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Full Name

Marnos Moonshadow


Half Elf


Inquisitor 4 HP28/28 Init +5 (+7 in surprise round)







Special Abilities

Judgement, Monster Lore, Stern gaze








Human, Elvish, Varisian


Bounty Hunter

Strength 14
Dexterity 17
Constitution 13
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 14
Charisma 10

About Marnos Moonshadow

Marnos never knew his father, and his mother never spoke of him.

His earliest memories, while his mother was still alive, was of the struggle to survive. Life can be tough in the city, especially in bridgefront, and Marnos' family was reduced to hunting rats for food many times when he was young, an activity he proved particularly adept at.

His mother died when he was about 8 or so, and for a while, Marnos kept himself and his human half sister alive by hunting rats and other vermin.

But that changed when a young guardsman by the name of Malik decided he needed informants in Bridgefront and started offering coins for information. With his keen perception and inquisitive nature, Marnos soon became a good source of information for Malik, and soon a business relationship flourished. While the pay wasn't regular, t was good enough to keep Marnos and his sister from having to eat rat all the time, and Marnos picked up the knack of entering property and creeping in to find out more information, though he never had any desire to steal while doing so (except to take stolen goods to return to the rightful owner). It was this quality that endeared him to Malik.

For his part, Malik saw marnos as something like the son he never had, and went out of his way to look out for him. When Marnos approached adulthood, Malik decided he would need something more regular and started to think about what it could be.

The guard was out, even though Malik would be happy to spnsor him, as the guard was deeply conservative and would not countenance half-elves, so Malik turned to an old friend turned bounty hunter named Lerron.

Lerron was also a half-elf, one who followed the ways of Erastil as an inquisitor. When first approached by Malik, he was sceptical, but agreed to a trial. Malik also had to use persuasion on the suspicious Marnos, who finally agreed when Malik proposed to look after his siter Meggan for him.

At first, Marnos got into trouble for all sorts of violations - particularly violation of curfew when he snuck away to check on his sister. But Lerron could see the potential he had to be a fine Bounty Hunter, and Marnos made enough effort to persuade him that he was at least trying. In time, Marnos came to accept the discipline (even if he never fully embraced it) and enjoyed the opportunity to learn all sorts of skills. Eventually, Marnos even came to revere Erastil and became an inquisitor in his own right.

Lerron was a great believer in martial training and ensured that Marnos recieved a well rounded education in all sorts of weapons, even teaching him the art of using the falcata (which was Lerron's favoured weapon)

Malik, meanwhile was put in position as an unofficial liason to the bounty hunters, meaning that he could ensure that young Marnos recieved suitable jobs, mostly finding missing persons and other simple tasks.

But Marnos has finished his apprenticeship and is eager to do more. Dressed in some of Lerron's old gear (some Kikko armour from Lerron's misspent youth) and with Lerron's old bow and falcata, he nevertheless is keen to make his mark on the world.

He still has contact with Lerron and Malik, as well as Meggan (who is turning into a fine youg singer with a promising bardic career).

Marnos typically wears a peasants outfit, with kikko armour hidden underneath. if he is on a hunt, he will take his longbow and falcata, if not he will just wear his falcata. He has shocking white hair and an earring in his right half-elven ear. He generally keeps quiet and watches what is going on, intervening only when necessary. He has amber eyes, which are reminiscent of a raptor and when his piercing gaze fastens upon someone, they can find it quite unnerving

Combat Stats:

AC: 18 (+5Armour, +3DEx) Touch 13 FF 15
Initiative: +5
F/R/W: +5/+4/+6
Melee AB +5
Missile AB +6
CMB/CMD +5/18
Longbow (+6, 1d8+2, x3, 100')
Falcata (+5, 1d8+2, 19-20/x3)
Heavy Mace (+5, 1d8+2, x2)


Acrobatics 2 (rank2 +3DEX -3Armor)
Bluff 4 (rank1 +3Class)
Climb 2 (Rank3 +2STR -3Armor)
Disable Device +12 (Rank 3 +3DEX +3Class +1Trait +2Tools)
Intimidate 6 (Rank1 +3Class +2level)
Knowledge (Arcana) 5 (Rank1 +1INT +3Class)
Knowledge (Local) 2 (Rank1 +1INT)
Knowledge (Nature) 5 (Rank1 +1INT +3Class)
Knowledge (Nobility 2 (Rank1 +1INT)
Knowledge (Religion) 5 (Rank1 +1INT +3Class)
Perception 12 (Rank4 +3Class +2Race +2WIS +2Level)
Sense Motive 8 (Rank2 +3Class +2WIS +1Level)
Stealth 7 (rank 4 +3Class +3DEX -3Armor)
Survival 9 (Rank3 +2WIS +3Class +1Trait)

Feats and Abilities:

Point Blank Shot (+1 to hit and damage within 30')
Precise Shot
Domain (Feather - +1/2 perception, +2 initiative during surprise round)
Judgement 2/day
Monster Lore (+2 Knowledge for identifying monsters)
Stern gaze (+1/2 Initimidate/sense motive)
Cunning Initiative (WIS to Initiative)
Solo Tactics
Teamwork Feats: Shake it off
detect alignment
Low light vision
Ancestral arms (Falcata)
Arcane training (use scrolls/wands as 1st level wizard)
Elf Blood
Elven immunities (+2 vs. Enchantments)
Keen Senses (+2 Perception)
Traits: Poverty stricken (+1 Survival)
Vagabond child (urban) (+1 Disable device, class skill)


Spells/day: 1st: 0/4
2nd: 1/2

Detect Magic
Read magic
Cure light Wounds
Divine favour
Ear-Piercing Scream
d: Calm animals
Cure Medium Wounds
d: Feather Fall

Composite Longbow (+2STR); Arrows (20); Kikko Armor; Outfit (Peasant's); Acid (Flask)x2; Backpack (common); Caltrops (bag) x2; Candle; Chalk (1 Piece); Chalkboard; Firewood (Per Day); Flask (Empty); Flint & Steel; Grappling Hook; Holy Symbol (Wooden); Holy Water x4; Ioun Torch; Jug (Clay); Marbles; Mirror (Small/Steel); Pitcher (Clay); Rope (Hemp/50 ft.); Thieves tools (masterwork); Waterskin (Filled); Whetstone; Whistle, Signal; Falcata; Falcata (Alchemical silver); Heavy Mace (Alchemical silver); scroll - Magic Weapon; Wrist Sheath; Wand of Bless (9 charges); Wand of Cure Light Wounds (7 charges)

n.b. I have assumed that he still has a small room at Lerron's where he stores most of his "stuff".

n.n.b. The wrist Sheath is loaded with marbles.

Current xp = 600