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Earlier while meeting with Shayne.
Master Toe'n returns Shayne's bow. "Return when you can. I wish to show you how we have honored Hanja. The carving won't be complete for some time I'm afraid."

Earlier while meeting with Shayne.
"I will do as you ask. If you are able to send word here I can also relay messages to him."

"I'm afraid there is no quick way to contact Burand. There is a young man that works for him. He often brings messages. Would you like me to send word to Burand next time I am able?"

Master Toe'n gladly makes time to speak with Shayne.

Concerning Animals:
"I'm afraid I am only familiar with the animals that prowl these mountains. Those of The Order of the Valiant often travel abroad. Perhaps one of them would know. I'm sure Rema could introduce you to them.

Concerning 'the scars':
"There has been much debate since the tattered letters from the brother made their way here. Though I could share my view, I think it would be best if I show you the illustrations. They were made when the injured monk arrived. I must retrieve them from the reliquary. I will send for you when I have had a chance to retrieve them."

Concerning 'burnt hands':
"I believe the monks scars were caused by something. I do not think Caylen or Burand's scars were - not exactly. I'm sure Burand would be able to offer you more concerning his scars."

Concerning 'the purging':
"It is often the title of printed propaganda spread by his cult. Copies we find our burnt. They are never to enter these grounds."

Concerning his village:
"I'm afraid I do not remember where I was born. The monks found me near the hills beyond the valley to the east. I wish I did know."

Concerning Watershed:
"Watershed is to the northeast, quite some distance from here. It is a large city that is rarely attacked. I doubt that is were I am from. I believe Rema has been searching through our maps. She may have encountered one."

Concerning Granita:
"I will not speak of what she has not yet revealed herself." He gently refuses to discuss the topic any further.

Toward the end of each of the individual meetings you have with Master Toe'n.

"Take this day to rest and familiarize yourself with the grounds of the monastery. Come tomorrow you will be expected to assist in the daily upkeep of those grounds. I would suggest helping in the gardens as we finish harvesting before it gets too cold. Brother Mal'c will know of other ways you can help while you stay here."

One of the two men bows deeply toward Shayne, the other glances at the man that just bowed. Master Toe'n nods toward all involved. The man who bowed speaks, "We will of course honor your request. My brother here has taken a vow of silence, but I speak for him. He will meet your challenge as only he can." The man smiles broadly.

Master Toe'n walks toward the center of the hall, speaking briefly - smiling the entire time. "You have heard our guest. Tonight, in the founders' cave, we will hear his tale, the Legend of Trrow and Karkthew, the little-known ancestors of the Drow. Those of you who can should stay. Those who's duty it is to keep the cave may depart to make preparations." With that Master Toe'n returns to where he was sitting and a few monks stand, heading off to make preparations. All the others stay.

As silence settles over the hall, Master Toe'n speaks - his voice filling the hall. “I stand before you not because I am above you, but because you - my brothers and sisters - appointed me to stand watch. On this mountain we have been charged to guard, guard against evil - not unlike the evil that once ruled these mountains. Though that evil has long been vanquished, another lurks in the east - devastating the land. Even in our own valley another evil hunts and harrasses those that might live in harmony with all peoples. Let it be known that we are not alone. Tonight we welcome honored guests who stood against an evil to protect one they did not know. (Bowing his head toward the table at which you all sit.) Eat now, nourish your bodies and spirits so that you too may continue your part in our eternal guardianship.”

Slowly falling to the ground, Master Toe’n lands gently and begins walking among the tables, speaking with many. Master Toe’n sits at one of the rear tables, which is full of some of the youngest men and women.

Earlier in his chambers.
Master Toe'n seeing Shayne rejoin the rest of the, sits the folded letter on the floor next to the sack. He picks the sack up, gently cradling the contents. "She will forever have a place of honor in our burial chambers. If you ever wish to visit her remains you are welcome here." With a slight bow toward Mal'c, Master Toe'n dismisses the group while he stands silently holding the sack.

After any other questions / conversation Master Toe'n continues. Feel free to backtrack to the initial meeting if you like.

“Mal’c will show you the grounds. I will call for each of you tomorrow after you have had a chance to rest. Until then, explore as you wish. I ask that not enter our reliquary and that you listen to the other brothers. I will let them know that you are free to explore all the other areas.”

With that, Mal’c stands, bows and leads the group from the master’s chambers. He leads you up the stairway you had passed earlier. In the hallway at the top of the stairway, there is a young monk waiting; he holds a pile of bedding. He bows deeply before Mal’c.

Master Toe'n nods. "May I see her once more? Before you do as she asked in her letter?"

Perception 6 or higher:
There are tears resting quietly on Master Toe'n's cheeks.

Perception 10 or higher:
Upon hearing the news that the wagon's guard died, tears silently stream down Mal'c face..

Master Toe'n crouches on one knee and picks up the letter. Quietly he reads the letter.

Perception checks for all

"This is Hanja’s handwriting isn't it? Master Toe'n looks toward Shayne. It is as I feared. Evil works along side evil destroying those who would take in, as a son, a stranger." He folds the letter carefully, looking at the paper as he does so. When he is finished, he approaches Shayne, one hand outstretched, holding the letter. "Did you bring her?"

“Welcome, I am Master Toe’n” the elderly man’s voice is strong and youthful.

Though he is bald, his beard is full and white like the first winter snow. His starck white robe is much like the one Mal’c has on, they differ only in color. His shoes look exactly like those each of you was asked to put on.

“Each of you brings with you burdens. I’m afraid I must lay another before you. Late last night a wagon arrived. Before the driver passed out from his injuries, he mentioned encountering all of you and uttered a name I will not speak here. Brothers and sisters are tending to his burns, but he has not yet regained consciousness. The warrior that was with him was not as lucky. He will lay now with our honored dead. If any of you wish to pay your respects, that can be arranged. I’d hoped to have good news. Pausing, great sadness seems to exude from the man. His eyes seem to flicker with light as he assumes a stance of inner calm. Let me at least try to ease some of your burdens by answering your questions.” He waits patiently for the first question.