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Doug's Workshop wrote:
Start with wikipedia.

That is where I started.

Doug's Workshop wrote:
Then, perhaps ask a more specific question?

How far out is illuminated?

I am wondering how I can get ahold of the physical copy of the 2010 catalog.

I am currently doing some research on lighthouses and the one thing that is eluding me is the range of light of all the different kinds of ways that lighthouses illuminated the coastal and sea areas. Help!

The 8th Dwarf wrote:

Stuff Star Trek - Reboot Babylon 5 or Blake 7....

(Puts on fire retardant suit and hides in bunker).

I'm with you all the way. I'd also love to see reboots for Sliders and either Time Trax or Timecop (yes, it was a TV show as as well as a movie).

People that like this idea might want to check out my Anchorite/Sribd.

More monsters please.

Urizen wrote:
Vic Wertz wrote:
Currently, Green Ronin PDFs are available online exclusively at another store. If you'd like Green Ronin PDFs to be available here at, you might consider letting Green Ronin know that.
Done. Directed it on their Facebook wall.


James Jacobs wrote:


Tylosaurus (yeah, not a dino technically, but close enough for me!)

All the rest.

We need more dinos.

When I saw this thread I thought it read....
OMG WTF Seriously over powered broken thread subject halflings.

I must be really tired.

voska66 wrote:
Razz wrote:

Wow, this is going to be both fun and insane for me.

I had to pour through the APG Spells and Feats to see if WotC had any duplicates. I usually use WotC's as a default, with exceptions (such as using Lunge over Lunging Strike).

I do the same with spells. It bugs me having "duplicate" spells, where a WotC spell and a Pathfinder spell do almost the same thing with a few twists or a change in spell level and I have to scour each one and make a Word file reference which material is stamped "Confirmed" or "Denied" on it, basically. (for example, there's the Tsunami spell in Spell Compendium and Tsunami in the APG; the one in the Spell Compendium is clearly better than the APG, so I ruled the duplicate in APG out my games)

So, my one request to Paizo staff, look at your WotC books, particularly the Spell Compendium, and try not to make duplicates. The same with feats! It's kinda annoying and tiresome :D Be unique!

I have to disagree here. I don't have much 3E stuff and it's not like you can just go out and buy those extra books. While if you do have huge 3E collection of books you can use them with Pathfinder many of us can't so duplicated are more than welcome for me as I don't use any 3E books.

And even if some of us have the 3E material, we just don't have the time and/or willpower to covert it over to Pathfinder.

Any ne news on the PDF?

Twin Agate Dragons wrote:
Also, what are the odds of making the Khorvaire map reavailable?


Wolfthulhu wrote:
Meh, to each his own. I like Amazon. Great place to buy books or blu-rays.


24. The Long Library
Dimensions: 220 feet long, 50 feet wide, stained glass arced ceiling all throughout (60 feet from floor to ceiling).
Description: This is a library which has large wrought iron double doors that swing inward. Each door is 10 feet wide and arcs at the top. The library consits of three floors. The first floor has bookshelves lining the majority of the walls, desks and workstaions strewn about and support pillars for the second floor.

There are two wrought iron staircases (both taking up a 20 foot radius) that face opposite each other on the walls fifty feet in from the foyer that spiral up to the second floor. The second floor is pretty much the same as the first, except that there are a few pieces of artwork hanging from the walls in some places. This level is 140 long. 50 feet in from this level are another set of wrought iron spiral staircases that lead up to the third level.

The third level is 70 feet long. This level has two vertical hideaway queen beds, lots of couches, tables and comfortable chairs.

The distance from floor to seiling for each level is 20 feet. The third and second floor overlook the bootom levels freely and have rail guards along the floor ledges to avoid accidental falls.

Encounters: Some books are blank, set as traps for those bold enough to try to loot the place. These books are animated and anyone that enters the library has one minute (10 rounds) to speak the proper command word to deactivate the trap. Treat the animated books as a bat swarm colony with 1d6+2 larger books acting as dire bats.


Daniel Marshall wrote:
The class is called the Combat Alchemist. It uses a completely different mechanic than the Alchemist found in the Pathfinder Advanced Player's Guide. It is a point system (similar to psionics in 3.5E). You have a limited number of points to start the day. These represent the reagents you prepared the night before, grinding them into powder, mixing minor ingredients etc. In the midst of combat you can perform the final mixture and create a variety of effects; from fire bombs, to potions to vapors and poisons. These mixtures are potent but are only active for a few rounds, so they need to be used quickly.

This sounds promising. I'm not really a big fan of the APG Alchemist. I was already planning on buying the physical book, now I'm even more looking forward to getting my hands on it.

The messageboards have been driving me frickin' nuts today. They're up, they're down, ad infinitum. What the heck?

Whats the name of the new class and what is its basic function?





McGurk says: hello!

Does anyone remember McGurk?

McGurk smash!