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340 posts. Organized Play character for Gavmania.

Organized Play Characters

Grand Lodge Achren Brayland

Male Tiefling (kyton-kin) Synthesist 10 HP 85+55/85+76 Init+8 AC29 (T17 FF26), F/R/W 9/11/13 CMD 23 PER+19 (609 posts)
Paladin of Iomedae
Liberty's Edge Rusty Luckspur

Male Halfling Cavalier 1 (1 post)
Friendly Fighter
Liberty's Edge Anders Trelassion

Male Human Paladin 2/Sorceror6/Eldritch Knight7 HP: 148/148 AC31 (FF30 T16) CMB +19, CMD 35 Save F/R/W: +24/+16/+20 Init+5 Perc+9 (101 posts)
The Fifth Archdaemon
Scarab Sages Drombar

Male Fetchling Bard (Archeologist) 2 HP13/13 Init+4 Per+6 F/R/W +0/+7/+3 Bow (+5,1d6,x3,70') Rapier (+3,1d6,18/20) (177 posts)
Grand Lodge Marnos Moonshadow

Male Half Elf Inquisitor 4 HP28/28 Init +5 (+7 in surprise round) (340 posts)
Algon the Ever-Seeking
Silver Crusade Magnus Leifson

Male Human (Ulfen) Paladin 1 AC20 HP 12/12 Init+1 Per+1 F/R/W 3/1/2 Lance (+4, 1d8+3,x3) (79 posts)
Arclord of Nex
Sczarni Babotchka

Male Human (Varisian) Inquisitor 4 HP 27 AC 19 (T 12, FF 15) Initiative+10, F/R/W 6/4/8, Longbow+6/1d8+1, Longspear+3, 1d8, cestus+3/1d4 (8 posts)
Ekaym Smallcask
Shadow Lodge Silver Ghost

Male Human Init +4, F/R/W 10/12/7 +1Kukri (TWF)+15/+15/+10/+10 (1d4+6) AC25Rogue 10/Blink Dog Fighter (Two Weapon Warrior)8 (3 posts)
Grand Lodge Flibidnick Grindlebling

Male Gnome Sorceror 5 HP 37/37, AC16, F/R/W +4/+3/+5 Init +3 (189 posts)
Shadow Lodge Gumar

Male Svirfneblin Alchemist 1 HP10 AC18 Init+3 Bomb +5/1d6+3 F/R/W 4/5/2 (75 posts)
Ostog the Unslain
Grand Lodge Nefin

Male Human Oracle 5 AC22, HP50/50, F/R/W+3/+3/+4 Qstaff+5, 1d6+2/1d6+2, Init+3 (1 post)
Tsadok Goldtooth
Grand Lodge Blake Hunter

Male Fervour 5/7 Half Orc (Init +2 HP66/66 AC25 (T13, FF23) F/R/W 12/8/13 Per+10) Warpriest 6 (45 posts)
Grand Lodge Lex Reicher

Male Human Alchemist (Grenadier) 2 (ac20, touch 14), F/R/W 4/7/6 HP 36/36, Init +7) (34 posts)
Hoary Muntjac
Grand Lodge Palakka

Male Blink Dog Monk 3/Sorceror 1 AC20 Init+5 HP: 61/61 F/R/W9/11/9 (120 posts)
Grand Lodge Demetrius Paleolog

Male Human Monk (Unchained) 1//Sorceror (Empyreal) 1 (Init+2 HP 13/13 AC15 (T15, FF13) Per+7 F/R/W4/4/5) (9 posts)
Grand Lodge Captain Taldan

Male Human Monk (Martial Artist)8//Summoner (Synthesist) 5/Fighter(Brawler)3 AC31, Init+8, HP102+52/102+52 F/R/W13/14/14 (10 posts)
Grand Lodge Edgin Whitebeard

Male Human Wizard Conjuror (Teleporter) 2 HP16/16 AC12 Init+6 Int+7 (10 posts)
Grand Lodge Magnus Tate

Male Human Sorcerer 1 HP 21/27 AC17 (T15 F13) Init+7 Per+5 (153 posts)
Ageless Master
Sovereign Court Zama

Male Human Monk (quinggong/zen archer) 1 (4 posts)
Darius Finch
Silver Crusade Adam Destine

Male Human Magus (Eldritch Scion/Staff Magus) 5 HP 38/38, AC 20 (t 14, ff 18), Init +2, Per +2, F/R/W 6/4/5 (2 posts)
Sir Torlgrith
Liberty's Edge RedJak

Male Human Warpriest 1 HP 13/13 AC18 (Touch12, FF16) F/R/W 4/2/4 Init+2 (3 posts)
Liberty's Edge Xander Paleolog

Male Human
HP 13/13 AC19 (T10, FF19) F/R/W 4/3/6 Init+1, per+8
Brawler (Mutagen Mauler) 1 // Warpriest 1 (5 posts)
Grand Lodge Hrrm

Male Half Orc Bloodrager (Primalist/Steelblodd) 7 HP 91/91 AC21 (T12,F19) F/R/W9/6/5 Init+2 (46 posts)
Grand Lodge Zamu

Male Tengu HP30/30
AC/Touch/Flat 20/19/16 CMD 22 Fort/Ref/Will +6/+8/+10 Init +3
Monk (Zen Archer/Quinggong) 4
Acrobatics +10, Climb +6, Heal +5, Perception +14, Sense Motive +9, Stealth +11, Survival +9, Swim +6
(204 posts)
Grand Lodge Rolando Emalinos Escados

Male Samsaran (HP:80/80 AC:24 Init+8 F/R/W+8/+8/+14 Per+18) Monk (Zen Archer/Quinggong)6//Warpriest 6 (76 posts)
Market Patron
Dark Archive Denzen Czarni

Male Tiefling (Rakshasa-Spawn) HP12/12, AC18 t13/ff15, Per+4, F/R/W4/5/2 Cavalier (Daring Champion) 1//Magus (Eldritch scion) 1 (2 posts)
Scarab Sages Justin Sterne

Male Tiefling Swashbuckler (Inspired Blade) 1//Investigator (Empiricist)6 HP53/53 AC20 (T14, FF17) F/R/W +5/+13/+8 Init+4 (8 posts)
Dark Archive Artos Scanderghast

Male Tiefling Init+6, AC15 (t15, ff10), HP9/9, F/R/W +3/+6/+2 Magus (Kensai/Fiend flayer) 1//Investigator 1 (2 posts)
Grand Lodge Poshment Bradillion

Male Gnome Init+2 Per+ AC17 (t12 ff15) HP 9/9 F/R/W +1/+5/+1 speed 40' Arcanist 4//Sorceror 1/Summoner 3 (1 post)
Goblin Stickylord
The Exchange Dikdik

Male Goblin Alchemist (Fire Bomber) 3 (16 posts)
Aron Kir
Sovereign Court Nicias

Male Human (HP 30/30, AC 18 (T14, FF14), Init +2, F/R/W 3/4/1, Per+4 Alchemist (Grenadier) 3 Bombs 2/8 (229 posts)
Grand Lodge Brodin RockHammer

Male Init+2, Per+13 Dwarf Monk (Zen Archer) 5 AC22 (T22 FF20) HP52/52 F/R/W8/7/10 ki 6/8 (169 posts)
Consortium Agent
Grand Lodge Jebediah Goodfellow

Male Human Init+2, AC 15 (T12, FF13) HP9/9 F/R/W +1/+5/+2 Investigator (Empiricist) 1 inspiration 2/5 (133 posts)
Grand Lodge Olar Ironskin

Male Half Orc Bloodrager (Primalist) 6 HP 60/60 AC18 (T11,F17) F/R/W10/5/5 Init+1 (1 post)
Spell Sovereign
Grand Lodge Glorfiniel Fireblossom

Male AC 23 (T16 FF20) HP49/49 F/R/W +6/+0/+11 Elf Arcanist (Blood Arcanist) 11 Init+9 Per+13 (1 post)
Grand Lodge Jeeves the familiar

Male Air Mephit Familiar AC20 (T14, FF17) HP74/74 DR5/magic F/R/W 10/6/10 per+11 (1 post)
Millech the Hump
Grand Lodge Angaton Jax

Male Human Summoner (Master Summoner) 15 (3 posts)
Lord Raheem Pandisar
Grand Lodge Robert Trelassion aka Shift

Male (Panache 5/5, Arcane Pool 6/6, Arcane reservoir 4/4) Mutant (Elf) HP23/23 AC24 (T24, FF18) Per+4 F/R/W +4/+6/+2 Swashbuckler 1/Arcanist 2//Magus (Kensai) 3 Fame: 1 (73 posts)