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I get my sets too. I am from germany and the minis are ok. I like them.... i do not understand, why nothing is on the homepage from ninja division?!?.... there product is out and nothing on there page. mmmhh...

Are there any unpainted minis from there kickstarter in any shop?
Sorry for my bad grammar. I hope you understand what I mean... :)

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Hi.... I am from germany. I have every game mastery map and I have a question. Why do you not put the right names in your samples of the maps? The maps before every map has a name what kind of map it was... sorry for my bad grammar. I hope you understand what I mean?
Right now if I click to the sample map of magic academy I read "preview", but I do not know what kind of map it is?!? ... ok, sometimes I can see... oh, thats an archmages room for example, but sometimes I am not sure, if it is the right map... could you please change this, like it was before? I do not think thats a lot of work. :)
Thanks at paizo, I am a really fan of everything you do. Keep going on with pathfinder, D&D 3.5 rules are the best!!! :)))