards that you discarded at the start of your turn. I checked the rulebook, but in the turn phases section, there doesn't seem to be any specific rules for what you do at the start of your turn.

So, when Man's Promise is wrecked, the text states:

Man's Promise wrote:
When commanding this ship: Other characters may not move with this ship.

The rulebook says (page 18):

Rulebook wrote:
If you move while commanding a [wrecked] ship, other characters cannot choose to move with you.

So am I missing something, or does the Man's Promise not change anything when it's wrecked? Technically speaking there aren't any rules contradictions here, but it's weird that its "when wrecked" text states something that's already a rule.

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Hey everyone. I picked up my copy of S&S during Gencon, and since then, I've been able to test nearly every one of the S&S characters through the base scenarios and scenario 1 (either playing them myself, or watching someone else play them). In case anyone was thinking on who they wanted to play, I summarized my thoughts on them below and loosely categorized them based on how well they perform. Some notes about S&S in general, and what qualities are good for characters:

1. You need to be able to deal with more barriers than in RotRL. This is pretty much just a result of locations having an average of more barriers, and a greater number of them staying on the top of the deck if you aren't able to defeat them. As a followup to this:

2. Non combat checks are even more important. Not just for barriers, but a good amount of monsters and locations require noncombat checks or something bad happens. If you're at sea and encounter a ship, those are also resolved entirely through noncombat checks.

3. Wisdom is the most important ability (so far!). Every single ship can be defeated with a wisdom/survival check, and I see wisdom checks come up more often than any other ability. Characters with low wisdom will likely suffer.

4. Card quality is a bit different (in part 1 anyway). Weapons seem to be much stronger this time around, while there aren't as many attack spells out there. Blessings are also better this time around, with Blessings like Cayden Cailean basically being Torag and Sarenrae put together (there's also no Blessings of Desna, which I think is the worst blessing period). Armors are still eh, but there are some great items, both in basic and part 1!

Okay, with that out of the way, here are my thoughts on current characters.


Alahazra: She really has just about everything you could want. Her scouting ability is amazing, and she can use it fairly frequently since she has a hand size of 6. She does nasty damage with the basic Fireblade spell (1d12+2d4+4!), and can discard anything with the divine trait (that includes both blessings and divine spells) to get her attack spells back at the end of her turn. While she suffers with the physical ability scores, and doesn't have too many skills for noncombat use, she has a good wisdom score for fighting ships, and can gain access to plenty of support spells with her divine trait. Overall, she's just an amazing blend of support and raw power, that will almost never get into a situation she isn't prepared for; just watch out for those Fog Banks!

Damiel: Another character with loads of utility and a surprising amount of power. Damiel just about gets unlimited access to his alchemical cards, letting him blow up encounters with ease from bomb items, or just keep on cycling through healing potions to keep his deck healthy. Damiel isn't the only one who benefits from this though; he can discard any of his alchemical cards to add a whopping 2d6 to any nearby ally's combat checks. He also has access to just about every utility spell that's arcane or divine; if it doesn't have the attack trait, he can use it just fine. His combat checks can also be ridiculous... imagine using noxious bomb's power to add craft to his combat check, then discarding another alchemical card to add 2d6. That would be a total of 1d8+4d6+1d10+5, and that's not including anyone else helping him or any blessings.


Merisiel: She's really similar to her RotRL counterpart, but has a much wider variety of weapons to use, and gets an extra weapon in her deck. With all the sweet new items in the game, her big pool of items isn't as problematic as it was early in RotRL. Sadly, her wisdom is only a d4, but she can evade most enemies that would take advantage of this. Just watch out for the scenarios with sharks and grindylows; they don't let her use her incredible evade power.

Lem: He trades a spell for a weapon, and loses his amazing discard pile ability from RotRL, but he's still a very solid character. With the increased importance of non-combat checks, being able to boost any check by someone at his location is a fantastic ability. He's also better with weapons, now that he has proficiency and a finesse ability. but he's still not the one you want taking down the villain. Overall a nice character that provides much needed utility for his group.

Jirelle: In my experiences, Jirelle ended up much better than I thought she would. Maybe I just got lucky with her, but then again luck is kind of her thing with her re-roll ability. She also is one of the few characters with survival, letting her take down ships better than anyone. Unlike most fighters, she gets a hand size of 5, and is only forced to keep a single armor in her deck. Reducing structural damage is handy in a few locations or against certain enemies, and it comes up more than I thought it would. If you're going to play her, make sure to grab as many swashbuckling cards as you can find, especially the eye patch! Biggest problem with her is probably that she doesn't have much ability to help other character, and her favored card type: ally.


Feiya: I really had a lot of trouble categorizing Feiya, especially since she seems like a character that gets really good later on. Right now, she has a decent number of options, but the low-ish number of attack spells, and a bunch of mediocre animal cards hurts her quite a bit. When she gets her spells, she has a fairly strong attack check, but she really struggles against barriers and other non-combat checks that don't involve her massive intelligence score.

Valeros: Good ol' reliable Valeros. He has one less armor which is awesome, and the weapons in this set seem better than the start of RotRL. He's great at combat checks, both for himself and for other characters, but he doesn't offer that much else. His low hand size sucks, as always, but at least he can cycle through weapons by recharging them... try to avoid weapons like the boarding pike that can only be discarded if you fail a combat check.

Lirianne: She's basically in the same boat (haha) as Valeros. Firearms aren't as easy to find as melee weapons are, so she might have trouble finding the weapons she wants. One great thing about her is her d12 in wisdom, which has proven to be very useful.

Lini: Not nearly as amazing as her previous version, Lini in this game suffers with her combat checks a bit more than she used to. However, she still offers a great amount of utility with her divine spells, and has a great wisdom score AND the survival skill which makes her useful in a number of situations. She starts with a weapon available this time, so you can give her a crossbow or gun, and use her power to boost her dex to a d12. She can also recharge all her animal friends for extra explores which is a godsend in large groups where running out of time is an issue (no Holy Candle this set!)

Okay (non of the characters are bad, exactly, but these two are nothing special yet):

Oloch: Hand size 4 and favored card armor are just a horrible combination. His healing ability is useful, and so is his boon reveal, but it prevents him from using those cards until the turn after his next. His options are just really limited, but he seems to have some really good power feats, the first one I gave him being hand size 5. I think he'll be similar to Feiya in that his power will grow exponentially as the game carries on, but for now, he really struggles with card management.

Seltyiel: He was the first character I tried, and he's probably one of the most disappointing overall. He offers almost no utility, and his power is only good at furthering his combat checks. The problem is, the power is only usable in specific circumstances: you need a one-handed weapon, a spell with the attack trait, and monsters who aren't immune to any of that spell's traits. Even then, it only adds a d6. Compare that to Merisiel who can recharge any card for that amount, or Damiel who can discard a card with the alchemical trait to get 2d6 to himself OR a friend's check. He can attempt to recharge spells at the end of his turn in his discard pile, but I've found this to be a minor bonus. It does offer the unique strategy of having him discard mostly spells for damage, so that he can put them back in his deck, but he can only do this once/turn, and still has to succeed on a check. He also doesn't have any stats higher than a d8, but still manages to have a d4 in wisdom, making him horrible against most ships.

So in the scenario press ganged, your hand size is equal to the number of banes you've defeated. This is supposed to cap at the character's normal hand size, right, because there are a total of 17 banes in the one location, and since it's the Fog Bank, you have no way of rearranging them, and you can't even beat the villain until all of the henchmen are defeated.

If there's no cap, it looks like your hand size would get so big that you'd die just by getting defeating 16 banes, which seems really odd.

An interesting situation came up in my group yesterday. What happens if you shuffle a loot card into a location deck (from the Harbor "when closing" for example) and later encounter it? It's doesn't have a check to acquire, or any text for when you encounter it.

Do you acquire it automatically, does it get banished, or is loot just not an applicable card to shuffle into location decks?

This came up during a scenario: if your ship is anchored at a location, and a location somewhere else tells you to take structural damage, does it still apply?

Since the rules don't say anything to the contrary, I would assume the damage still does take place. It just seems a bit odd since your ship is tied up somewhere else, and all the other rules for anchored ships are that they have no effect at different locations.

He should have the undead trait, shouldn't he?

In Azaven's before the encounter ability, he makes you either "discard 1 card from your deck" if you succeed the check, or "discard 1d4+1 cards from your deck" if you fail.

Is this supposed to be from the top, at random, or selected by the player? I would normally think from the top, but the precedent for that is for the card to explicitly state as much (i.e. "discard the top card of your deck")

Hi there,

So the summon monster spell (first loot spell!) says "No other cards or powers may be used on this check"

Can you still use cards like the Wand of Ennervation or Swipe (cast by another player, since you can't do 2 spells on the same check) to reduce the difficulty of the encounter? Is the check the whole combat sequence, or just the rolls? If its the former, then I would think you can't use the wand, but if it's the latter, then I would think you could use the wand.


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Wow, definitely not what I was expecting for Merisiel. I like it though.

Hello everyone. I thought I'd try my hand at making a custom character, and so far I'm pretty happy with the result. Let me know if you have any suggestions or commentary.

Background: Yuhana is based on a character of one of my friends. She was specialized in healing and necromancy, and eventually became the leader of an orc city. I tried to reflect her different specialties in the role cards. She has a bit of overlap with Kyra, but I think she's still distinct.

Traits: Female Half-orc Cleric


Strength: d8 []+1 []+2 []+3
Melee: Strength +1
Dexterity: d4 []+1
Constitution: d6 []+1 []+2 []+3
Intelligence: d6 []+1 []+2
Wisdom: d10 []+1 []+2 []+3 []+4
Divine: Wisdom +3
Perception: Wisdom +1
Charisma: d8 []+1 []+2


Weapons: 2 []3 []4
Spells: 4 []5 []6
Armors: 1 []2
Items: 1 []2
Allies: 3 []4 []5
Blessings: 4 []5 []6


Hand Size: 5 [] 6
X Weapons, X Light Armor, [] Heavy Armor

Instead of your first exploration on a turn, you may reveal a card with the Divine trait to choose a character at your location. Shuffle 1d4+1 ([]+2) random cards from their discard pile into their deck, then discard the card you revealed.

When any character encounters a monster at your location, you may recharge a card with the divine trait to reduce the difficulty of any checks to defeat the monster by 1d4 ([]+1)

Necromancer Role

Hand Size: 5 [] 6 [] 7
X Weapons, X Light Armor, [] Heavy Armor

Instead of your first exploration on a turn, you may reveal a card with the Divine trait to choose a character at your location. Shuffle 1d4+1 ([]+2) random cards from their discard pile into their deck, then discard the card you revealed.

When any character encounters a monster at your location, you may recharge a card with the divine trait to reduce the difficulty of any checks to defeat the monster by 1d4 ([]+1)([]+2)([]You may instead bury the card to lower the difficulty by an additional 1d4.)

[]Instead of taking combat ([] or noncombat) damage, you may bury that many cards of your choice from your discard pile.

[]Whenever you defeat a villain or henchmen, you may recharge 1 random card from your discard pile ([] or shuffle the bottom card of the blessings discard pile into the blessings deck)

[]Add 1d8 with the magic trait to defeat a bane with the undead trait.

Warlord Role

Hand Size: 5 [] 6 [] 7
X Weapons, X Light Armor, [] Heavy Armor

Instead of your first exploration on a turn, you may reveal a card with the Divine trait to choose a character at your location. Shuffle 1d4+1 ([]+2)([]+3) random cards from their discard pile into their deck, then discard ([]or recharge) the card you revealed.

When any character encounters a monster at your location, you may recharge a card with the divine trait to reduce the difficulty of any checks to defeat the monster by 1d4 ([]+1)

[]You gain the skill Diplomacy: Charisma +3

[]You may discard a spell ([] or blessing) to reduce damage dealt to another character at your location by 1 plus the card's adventure deck number, if any.

[]When you acquire an ally, you may draw a card ([] or explore again).

The before the encounter power reads, "Before the encounter, each character must succeed at a Wisdom 8 check or he may not play weapons or spells and, if at another location, he moves to this location."

There's no duration for not being able to play weapons/spells. The regular harpy monster has a similar power that lasts for that encounter, so I figure that's what the duration should be, but it would be nice to have a clarification here. Thanks!

Oh wow, that Charmed Red Dragon looks awesome. +5 to a combat check is crazy! Of course, there's the chance for it to turn on you, probably when you least want it to.

There are spoilers, obviously, if you haven't done Hook Mountain Massacre yet.

Anyway, is it actually possible to encounter Black Magga currently? In Here Comes the Flood, she just sits next to the blessings deck, eating cards up every turn. And none of the other cards in the set specifically refer to her. That being said, she has combat stats! So I'm not entirely sure if they're just there for fun, if she can be summoned later in the game, or if I'm missing anything.


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Hah... of course I would make a purchase minutes before this comes up. :P

Any way to get a bigger version of the picture?

So normally when I acquire a particular god's blessing, I usually replace one of the basic Blessing of the Gods that starts in my deck. It seems like a solid option for the most part, especially if it's a check I need help on (Blessing of Calistria can help a d8 dex character like Seoni or Valeros beat those pesky barriers), or one that will come up reliably (Blessing of Gorum for a weapon user, or Blessing of Pharasma for a caster).

Blessing of the Gods can be pretty versatile with its ability to copy, but for the most part it's too unpredictable. That being said, I'm having trouble thinking of a scenario where you would ever want the Blessing of Desna in your deck even over the basic ones.

Blessing of Desna allows a character to add 2 extra dice to any check involving a recharge, so this would come up more frequently for casters (especially Ezren if it weren't for the fact that he has no blessings), or Merisiel, who can recharge many items. When would you ever want to use this over the extra explore, or just adding a single die to your checks? Even if the blessing ends up helping, you still discarded a card just to put a single one back at the bottom of your deck. Unless you only have a few cards that you really really need, and you can't reliably recharge them. Is that ever the case though? Has anyone had any success with this blessing, or is it better to keep in the box?

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Well that's just adorable. I'll feel bad for killing them to get their treasure :(

I noticed a couple of skills have a craft check to acquire. None of the 11 characters seem to have that skill. Is it something planned for future characters, or is there some other way to obtain the craft skill?

Are meditation feats just for monks, or anyone with a ki pool?

Seems like an interesting way to represent the spiritual side of monks.

On the Pathfinder page (http://paizo.com/pathfinder), I noticed it still says that the Pathfinder Companion line is bi-monthly, when that's been upped to monthly. Any chance this could get corrected?

Hello everyone,

I didn't see this in the FAQ or anywhere else on this board, so apologies if the answer is somewhere I missed. I was looking over the rules, and in number one, this sentence caught my attention: "Contestants must provide their real names on their paizo.com accounts."

Does this mean our full name has to be in our account's profile, or does our account name have be our full name? For example, would I be able to submit my entry on this account (the profile has "Alex Greig" as the full name), or would I have to create a new account/alias with the username Alex Greig?

Thanks in advance.

(Accursed probably shouldn't have an accent)

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I'm just wondering what people think about the +2 ability score bonus you get every two mythic tiers. I haven't had a chance to playtest this yet, but it seems like they are really unnecessray.

The whole concept of mythic seems to be "better, but not because of higher numbers," and I really think with all the other abilities mythic characters can have, +10 to their highest ability score isn't really needed to make them special.

It also seems to benefit characters that really only benefit from a single stat. Wizards are going to have a huge bonus to the save DCs of their spells, in addition to the mythic path abilities that improve them, while a class like a fighter will end up with the exact same saves as before, since he'll probably be putting all the bonuses to strength.

Since constitution isn't really the major score of any class (excepting orc witches), damage output will likely increase far more heavily than hp increases, since characters that deal damage with weapons will benefit the most from putting every single point into strength or dex. And if you're not a dex user yourself, you can probably forget about having a halfway decent AC.

I'll have to playtest this to see if my suspicions are correct, of course. In the meantime, here is what I think two solutions might be (assuming that this is a problem, which it may not end up being):

1. Scrap the bonuses entirely

2. Force the character to pick a different ability score each time.

(For thematic reasons, you can still have a ridiculously strong character if you take the path ability that gives +20 to all strength checks and skills, so I don't think these are necessary from any thematic point of view, either.)

So what are everyone's thoughts on improving your ability scores with mythic tiers?


Earlier today I wrote a review for Shattered Star: Shards of Sin. As soon as I hit "save changes," however, I was brought back to the main page, and the review didn't appear to get added. Is there some sort of waiting period after a review is submitted, or am I going to have to re-write it?


I'd like to start the Adventure Path Subscription, starting with AP# 61. Unfortunately, when I go to the shopping cart, the aventures I'm allowed to start with are only AP #59 and AP#60 (which comes out the same day). Is it possible to start with 61, or do I have to wait until after it comes out for it to be an option?