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I respect all the views on maps, no maps, game content etc. For me, I look forward to the comics for the story and the art. I think if you have to prioritize then the purpose of a comic should come first. There is an abundance of game material, maps, etc, published for Galorian, and it seems that a easy solution would be to just have the maps created as a PDF. I am not a collector, I just really like the story. The comic book medium is about story telling, just like the novels. That is what the genre is for. Adding a little content seems fine, but it seems unrealistic to expect a comic to be primarily a gaming supplement. However, I really can relate to the man who plays with his son. My sons, 9 and 10, also play with me, so I can relate. But they also just love to read these comics. We do not buy any other comics. We buy them because, just like the novels, they flesh out the world and bring it to life.

So, a possible solution is to create PDF maps and encounters. This keeps the comic profitable and yet still creates these table top options. It is compromise that will not please everyone, but it could work.

So could a Mage cast the spell to cover an entire creature making it hard for the creature to grab anything on themselves and having a hard time seeing or wiping it off their eyes? Think beholder here.

Thanks, that is perfect. I will look for the D in spell descrip now.

I have really appreciated this discussion. Thanks for laying this out. I am gming 1st level characters and grease is starting to play a major roll in some hilarious and rather fancy strategy. I had no idea it was such a clever spell.

I agree with the idea that if you save the first time your item avoids the effect via your reflex. However, I have played it like this. This is a reflex save for fast thinking and moving as the grease appears. So where does the grease go? I have been playing it that the grease flies through the air if avoided, sometimes it falls to the ground below the intended object. This is a house rule. This works for both sides of a battle and adds an interesting random oops effect for both sides. Since the save does not dispell the grease but rather avoids it it seemed like a realistic side effect of a good reflex save for an object/person. This has produced some exciting unintended battle consequences. some very funny and clever ones in fact such as unintended grease in the face, which caused some temporary blindness.

Two questions and one idea.

Idea: an ice oriented Mage could use an ice version of this spell that could also be fun and have the same effect.


1: What might be the game effect if grease was cast to cover an entire creature.

This is how I played it becasue iI felt the idea was so clever. I had a wizard player who cast it on a beholder which failed to avoid it. All the eyes were covered and the darn thing spent three rounds telekinetic cleaning itself. It was quite ingenious and an amazing example of creative magic use under pressure since they simple ran from the beholder, which was the wise choice for them as fist level characters. (note, they were enetering an area they knew they should not have but where filled with bravado and overconfidence becasue of the three orcs they had dispatched with ease in another area. The entire thing was a chance for them to learn that charging in is not always the best plan. They are all 9 to 12 yaer old players.I am the adult 44 years old gming this. So, has anyone else ever had a character do this?

2: This may apply to many spells but I am unsure about it. Can the wizard who casts this end the spell and make the grease vanish when she feels like it. Or once it is cast must everyone just wait it out.

Thanks for insight on that one. I realize it may well apply to many area effect spells and I just missed the ruling somewhere in the books.