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Could you use the Starfinder Alien Archive Appendix 1 as a start for creating NPCs?

Nyerkh wrote:

Neutrals seem to be an issue so far, design-wise.

Evils are announced, so you'll just have to wait a few months.

I do hope we get Order and Chaos at some point. That alignment axis always comes out as much less relevant, and that saddens me. I'd personnaly enjoy seeing more of it.
Actually, I would be quite okay with the LG/CG/CE/LE corners just shifting tenets. A Paladin more aligned with Law than Good. A Liberator more interested in toppling dictatorships than helping with what comes after the revolution. Etc.
With a few tenet specifics feats for everyone, to go with and allow more customization.
But I've no idea what Paizo's plans are beyond the APG.
And I don't believe we know much about the evil champions yet ?

Edit : Dammit. Didn't realize this was a double post, my bad.

This is Nyerkh's reply to the other thread. I'm not sure how to delete a thread that has more than one post.

The feat says you can transform into a Kaiju or a green man. So cool but, where are the 2e stats for these? I can only find 1st ed versions.

PossibleCabbage wrote:
While one use per wand per day seems pretty restrictive, there is additional space for archetypes or feats to enable a character to get more out of their wands.
That would be seriously cool.

Why not allow "Wand Use" like a skill.

Untrained - 1/day
Trained - 3/day (1 +2)
Expert - 5/day and so on.

And you could improve your training when you train your regular skills.

Instead of starting with all tens...
1) Take a deck of cards, remove everything but the Ace thru six.
2) Shuffle
3) Deal out the cards (6 stacks of 4 cards)
4) Drop the lowest card in each stack
5) The rest are your stats
5) Optional round up end result to nearest even number

While you can have some highs and lows since everyone is using the same cards they should be more or less balanced.

If you use two decks of cards, use 8 each of 2, 4, and 6. (This may be a little too high)

Nicely done. Thank you.

What's the evil equivalent of Lay on Hands?

Sorry if I accidently duplicated.

So, are there eventually going to be nine different Champion causes? I'm going to need an Antipaladin soon, is there any info/speculation on this yet?

Just take the stats of a small starship weapon, say it mounted on a trailer, that you can "borrow" from a nearby military base. of course the target will have to be in atmosphere on your side of the planet. You could probably use the captain roll and the gunner roll, maybe if you were near an external power source the engineer could tap into it. I don't see a role for the pilot, I doubt that heavy a weapon could be fired while moving.

Also, some kind of Concentration check. Both ships are probably moving quite fast. Use ship damage as a modifier to the check.

NPCs are not touched by the gods. They don't heal fast. They're not used to combat. There is something special about players characters. They are pawns of the gods and while an occasional NPC character might be similar to a PC, the majority of townsfolk are not. When they look down from Mount Celestia, the gods try to keep the pieces in play. They are not interested in people who don't want to adventure.
I actually threaten to enforce this, PCs who do mundane things for any length of time lose their status (healing potions don't work the same, for example) because the gods forget about them. Though once they start adventuring again, they catch attention...

Sci Fi - Aasimov probably I, Robot.
Fantasy - Baum - Wizard of Oz.

Most profound effect. Arthur Clark "A Slight Case of Sunstroke." which showed sci-fi stuff was possible.

Above someone mentioned prisons. Are those still a thing in this universe? By this time maybe justice is much swifter and you only have to hold a prisoner long enough to get them to a justice machine.
Of course sentencing would have to be different too, no prisons so it might have to be some sort of instant aging...Instead of 10 years prison they age you 10 years.
I'm tired of trying to figure some way to hold PCs prisoners.

If you wanted to fight around Absalom Station, would it be a single hex? Or would you make it several hexes large?

Actually, Hawkman/girl's wings were originally equipment. They were always taking them off, getting straps cut, etc.

So you could play them as human variants with maybe a biotech interface to operate the wings.

Sentient Planets - Ex: Mogo, Ego, Solaris
Someone you can stand on and talk to.

I would like to see a few NPC versions of each of the player races. (Including those stupid human critters).

Yes, but in other games the players have almost always been some kind of humanoid species. This is really the first time we can have some of the other creature types.
So far we have: aberration, dragon, magical beast, and monstrous humanoids. Are they all using spells created by the humanoid races?
Or did they come up with their own versions of the spells? If so, then the easier to cast versions of the spell would target their own type. And the higher level would target "monsters", including those pesky humanoids.

Your right, this would definitely be a house rule.

Now that with have non-humanoid character races, if a Barathu (aberation) Technomage casts Daze does it affect humanoids, or does it affect it's own type aberations? And if so does it then require Dazew Monster to affect humanoids?
This is an oddly species-ist problem that comes up with several enchantment (compulsion, mind-affecting) spells.

edit: I can't spell.

Well it's what the gods say...and I'm not going to disagree with those guys.

Maybe they're still on Golarion. The planet still exists even if no one can find it.

I have never understood the appeal of the WoD games Vampire, Werewolf etc. The old Monsters, Monsters game from Flying Buffalo I could see for a one-shot. But the whole Evil campaign just never really make since.

Special Ability: Pour potion down PC's throat.
Special Ability: Get paid in advance.
Special Ability: Know when to run.

It sounds like a Prestige Class for NPCs.

Special Ability: Really Shiny Light.
Special Ability: Monsters Don't Notice Me. (a.k.a. Kill the Adventurer's First)

I think the DM should make a more storytelling approach.
You antagonize the demon
It's starts charging toward you
Runs into someone
Bullrush/knock aside that person
Keep going until it reaches you (in a later turn)
I would keep the demon after the antagonizer until something else interferes.

Really shouldn't piss off something like that.

The way we do it is to throw all our extra cards in the center of the table during rebuild. With three players it wasn't too helpful, but with five players it gives us a range of rebuild options. We also play with hands on the table.

I use DAZ Studio or Poser 3D programs. There is a lot of medieval and fantasy content available. (Learning curve high, I'm OK, but there are some people who create absolutely stunning artwork)

Can monsters use aid another with grapple to dogpile a character. (And if successful, rip armor off said character) I could see a swarm of goblins stripping a Paladin and run off laughing.

One of the problems with that are the Height/Weight charts are male/female. As for the other races I just used a modified Human Settle ment chart for randomizing those.

One of the things that came out odd. A player owned a tavern/brewery before the book came out. Liked the details the book added and wanted to add a bedroom so she could sleep there too.

So we started trying to figure the resource point system and as soon as she saw the cash option, pulled out the old money pouch and paid for it on the spot.

Unless you tightly control the money in your world, I don't see many people using the point system.

Three-dragon Ante with the player's risking their character's money. It gives them an incentive to play (especially if they lose most the money)

Don't start at the beginning of the adventure, start somewhere with them already together.

I had a group start with two of the players hanging from the remains of a rope bridge and a troll throwing rocks at the rest of the players.

They pretty much stayed together for the rest of the adventure after, having to fight together to stay alive.