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For my players this was actually a very hard fight.

The party consisted of two warriors (shield and bastard sword and two handed fighter) a wizard, a inquisitor and a rogue. They went through the lopper, the mosswater marauder the maiden and the hands and the gary ooze in a single session before meeting the splatter man...

The haunting almost got the rogue unconscious (wisdom 7 :P) and they provoked the collapse (the two handed weapon fighter hitted really hard the walls, I used hardness 10 as they were in a very bad condition) only the rogue avoided the damage and that left them in a really bad shape when the splatter man appeared from his cell...

Only summoned the rats once and used the magic missiles dividing them among the players (it was funny, they usually kept themselves separated enough so he couldn´t target them all with the missiles so several turns some of them were hit by two or three missiles, ouch)

I kept moving the splatter man from one place to another, even provoking opportunity attacks, using the dense terrain to keep the melee PC´s away.

Meanwhile the wizard had the feeling in his guts that ripping the book would harm the splatter man (Some cinematic vision I gave him, he suffered the vision of his name being written in his room at kendra´s home) but he avoided doing it because he wanted to keep the spells in it! Finally he started to do it... with great pain.

Finally they managed to kill him with some nice throws and consuming almost all the healing potions they found.

In the end all my players were amazed with the adventure. They said it was one of the best the´ve ever played and really enjoyed playing through it.

We are actually taking a break from Pathfinder as one of my players is DMing a Deathwing campaign and another one plans to DM a couple of sessions of Star Wars, but they all agreed to play Trial of the Beast to see how the story develops.

PS: Ok, I´m actually from Spain, so my English is not as good as it should be. So, excuse me for any mistakes writing this. Just don´t poke out your eyes :P

A real sea themed campaign? My players and their hatred for water will love this one...

Actually they believe that a river is more dangerous than a band of angry trolls... I´ll have to take a picture of their faces when I tell them about this xD

ericthecleric wrote:

Hi Maskado- Welcome to the boards! :)

I'm glad you like the book.

About the interactive maps, I don't know if you noticed, but you can turn off the map tags, and also click on the players' view so that secret doors/areas are hidden, too!

I like the interactive map idea too. One idea I think would be a cool improvement would be a "fog of war" type modification for the players' view, so that rooms the PCs haven't explored are hidden until they explore the room, and the GM can then click the room to reveal it to the players.

Yeah, I realized. But why I´m going to show to my players the whole map of, for example, the Brinewall fortress (even without secret doors and all the things the player view does) if they have no clue of what´s inside! :P

It´s a bit like when you played some maps at Neverwinter Nights or other computer RPG´s in which you know all the way around and guess where are the hidden spots! xD

Your idea for the fog of war is good, but very hard to implement without an specific computer program for that.

HI everyone, this is my first post here at Paizo. I just got my adventure path subscription and finsished reading and I would like to share an opinion with you all.

First of all, the adventure path looks great, great job for everyone at Paizo. Keep up the good work!

Second, I really love the idea of the interactive maps, but I think it´s badly implemented in this AP. I´ll explain myself:

As a GM I believe that player´s must make their own map of dungeons (sorry my dear players, but no automapping for you), buildings etc... Except they can find previously a map of the place of course. So when I observed that all the interactive maps were for this kind of places I found it a bit disapointing. I think it could have been a much better idea to do this for exterior or region maps.

For example, if Brinestump Marsh is supposed to be unmapped, why the only map of the area is completely marked with all locations? Or at Brinewall would be perfect a map without all the important locations marked (I really hate it when my players say that they don´t explore that area of the city because there is no markings on the buildings -.-U)

So I suggest you to keep going with the interactive maps idea but I think it would be better if used on other kind maps.

Thanks to everyone, and greetings from Spain!