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Simple changes:

The feat "Deadly Aim" (Use +3 Damage / -1 Penalty)

If using a compound bow with proper Strength increase, use 1.5 x Strength bonus for damage.

So a player with a Strength of 14 (+2 Damage, +3 Damage [two-handed]) would need a compound bow with a (+3 Strength) modifier to take full advantage of their two-handed damage bonus.

Since all bows are two handed weapons they should follow the two handed damage bonus rules.

For a while I was disillusioned with gaming. I found that the structure of games was always too casual for me.

Recently I got a team together using what has now become my "Gamer Contract." It is the idea that a role-playing game should be respected just like sports. That discipline, teamwork, dedication, a desire to improve, and an obligation once signed-up are all fundamental parts of the experience.

Feel free to read it in Google Docs LINK to the Gamer Contract

Comments welcome, but understand that I already know this is not for everyone.

I am looking to buy a Pathfinder supplement that has the largest amount of text about town details.

The real specific stuff like a map with detailed points of interest and each point has a paragraph about the place, owner, stat block.

Details about the inns with NPCs, menu, beverages, which rooms have fleas?

Just some nice flavor stuff which helps me details out various towns I put in my game and I also find this type of book the most fun to read.

Any ideas? 3rd party/non-official is fine as this is not really a rules book request.


The monk's unarmed strike says that it can be considered a manufactured weapon for spells and effects. So can a monk apply poison to an unarmed attack? Can other classes?

Second Question:
Proficiency with unarmed strikes is listed under 'simple weapons' (p.142 main rules), indicating that unarmed strike is a simple weapon. Yet, unarmed strike is not listed under the monk's weapon and armor proficiencies (p.57 main rules). So does this mean a Monk striking with an unarmed strike takes a (-4 to hit) non-proficiency penalty?

Just a quick observation... The pre-generated character Harsk is always given a heavy crossbow and then shown with his bonuses to attack (as a full-attack).

However, even with Rapid Reload, a heavy crossbow takes a move action to reload the bolt. So these stats should be shown as only 1 attack per round as he should be unable to do a full-attack with a heavy crossbow under the rules.

Gamemasters that want to fix this should simply change his crossbow to a light crossbow (mainly changing the feat selections and the damage).

But if any admin here wants to say the listed stats are correct, please let me know how.


I have a rules questions about "Tireless Rage" and powers that may be used "Once per rage."

p. 32 of the core rules says:

"A Barbarian can enter a rage as a free action."
"A Barbarian can end her rage as a free action...."
"...but otherwise can enter a rage multiple times during a single encounter or combat"

Tireless rage at 17th level means they no longer are fatigued by rage.

Lets say combat begins.

Babarian Turn 1:
step 1: Begin rage.
step 2-x: Use several 1/rage powers.
End Turn 1.

Barbarian Turn 2:
step 1: End rage
step 2: begin rage.
step 3-x: Use several 1/rage powers.
End Turn 2.

Repeat step 2 for rest of fight.

My question would be:

Is this working as intended that a 17th+ level barbarian can use all of their 1/rage powers every round by doing these steps? Or am I missing (or misinterpreting) some rules?

This does seem to make certain rage power combos very brutal as a 1/round tag-team ("Knockdown" from the APG + "Strength Surge" comes to mind)