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Hello everyone!

tl;dr; Go to if you are a guild or buddy leader and reinvite your friends. You'll see a prompt to do so on the right.

We are continuing to make progress on getting electronic Kickstarter backer rewards to everyone who generously pledged and helped us create a wonderful game in the world of Golarion.

A week ago, we had some trouble getting Buddy and Guild packs correctly moved over from Paizo to Goblinworks. We continue to have issues giving guild and buddy members access to the 'Transfer to Goblinworks' tool. We have decided the best route forward is simply to implement the invite system on the Goblinworks side. This means we are ignoring the previous buddy and guild invites that existed only on

I apologize for the extra work we are asking you to do. I hope the overall process will be easier and quicker to deal with, however. As of now, if you transfer to Goblinworks with a Guild Leader or Buddy Leader, you will receive an appropriate number of 'invites'. You can send those invites to any email address you wish, and resend them any number of times.

Each invite works similarly to a coupon and can only be redeemed once. The recipient will be prompted to either create a new Goblinworks account or log into an existing one. After redeeming the invite, they will have access to an appropriate enrollment level. (Including benefits such as discounted upgrade packages, etc.) They are then 'in the game' and will be able to play on the appropriate date. All buddy and guild packages will give the right to play during Month 1 of the Early Enrollment period.

There are a few people who purchased Adventurer packs to invite friends to the Open Enrollment period - those should also produce an appropriate invite.

Thanks so much for your patience! We are working hard on getting Alpha open in a matter of weeks, and then Early Enrollment as soon as possible after that.