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Full Name

Maria Greyson


Rakshasa-spawn Tiefling


Investigator 17 | HP 103/105 | AC 34 T 17 FF 29 | Fort +11 Ref +20 Will +16 | Initiative +9 | Perception +20 (free Insp) | Sense Motive +23 (free Insp)






Neutral Good


Common, Abyssal, Draconic, Kelish, Osiriani


Freelance Detective

Strength 10
Dexterity 20
Constitution 12
Intelligence 25
Wisdom 10
Charisma 14

About Maria Greyson

This character was originally written for Council of Thieves, but she can be modified to fit into any campaign that starts in a city (Shattered Star and Hell's Rebels spring to mind for this).

Full background and other notes.

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Standing at a hair under five feet tall, one could mistake Maria for a human if she was sitting down and wearing a hat. Otherwise the small horns on her head and her thin, black, spade-headed tail make her tiefling nature clear. Closer inspection would reveal a pair of rather sharp fangs and golden, slit-pupiled eyes.

Long, blonde hair cascades down her back and is usually only tied back when she’s working (or if the wind’s picked up). Despite her hair colour, the rest of her features are typically Chelaxian - pale skin and sharp facial features, perched atop a body that’s drawn more than enough unwanted male attention (not that she hasn’t been willing to make use of that when going after certain bounties).

That unwanted attention is not entirely the fault of biology, though - when not working, Maria’s clothing tends to reveal a fair amount of leg, often in the form of long skirts with at least one slit reaching high up one side and tops that tend to show an eye-catching amount of cleavage. When she’s expecting trouble or just needs to look professional, however, her clothing dispenses with a lot of the exposure - a sturdy suit of leather armour under a stylish hooded leather duster. The slit in the back of the duster has been cut higher than usual to accommodate her tail, but still gives her the freedom to conceal the appendage should she need to pass for a human (if only from a distance).

A carefree young woman most of the time, Maria seems to be the sort who doesn’t have a care in the world. The truth is, she knows how lucky she’s been and chooses to make the most of it. Discovering a knack for her father’s investigative practice, Maria now has a purpose in her life and chooses to make the most of it.

When the investigation calls for tracking and confronting a criminal, however, her focus becomes considerably greater and she almost seems to delight in planning out such events. Some are straightforward, others are more elaborate machinations.

She readily admits that she’s somewhat vain at times; dressing the way she does just to know she looks good (even if it means having to fend of guys who mistake it for an invitation). Her father gave up on trying to get her to wear more conventional clothing years ago.

Her tiefling heritage has caused her a good deal of harassment in the past, but her father helped instill in her the idea that such people are either ignorant at best, or the sort of moronic gits not worth the time of day (personally, she thinks that the latter part is as much from her father as it is from her Rakshasa heritage’s tendency towards arrogance).

Born in Westcrown as the daughter of a freelance investigator, Maria was one of those lucky few tieflings to not end up on the street or otherwise end up with the kind of life that drove her kind out of civilised society. A loving father and making friends who stood up for her despite her heritage made the hatred of most people lose much of its sting. Her father never told her what happened to her mother, but it wasn’t hard for Maria to come to the conclusion that she had died in childbirth.

Her father taught her a number of things, mostly the sort that would let her escape from people who wanted to hurt her or at least defend herself against them. A chance encounter with one would-be mugger turned out to be the start of her bounty hunting career - turning the man into a dotarii patrol (and having enough witnesses willing to make it clear that Maria was telling the truth to the patrol - one of whom having been a priest of Asmodeus) revealed that the man was wanted for a double-murder and had a sizeable bounty on his head, one that the dotarii were obliged to pay her by law.

An old friend of her father’s who worked for the dotarii suggested that she try to become an investigator as well. As time went on, and she developed her skills further, she started taking on larger responsibilities with the family business. Some of these cases turned out to be a great deal more dangerous than originally anticipated but she pulled through regardless.

Recently, her father has taken a trip to Numeria. He now trusts Maria enough to leave her on her own for several months as he’s apparently very interested in some of the alien creatures rumoured to live in that land.

Other Notes
Birthday: 16 Neth