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Been away for awhile...

I just found this thread with your completed work in it.

Great work Daemonslye !

Thanks !!!

Hey daemonslye

Are you planning on creating a single PDF once you are finished ?

Your work is amazing but I got tell you man you lost me with all your updates

Hey William,

Could you send me a copy plz

I'm a sucker for conversions


I sure would be interested in such a conversion, as my players are about to embark on this great journey

If you could send it my way, I'd be eternally greatful :-)

My Email:

Man what is wrong with this site

Pages take forever to load and that is when I am not getting the "no store" message.

hogarth wrote:


My two cents: I believe that the intent is only to do damage when making a grapple check to do damage, not for pins, moves, etc. But I agree the wording is unclear.

That is also the way I see it (and the way it was played in 3.5).

The Grab ability gives you a free grapple attempt without provoking AoO and a +4 on combat maneuver checks, more than enough IMHO.

Me so confused

Of course you deal constrict damage in addition to "grab damage".

That is not the issue here.

All I'm asking is quite simple: do you deal "grab damage" as part of the "damage" grapple free action or as part of "the maintain the hold" standard action?

Because the way I'm reading the Grab special ability description right now, is that you deal "grab damage" every time you make a succesful grapple check. So the Dire Lion wants to pin mister Tasty, Bang! It deals grab damage from his bite. It want to move him, Bang! It deals grab damage again. Now the nice kitty wants to hurt mister Tasty with its claw, Bang! It also deals grab damage from his bite.

To me it's a bit of an overkill

Glutton wrote:

The first thing you do when grappling something is "maintain a grapple" which requires a check. If you succeed you deal your grab weapons damage. Go on from there. Moving, pinning, damaging, and tying up are all things you can do freely after you succeed on your maintain roll.

Here's a link

So if I understand correctly,

Let's say a Giant Octopus (bite +13 (1d8+5 plus poison), 8 tentacles +11 (1d4+2 plus grab)) is grappling mister Tasty.

Given the squid has chosen to "damage" mister Tasty, it could deal "tentacle grab damage" + constrict damage + bite damage ( + poison) on a single succesful grapple check?

Now that is one far cry from 3.5 grappling.

3.5 Rules Compendium about Imrpved Grab wrote:
Whenever the creature makes a successful grapple check to deal damage, it deals the damage indicated for the natural weapon that it used to make the improved grab. If the creature also has the constrict ability, it deals damage from the constrict attack in addition to damage dealt by the natural weapon used to grab.

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Greetings Paizonians,

I am in need of some clarifications.

The Grab special ability allows the following:

PRD wrote:
A successful hold does not deal any extra damage unless the creature also has the constrict special attack. If the creature does not constrict, each successful grapple check it makes during successive rounds automatically deals the damage indicated for the attack that established the hold. Otherwise, it deals constriction damage as well (the amount is given in the creature's descriptive text).

Does that mean that the said creature will do "grab damage" with any succesful grapple checks, even those made to pin, move or damage (using another natural attack not used in the "grab")?

I was planning on dropping allignment in favor of Taint (Hoh) but looking at this neat little tracker I'm starting to question myself...

Very impressive


Preorder expected February 2011

Oh, the humanity!

Hey there,

Maybe it's just me but since last sunday, every pages on the Paizo site take at least 20 secs to load.

I'm on an Intel mac using the Safari browser


hugodlr wrote:

I finally found a site with the info I was looking for: library-please-upload-conversions-3-5-here.html

and s-conversion.html

These links are not working for me :-(

Good job riatin!

This will come real handy

For those of you still addicted to DM Genie,

Noretoc has started a Yahoo group dedicated on making a DM Genie version of the Pathfinder RPG.

Any help on this daunting task would be appreciated :-)


Here is the site description:

This group is for people who wish to work on updating DM Genie for the Pathfinder RPG. Only thoes willing to code or do data entry should join. Work will be shared when complete to other DM Genie groups.

Disenchanter wrote:
The site has been pretty sluggish all week, and very sluggish the past couple of days for me.

Same here

In my case, even the Paizo online SRD ( is on slow motion.

zerzix wrote:
Yeah, I converted Against the giants and A night below to 3.5, but have yet to try going to pathfinder. If anyone needs help or my copies of the 3.5 stuff lemme know.

Could you also send them my way at


Thanks in advance

Eric Tillemans wrote:

I like the idea of a hit threshold where if a minion takes more damage than the threshold, it dies. If it takes less than the threshold it is injured. Hitting an injured minion should kill it (or perhaps lower it's threshold by half to make it more vulnerable to being killed, but this leads to the possibility of the invincible minion so I'd rather see an injured minion who gets hit die).

It would be pretty easy to use 'injured' markers to slip under the models to indicate which are injured and which aren't -- I suppose you could even put one 'injured' marker under a minion each time it is injured and just cut it's threshold in half for each injury. So if a minion has a 20 hit threshold and it is injured, you place a marker under it and the next time it is hit is has a 10 hit threshold..if it doesn't die you place another injury marker under the model and it's hit threshold is reduced to 5. I think I prefer death on a hit of an injured minion, but I suppose it would be easy bookeeping to track multiple hits/reduction of threshold too.

Following this idea and the one I proposed on the other thread, here is what I came up with:

• A minion gets 2 hp per hit dice of the base creature + its Constitution modifier (added only once).
• A minion at full health that suffers a hit dealing 50% or less of its total hit points, is now considered “Bruised”. If the damage dealt exceeds 50% of its total hit points, the minion gains the “Injured” condition instead.
• A bruised minion sees its current hit points drop to half its total hit points and if it receives any additional damage that does not kill it outright, the minion is considered “Injured”.
• An injured minion has 1 hp left and will be slain when struck for damage of any amount.
• So a minion can either be at full health, bruised (1/2 hp) or injured (1hp).

It's a bit of bookkeaping but it looks bearable.

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stringburka wrote:
What about skipping the evasion-like effect and each one having 1hp, and simply put a "hit treshold" or something like that? When they take more than 1*CR damage from a single attack, they die. If they take less, nothing happens. Like some form of super-damage reduction.

I do something similar (which I borrowed from our Dark Heresy game)

Minions get 1/2 hit points (30 HP max) and inflict 1/2 the damage. They are destroyed when reduced to 0 hit points or less, or whenever they suffer damage while already being wounded (i.e. while not at full hit points). If the first successful attack against a minion hasn't killed it, the second one will regardless of the damage inflicted.
Any incapacitating effects other than straight damage (fear, blindness, confusion, etc) automatically takes the minion out of the fight.
A minion suffers no damage or negative effects on a successful saving throw.
Four minions are considered to be about the same as a standard monster of their level.

So it is fairly easy to track: A minion is either at full health or wounded (in which case the next hit will automatically kill it)

I've tried it in one of my campaign and it works quite well.

We also confirm the fumble, but to make it easier on fighter types, we make the confirmation roll against a static AC of 12 (the average AC of a 1st level critter).

This way, we keep the "fumble factor" in check and our high level fighter usually only fumbles on his last iterative attack.


Very nice,

A good incentive to buy the magazine.

If I remember correctly, "The Forgotten Man" was part of the 10 Recommended Dungeon Adventures (listed in Dungeon mag #116).

Brutal Ben wrote:

The document appears to be locked

I have the same problem

Me too! I'm a big fan of old school modules.


I finally found my trusty old copy of PiH!

Keep those amazing updates coming damonslye, me and my group are suckers for old school adventures.

Great work.

Now if I could only find my original copy of "A Paladin in Hell"

Stupid basement filled with boxes that hide more boxes.

carborundum wrote:

Sent! Just before we leave for a week in sunny Italy :)

Enjoy - and don't forget to thank Luke :)

Well done Luke! Thanks!

Sorry to revive this thread,

But It came up as I was searching for conversion notes for "the hidden shrine of Tamoachan"

Is there any chance I could get a copy?

My adress is

Thanks in advance

James Jacobs wrote:

I mentioned this on the original thread Erik started... but I'm curious to find out if fans of the XPH think it NEEDS an update, and if so, what that means to them.

For those of you who prefer the current XPH point-based system... does it feel like it needs an update or a fix to you? I'm not a fan of that system, and to me the "fix" would be to rebuild it in another way entirely. I don't want to do that if that means enraging all the current psionics fan, but as Erik hinted... if rebuilding psionics so that they work better with the core and don't use their own easily-abused (in my opinion) unique point-based system brings in MORE customers to the psionics fold... would it be worth doing anyway?

In the end, the current XPH will remain compatible with the Pathfinder RPG, anyway. What is it that fans of the current XPH think needs "updating" if anything?

I've been using the XPH in my Eberron campaign for quite sometime now. IMHO the only thing psionics need is little bit of that Pathfinder love. Just give this "mind magic" system the same attention your giving the 3.5 PH, MM & DMG.

To me backward compatibility is paramount so, no I would certainly not buy a complete rebuild of the Psionic mechanic.

Cosmo wrote:

The Pathfinder RPG Beta book will be 400+ pages

Aye caramba! I didn't know it would be this big.

Thanks for the heads up.

Hi there,

I was just about to preorder a copy of the Pathfinder RPG beta (24.99$), when I noticed it would cost me 12.48$ in shipping & handling.

Yikes! That's half the cost of the book.

The last time I ordered a book from Paizo, it cost me 6.86$ in S&H. Aren't there any cheaper shipping methods for your good neighbors up north? Should I wait for my FLGS to get some copies?

Thanks in advance.

Great job Greaver! I'll use them in my next session

tallforadwarf wrote:


I've started work on a PDF update of the core psionic classes, based on the results of our playtests. It was just going to be for personal use, but I'm happy to share.

As a big psionic fan, I would be very interested to see this PDF.

airwalkrr wrote:
As for a community effort, I have already begun converting SCAP, as my group is about to begin Drakthar's Way. I already have half the adventure converted to Alpha 3 and will post the entire document when I am done. I plan to continue posting my conversions as my group moves through the path. Where I will be hosting those conversions is another matter. I don't have my own site at the moment so I would probably host it through EN World or another site like that. But keep your eyes peeled on these boards for when I finish Drakthar's Way.

this is good news! I was planning on using SCAP as my first PathfinderRPG adventure.

Funny I was just wondering the same thing about the beta release...

This is REALLY good news!

I can't wait to have the final version of PFRPG in my hands!

So far I am really impressed with what I've seen.

I will buy Beta & Final Hardcover

Needless to say I'm overjoyed with Paizo's decision to stand by the OGL

Hi there,

I received my order today and there was a little bonus in the box: An item cards booster packs!

Thanks Paizo you definitely rock!


And btw I am with you 100% with the Pathfinder RPG

James Jacobs wrote:
... I want a time traveler from 2005 to be able to pick up the finished Pathfinder RPG, read through it, and then use it to run Dungeon #112's Maure Castle with a minimal time spent adapting and updating. In other words... the final game should FEEL like the game we've all been playing for ages...


You can also add my vote!

I would be a very happy camper if Paizo would integrate Psionics in PFRPG

Rémy, Salama

Thanks, you did an amazing job!

Nevermind I just received it today....

Hi there,

I'am sad to say that we are march 3rd and I still have not received my Gm kit, an order that I have placed a month ago...

Dark Sci-fi! Alien monstrosities!

Count me in!

Thanx Cos,

I can't wait!

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