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Actually let's move to a separate discussion thread.

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Introduce you characters here. Reminder: If you have a goblin character, they got to have the Goblin Renegade background.

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Hi! I want to gather a group for an online run through the first adventure of Doomsday Dawn, Lost Star.

Looking to start as soon as 4 people sign up. Want to make it fast and rough.

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Can a kineticist (geokinetic in my case) deal nonlethal damage with a kinetic blade accepting the usual -4 penalty.

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A player missed the golden hour for the free retrain. He has a lvl 5 rogue (core) he now wishes to retrain into rogue (unchained).

How much gp and more importantly pp will it cost him?

The way I see it it is a full 5 lvl retrain, taking 25 days, costing 1250 gp and 25 pp.

That seems a bit steep, so I am asking your advice, oh wisemen of the webs.

Grand Lodge 2/5 Venture-Captain, Russia—Moscow aka Maxim Nikolaev

I am glad to announce the appointment of Kirill Storm as a Venture Leutenant of Vladimir, Moscow.

Kirill is a long time player and GM, but also a very nice guy. He has been very active in building the roleplaying community in Vladimir and I am sure his energy and creativity will be a great boon to the Pathfinder Society.

Ladies and gentlemen, give your applause to Kirill Storm!

P.S. Yes, Storm is his real surname. Because he is awesome, that's why.

Grand Lodge 2/5 Venture-Captain, Russia—Moscow aka Maxim Nikolaev

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Hi! Some of you may know me as a new VC, in fact the first VC in Moscow.
But I am also organizing a gaming convention in Moscow Rolecon - so far the biggest PnP RPG convention in Russia (that is to say, we didn't have many conventions before).

Rolecon 2013 is taking place on 21-22 September 2013
As a VC I will be booking as many tables for PFS as I can. And this is where I need you help.

If any of you are living in Moscow and you are ready to run a game for a bunch of Russians - you are welcome!

If you are living in Moscow and you know a GM who runs PFS - please help me get in touch with them.

If you are simply visiting Moscow and you wish to meet some fellow geeks in another country (as well as pay respects to a local VC) - you are welcom as well.

As soon as I have more info - I will schedule an event in the PFS system.